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    Redesign update! The Pendragon has now been updated and improved, incorporating key technology from our industry-changing US patent 9247339! Hear for yourself how an amazing system is now even better!​

    Discover the magic of the Pendragon for yourself. Having now garnered a literal cult following, the mighty Tekton Pendragon rules and imitates no one. Discover the pure acoustical genius and forward-thinking, proprietary innovation contained within the Pendragon. Now with a recent voicing and X-over update to further its exacting resolution and detail, the mighty Pendragon is sounding better than ever!

    • Dual 10″ transducers
    • Triple ring radiator HF array
    • 95dB 1W@1m
    • 8 Ohm average impedance (4 ohm also available)
    • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • 400 watts power handling
    • Height 54″ (137.16 cm) x Width 12″ (30.48 cm) x Depth 16″ (40.64 cm)
    • Weight 88 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Custom paints and capacitor upgrades available

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    1. Patrick Lanzing (verified owner)

      I ordered and received a set of custom white 4 ohm Pendragons with 7 tweeter array, all upgrades, bi-amp wiring, grilles and hardwood footers. Delivered by FedEx in perfect condition, and set up according to the excellent detailed instructions conveniently packed into the top of the box.

      The speakers took about a week of constant activity from turntable, video sources and streaming sources to fully open up, but they sounded great immediately. Seven days later, they sounded fabulous. Even though these high-efficiency speakers are touted to sound great with low power amps, I am using a 100-watt Yamaha consumer amp which is bi-amp capable and already acted my central power and switching unit. This level of power does not exceed the Tekton-recommended amplification, and produces powerful, punchy sound at medium-to-high volume and detailed audio across the frequency bands at low listening levels.

      Very early on with the Pendragons, I found that I could dispense with my excellent Hsu subwoofer, since the low frequencies sounded cleaner and more integrated with the sound when I simply relied upon the Pendragons’ woofers. Before long, I simply removed the sub from my system, and I have not missed that big black box at all!
      I still utilize a center speaker in my system for video watching, but honestly, the ghost center channel produced by the Pendragons sounds, to me, cleaner and more integrated than the sound produced by my excellent
      center speaker. Dialog is as clear and well-positioned whether I use the center or just play the Pendragons in stereo.

      To sum up, let me share a few observations based on several months of happy listening:

      These speakers are very easy to listen to. No fatigue at all.

      The Pendragons are big home speakers, but they disappear as well as they possibly can, since the sound is natural and never sounds “reproduced.”

      They sound great with all kinds of music. I listen to classical, all kinds of jazz, rock, R&B, hip-hop, electronica,
      and spoken word. It all sounds great.

      I have a big listening space with a high atrium ceiling, and I did tweak my receiver’s equalizer to suit the space, but I haven’t had to change it since. No matter what the material, it always sounds excellent.

      I would happily recommend these speakers to anyone…
      The Pendragons are the single greatest audio product I’ve ever owned. If I was offered twice what I paid for them today, I’d refuse to part with them!

    2. Derek H

      I’ve had the Pendragons about a year and after what was likely one of the most circuitous routing in Tekton’s shipping history I am glad to say they play with aplomb in Namibia. Connected to a LSA VT150 they absolutely sing in my 16’x25′ space and never demand past half way from the amp unless it’s very quietly recorded vinyl. Their ability to play anything effortlessly is why I’ve made the Pendragons my second pair of Tektons. Calling to place an order and getting the owner of the phone first thing is just one of the reasons I boast to anyone who’ll listen about this company. Value is number two……….it’s been noted in every review that these are giant slayers and something about them just seems so “reasonable”……….like a nicely made guitar………resonance has its place. They’re also great speakers for those who tinker with tubes……they do low wattage well.

      Image #1 from Derek H
    3. Luis E Camacho (verified owner)

      Love my speakers, despite the fact that I may be little shy on power and missing bass presence the speakers are just a dream to hear them with and explosive detail I couldn’t hear with my Sonus Faber Elipsa SE.

    4. Philippe Baumann

      Black Pendragons with upgrade package and custom cable just in. Eric suggested them based on the size of my space–1200SF, with 10′ ceiling–and they saturate the studio with sound. I’ve tested albums and CDs ranging from Led Zeppelin III to Stan Getz to Maria Callas–all handled with wonderful dynamic range and outstanding base response–tight and smooth.
      Alex made sure my order was handled professionally and arrived as promised, securely protected.
      Give me a clear passion for making, personalized service and incredible sound any day over corporate homogeneity.

      Image #1 from Philippe Baumann
    5. Troy W. (verified owner)

      Fantastic sound, exactly what I was hoping for after hearing all the hype and reviews! These are fully upgraded and to say I’m impressed at the sound quality is a massive understatement. Unbeatable for the price.

      Image #1 from Troy W.
    6. Tom Judd

      I received my pendragons in early December 2022. I was very happy right off the bat, but I thought I’d hold off on my review until I had a bunch of hours listening to let them open up. I simply couldn’t be happier with the purchase
      After speaking with Eric, I purchased the 3 tweeter set up with the upgrade package. I play them with a peachtree nova 150 and bluesound node 2i.
      The speakers are so crisp and clean. I’m blown away at what Tekton delivered for $2500.00

    7. Lawrence John Field

      I have had my Pendragons since mid 2013. The first design. They are playing now and not very loud. The detail and presence are wonderful. I have the Home Theater package with a Enzo Sub. I live in a studio apartment and I get away with this system because you do not have to “blast it” to get full robust sound. I started with a Emotiva 5 channel Amp, and 7701 Marantz Pre.Pros. because it was all I could afford. Three years ago I stepped up (no knock on Emotiva) to a Parasound A51 and Marantz AV8802a and everything went to another level. It was like I had a complete new system and had to re-watch, re-listen with a new found joy. I have insert here also I started with Def Tech Subs. The Tekton Enzo also lifted my system an a major way. Instead of music with a “boom” it just “blended together” seamlessly. I found the importance “Timber” and design. I am writing this review now because you Lucky new customers get the new internal design that I believe took years to develop and option for the tweeter array. Go for it. I myself have just ordered the new Nebos with a custom size matching double center. Where are the Pendragons going? There are staying right here and become extra surrounds. I will end this with I strongly recommend 12ga Mogomi Speaker Wire. I will go on to say to use Mogomi for ANY wiring even my guitar cables are Mogomi. No need for $1000 dollar cables. Recording studios use Mogomi. Any system is as good as its weakest link. O’yeah…..Play with the speaker placement. Sometimes where you think they “look good” is a lousy place to put them. Hard lesson that I learned. After many years “turned my setup sideways”. In other words used the width of the room instead of cramming a 65″ TV, equipment rack and the 2 Pendragons in a 11 foot space. Using the 16 foot width really also opened things up. They need 2 ft min. from rear wall and side. You can get great results in a small room just need to be flexible about placement. No need for Atmos, I am in a “Giant headphone”. Thank you Eric and Cheers to All!

      Image #1 from Lawrence John Field
    8. Steven Francis Tessitore

      The Pendragons are outstanding speakers. I ordered the 3 high frequency driver version with the crossover and wiring upgrade, in 4 ohm painted in Tekton’s standard blue. I have had them in my music only system for 6 weeks. I am very pleased and very impressed with these speakers. I am going to provide a few details to better understand the context of my review.
      I am going to be 69 years old this year and have been into the audio Hi fidelity hobby since I was 13. During this time I have built speakers, worked on electronics, performed sound and lighting work for theater groups, did some DJ work for parties, and in combination with my audio friends have owned and hear hundreds of components. My last speaker build started in 2015 which was a large 3 way monitor style as I was not impressed with tower speakers in general and especially with their lack of bass response. I was about to spend around $1000.00 on some quality 12 inch woofers when I saw an add for Tekton speakers in Stereophile. I started to research the web site and became interested in the Tekton design and was immediately surprised by the affordable prices on most of the models. I called and first spoke to Tammy and then to Eric. I explained my current stereo set up, sound room, and the my choice of music. They both recommended the Pendragon and I decided to give them a try. Cost was $2175.00 for the pair delivered to my home after about 7 weeks.
      These speakers far exceeded my exceptions. I had researched many reviews on line but I still had doubts about a pair of towers for this price. Well the on line reviews are correct. The Pendragons are outstanding speakers. They are dynamic, efficient, and very well balanced. Bass response is the best I have hear in a tower design. Mids and highs are detailed without being harsh or sterile sounding. Driver components are very good quality, cabinet is well made and paint job is excellent. There is nothing cheap looking about these speakers. What I hear when I listen to my stereo tells me that Eric’s crossover design provides a stability and balance across the frequencies of sound that I have never heard in a speaker at this price.
      Almost all of my listening is done from vinyl. I listen to 1960s to current rock, jazz, acoustic, folk, and a little bit of classical music. Everything I have played on these speakers sounds great, especially if the quality of the source is good. If you have good electronics in your system, you are going to discover the wide ran of quality from your music sources, vinyl, cds, digital, etc. The Pendragons will not make a poor recording or source sound great, but with good quality source material the Pendragons sound like an expensive audiophile speaker.
      These speakers are efficient and can take a lot of power. In my stereo at 1.5 watts, the Pendragons fill my 16 by 22 finished basement sound room with their dynamic sound. I was able to play Communication Breakdown from Led Zepplin’s first album at 8 watts which just about drove me from the room. I put on some ear protection and buried the power amp’s 150 watts per channel into the Pendragons and ran outside my house. I took off my ear protection and it sounded like Led Zepplin when I saw then live in 1972. The sound quality was outstanding at such high volumes.
      It took about 50 hours to break in these speakers. I break in new gear at modest volumes. Give them a little bit of time at the start and then they are ready for take off. I have a pair of passive subwoofers that I made in my stereo system. On good to excellent vinyl recordings, I do not have to use them, the Pendragons produce enough bass. Only use them on lower quality source material and the subs blend in well with these speakers. My passive subs are doing lower bass duty up to 65Hz.
      I highly recommend the Pendragon speaker. Considering the quality of construction and the quality of sound these speakers are an outstanding value. In the audio world today you can spend a lot more and not get as dynamic a speaker. Just so you know, I do not work for Tekton and no one has paid me for this review. Enjoy your music.

    9. Brad Overcash (verified owner)

      Wife: Hi honey! Wow, that house is gone!
      Me: What house?
      Wife: The one two doors down…?
      Me: (blank emoji face)

      So this is the conversation that took place approximately 8 hours after having taken possession of my Pendragon’s. From the time I started listening to the time she walked in the door, I was so immersed in the sound, I was completely oblivious to the total demolition of a house within 100 ft. And I would say, that level of ecstasy is as close to heaven as I can get on this planet, currently anyway.

      It’s impossible to translate what I am hearing to the recipients of this review. It’s the boogie-man of online or manufacture direct purchases. Quite frankly I wish there were more audio enthusiast groups out there hosting listening parties etc. I’d love for more people to hear these speakers, because they are exceptionally good.

      My 19yr old B&W 703’s have been wonderful speakers but never weighted enough in the low end to justify cutting the cord on the sub. I hate subs. For 19 years actually. And this distaste for subs led me to seek out a full range speaker with high efficiency as I now run tube amps. And, as you’re doing now, I researched everything I could for around the $2500 range. Obviously you can’t swing dead cat without hitting a $2500 speaker in this new world of global distribution. Finding the right speaker is hard.

      First off, I was looking for efficiency as I run a brand new Dynaco ST70 evo 4t, ST35 and a Willsenton R8, all three tubes. The day of my “housing demolition oblivion” was achieved with a meager 45wpc amp with plenty of headroom to spare.
      Second, I wanted low-end and eliminate the sub permanently. A 20hz spec is just plain sexy to me as most of my music is slanted towards bands with really good bass players or low-end in general. Given the drivers used in this speaker could be the same as I have in my bass amp, it makes sense that that driver will faithfully reproduce these frequencies. It does.
      The third issue was price. Having spent most all of my professional career with one hand in purchasing, I feel pretty good about identifying an item that’s value is high and its cost low. Also to this point, I feel like if I can’t find a decent piece of audio equipment between $2500-$3000 per component, the problem is me, not equipment. I would estimate that these speakers punch above their weight more than any other speaker manufacture in production currently. IMHO.
      Last thing I wanted and sacrificed, was aesthetics and sheer size. I was actually hoping to reduce the physical footprint of equipment in my listening room but to no avail. These speakers are enormous, I can’t overstate this enough. They make my old speakers look like Romper Room toys. However, it’s a sacrifice I’m okay with. The sonics make up for the aesthetics in spades.

      So, to add much else to the glowing reviews you’ve already read about the Pendragon’s would be redundant. Here is what I will say about the experience dealing with Tekton, it was beyond exceptional! Not having a showroom has its drawbacks, obviously, but it also allows for more control over the service of the product and reduces costs. Which is probably the best part about Tekton. This speaker in a traditional distribution model would be much higher in price and if problems arose, you’d be left dealing with Chip, the showroom guy down at the stereo shop across town. You know the guy. I did have a problem and they handled it expeditiously and at no cost to me. I could not be happier about having spent this kind of money on these speakers. Eric, Dana and Rachel are all great and I am planning on buying my sons some Tekton’s soon. Truthfully, I wish I had found Tekton years ago. Worth every penny and much more.

    10. Eric LeGrue

      I Love these speakers. I got the upgraded crossovers and 7tweeter array, and they sound fantastic. Detail, bass, mids are astonishing and highs are crystal clear. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks goes to Tammy for all her help and information. Definitely best bang for your buck. Also got some Mogami cables for them from Tekton, they do make a difference.

    11. Edward Terrell

      I am very pleased with these Pendragons.
      They take about 10-20 hours to break in. When they do they’re a very pleasant listen. Very nice imaging and really good midrange. I had the original EnZos and loved them. You get more of a good thing with the pens. Great bass and highs that aren’t so analytical that the music loses its cohesion.
      This is truly a great speaker for 2000 bucks or otherwise.

      I really just wanted to praise and thank Eric for the opportunity to own this level of speaker for this kind of accessible price.

      You’re doing great work here that is making a difference Eric. Thank you!

      Image #1 from Edward Terrell
    12. Jonathan L WARD

      What can you say about the New 7 Tweeter Pendragons?
      A Lot, They’re Big and Beautiful.
      We Choose the Gray which, I think is called
      “Silver Half Dollar” and we’re really glad we picked this color.
      It looks great in our house.
      We’ve Been Watching “Songs of The Mountains” and “Woodsongs” on PBS. We also just Watched “The Music Man” on TCM. Everything Sounded Great.
      I’m Streaming Apple Music right now and it’s The Best I’ve had in my House.
      These Speakers do have a Full Range.
      One thing you notice when listening is that the Bass isn’t Bloated or Pumped up like so many speakers are.
      If the Bass isn’t supposed to be there, You don’t get it.
      When it does kick in, it’s there in Spades.
      It’s a very Very Natural Bass. A lot of Depth and A more “Airy Bass”, You hear Better Bass Tones than with a lot of other Speakers. It’s not a Thump Thump Thump that so many Towers have and it’s Not One Note Bass. it Draws you in.
      The nice thing is how the mids and highs play regardless of what the Bass is doing. Even when the Bass is Strong, The Pendragon Mids and Highs Cut through and deliver a Musical Performance.
      Even at Low Nightime Volume’s, Like I listening to right now, I’m getting the same performance as I get at Higher Sound Levels. These Speakers sound Great and were Worth the Wait. I did have to wait for them to be built, 3 Months,
      But So What. They were Hand Built for me according to What I Wanted. not many Companies will Hand Build you a Speaker just the way you want it, Tekton Will.
      After getting mine, I’d do it again of I needed another.
      These sound so good, I’m done Speaker Shopping.
      These are Really Good enough for me and I’m Picky.
      I’m glad I didn’t buy a “Off The Shelf” Speaker beacuse I would have Paid a Lot More and got Less.

      Thanks Tammy for Taking Care of my order
      and getting these to me.

      Image #1 from Jonathan L WARD
      Image #2 from Jonathan L WARD
      Image #3 from Jonathan L WARD
    13. User Review

      So, my Pendragons were delivered yesterday early afternoon, and I have slept very little thanks to them because I just can’t stop listening to them! Eric, they’re so amazing sounding and far exceeded my expectations in my listening space. They’re so easy to drive too. I’m very happy to say I think they sound better than I could have ever expected.
      I don’t know if it’s the new crossover design/patent that are a part of the speakers.
      I don’t know if it’s the synergy of my components.
      I don’t know if it’s just because they’re in my listening space.

      I just don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, because I am so happy I bought this pair of speakers from you. I’m truly gobsmacked at how wonderful they sound, and they haven’t even broken in yet! All I’m thinking is, “What, these can get better?! How?!”

      They make my amplifier sound more true and warm. My phono pre is showing detail it never has. I even rolled the tubes in it a bit, and nothing but great sound came out. My turntable sounds more solid than ever, and I’ve never heard my favorite cartridges have so much detail and sound so good. I ended up with a large a pile of records I hadn’t listened to for quite some time, and they all sound amazing through the Pendragons. I kept putting on album after album, and they all sounded better than I’d ever remembered. The overall soundstage is magical like the musicians are right there with you.

      I’d just like to give you a very heartfelt thank you for helping bring such joy to myself and others through the magic of music and the magic that these speakers bring. They are truly wonderful and perform way beyond their price point. My friend and I who also owns a pair were talking, and we both believe the Tekton Pendragons to be the best deal available in HiFi today.

      ​Once again, thank you so very much, Eric!

    14. User Review

      Eric, My cousin and his wife, along with yours truly and my wife, have for the last 15 years regularly gotten together for nights where we do nothing but listen to music (well, there might be a bit of beer and wine involved!) in a room devoted to my stereo. We take turns; anyone can PLAY anything they want and anyone can SAY anything they want about what was played. Together, although this is admittedly a stupid statistic, we have over 220 years of experience listening to popular music and pursuing the audiophile experience. Last night was the debut of the Pendragons, and to say the least they were a huge hit. For all the prior years we had been listening to Polk SRS-SDAs, and they can image and sound-stage, but these have a level of detail and precision we’d been missing for so many years!

      In any case, the Pendragons ARE INCREDIBLE!

      Thanks, and with warm regards, Tom

    15. User Review

      I just attended T.H.E. SHOW (high-end electronics show June 1-3) in Irvine, CA. I wanted to see and listen to high-end speakers and electronics which I had not done in many years. I wanted to see and hear how my system stood up to these multi-thousand dollar systems. I compared these to my system at home which include the Pendragons for my speakers, which I purchased from you about 2 years ago. My biggest worry was that I would hear speakers and electronics that would make my set-up at home sound in need of a major upgrade. I feared I would be lusting for new speakers and electronics, which I could not afford. Frankly, just the opposite occurred.

      The first room we (I went with my girlfriend) entered had all the mega-buck equipment imaginable. The most beautiful electronics, speakers and fire hosed sized speaker cables I had ever seen. The sound was unmemorable. I told my girlfriend that I was feeling pretty good about my system at home and she immediately agreed. I then asked the vendor how much the system cost. He said $500,000. WOW! I’m sorry I can’t remember the brands represented, but at that price it’s irrelevant. We visited many rooms, where the brands and equipment were priced beyond belief.

      One room was demonstrating the Canton Reference 3K speakers. I said they sound pretty decent. I asked him to play a Dave Grusen piece I had on a usb stick. My girlfriend and I immediately thought they weren’t as dynamic nor did they have the punch of the Pendragons. I asked him the price of the speakers, $17,000. Now we were both feeling good about our system at home.

      I could go on and on about the rooms we visited and the sound that was not as good as our home set-up. I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the Pendragons and the remarkable achievement of your designs. I can’t imagine anything better, but the Double Impacts certainly have my attention. I’m retired and on a fixed income so they are a distant dream. In the meantime we will continue to enjoy the Pendragons and their remarkable ability to reproduce music.


    16. User Review

      Hi Eric,

      I wanted to drop a quick line about my new Pendragons. I immediately took a half day off of work to get the babies hooked up. Think back to that old Maxell Cassette Commercial,the one with the guy in the chair with his hair and face blown back by the sound. That is how I feel! I was a little worried at first and had pre-buyers remorse. This represented the biggest audio investment for me and my little ‘regular guy’ system. Well,I am NOT worried anymore. When we spoke I could tell you had a passion for making, not just speakers , but windows into the heart and soul of the music. I don’t listen to some of the hardcore Audiophile types of music. You know, the kind you hear when you listen a youtube video of high end speakers. The music I do listen to though grabs me and makes me look like Stevie Wonder moving his head from side to side in a figure eight. I don’t have charts and graphs or spl charts. I do have my measurements that do include The Stevie Wonder move, hair Standing Up (and I think growing back in my bald spot) and general, uncontrolled foot stomping. These Pendragons check all boxes. I haven’t got them positioned properly yet (waiting on a Living Room remodel down the road). I basically just ‘Plopped and Dropped’ them where I had my Klipsch RF82II’s. I adjusted some levels and cranked some tunes and watched some movies/concerts. I know my system probably does not even qualify as a budget system in the Audiophile world but holy cow I LOVE it. Through the miracle of the Interwebs, Craigslist and good old horse trading, i have made up the following system that please me greatly: Tekton Pendragons – Mains(replaced the Klipsch RF-82II) Klipsch RF62II-Center Epos-Epic 2-Heights Focal JM Labs 707s-Rears SVS 20-39PCI Cylindrical Sub SVS SB12-NSD Sealed Sub Klipsch SW-112 Ported Sub Onkyo TX-NR838 Receiver(135 watts per channel with pre-amp outs) Crown XLS-1500 2 channel Pro Amp for the Mains(325 watts per channel-not hooked back up yet as I let the Pens break in) Sony BDP S5100 Blu-Ray Player(Has 2 USB Ports with 2@128gb sticks plugged in with video concerts,Movies and Music) Western Digital WD Media Player (also Has 2 USB Ports with 2@128gb sticks plugged in with video concerts,Movies and Music) Intel Compute Stick with USB Expander Hub with Sticks and a Portable Drive plugged in as well. Vizio 55″ Flat Screen[Now on the hunt for my 65″ 4K replacement) Songs I auditioned were: Steely Dan-Royal Scam
      Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers-Minor Step Jackson Browne-Sergio Leone Leonard Cohen-A Thousand Kisses Infected Mushroom-Nevermind Rodrigo y Gabriela-Orion Steve Hunter-Solsbury Hill War-Cisco Kid & Low Rider Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless Montrose-Rock Candy Johnny A-Two Wheeled Horse Cry Of Love-Peace Pipe Weezer-Hash Pipe Grinder Switch-Pickin The Blues Joe Bonamassa-Just Got Paid Walter Trout-Mayall’s Piano Boogie Gamma-Voyager Pink Floyd-Welcome To The Machine Metallica-Seek and Destroy Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction Michael Hedges-The Funky Avacado Cake-Short Skirt Long Jacket Led Zeppelin-Rain Song Eagles-Hotel California & The Sorcerer Mike Zito & The Wheel-Hell On Me Coco Montoya-Too Much Water Gov’t Mule-Scomule

      Movies(Blu-Ray): Guardians Of The Galaxy Captain America Winter Soldier The Hobbit Battle Of The 5 Armies Oblivion The Edge Of Tomorrow Serenity/Firefly Maleficent

      Concerts: Gov’t Mule-Deep End(DVD) Judas Priest-Battle Cry(Blu-Ray) Tom Petty-Live In Concert(Blu-Ray) Claptons Crossroads 2013(Blu-Ray) The Last Waltz(Blu-Ray)

      I can’t wait to hear the rest of my movies and concerts with the Pendragons in the system. Thank You Eric and, A shout out to Andrew Robinson also. I stumbled across his reviews of the Pendragons. He also showed me how Pro Gear (Crown XLS1500 Amp) can be used in the Home Theater Environment giving me the best dollar per watt ratio. If Merlin were alive today there is no doubt in my mind that he would give these Pendragons a “Two Wands Up”. Victrolla Rock ‘n’ Rolla crankin it to ELEVEN in THE LOU. p.s. I swear I made The Arch sway while I was playing Symphony of Destruction…some say it was just the wind…I’m not so sure.

    17. User Review

      Before ordering I spoke with you several times about upgrading my current speakers. You always answered the phone yourself and answered all my questions and offered your suggestions as well. With your valuable input, I decided on four Pendragons and the Pendragon Center.

      I am retired and on a fixed income, but I still had upgrade fever. I wanted to replace my front Legasy Focus speakers and rear Jamo Concert 11 speakers. My Legasy’s are circa 1997-98, and I paid 5k for them at the time. The Jamo’s were $3600 15 years ago. My dilemma in retirement was being able to afford an upgrade. My thought was that it was going to set me back 20k to 40k for a significant improvement over what I had. Especially considering the current version of the Focus is over 10k itself, so I was basically priced out of an upgrade.

      I first heard of Tekton Design when I read a review of the Enzo XL’s in Stereophile about a year ago. I put Tekton in my favorite’s list in my WEB browser and continued to look at your website and to follow your company. The review compared the Enzo XL’s with speakers costing several times their cost. That seemed pretty far fetched, but Tekton was always in the back of my mind after reading that review. So over the course of a year I kept returning to your web site and pondering about your speakers. I also read other extremely enthusiastic reviews of the Pendragons and other Tekton speakers, which peeked my interest in them even more. However, the one consistency in all that I read was that your speakers were always compared to speakers costing five to ten times or more. So after almost a year of reading about them and a seemingly devout cult following, I took a leap of faith that these speakers would be an upgrade to what I had, so I pulled the trigger.

      My first thought after listening (I probably have about 75 hours on them as of this writing) is I don’t miss the Legasy’s one iota. I mostly played music I was intimately familiar with. It consisted of Jazz and Classical music and some pop (hard for me to judge with pop because of its limited dynamic range). Overall, I thought the Pendragons were more dynamic and had more punch, however, not at all over exaggerated. The Legasy’s are a bit more laid back, the dragons more out front more 3d perhaps. My girlfriend kept saying the music is right there. They are musical. Some have said they are not as revealing as some speakers. I heard things that stood out more than the Legasy’s. Like a drums whack that just hits you in the chest.

      I must say, however, that if I had not heard the Pendragons, that I could live the rest of my days with the Legasy’s. Having said that, after hearing the Tektons I would not like to have to give them up now. The Legasy’s are a truly fine speaker. Even so, they were twice the price of the dragons nearly 20 years ago in 1997 dollars. Although the Legasy’s have evolved since then (I assume that they sound as good now but more likely better) they are now five times the price of the dragons (more than $10,000). I think I can confidently say they are not five times better. The Pendragons are a truly high-value speaker for their asking price. Even so, one thing is certain, the longer I listen to them the better they sound. They are just doing something right. Eric, you have given me something that I thought unaffordable and unattainable in my retirement, an upgrade to what I had. I couldn’t be happier with this decision.

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    Professional Reviews

    Jay Lee (Soulsik), The Next Best Thing Studios
    "I have literally nothing negative to say about these speakers... It is a very very easy to listen to speaker... the bass response on these are incredible. "
    Best of 2012, Home Theater Review
    "What makes the Pendragons even better is their sound, which our Managing Editor compared against venerable heavyweights such as Wilson Audio's MAXX 3 and Wisdom Audio's LS4 on-walls. For true, full-range, high end sound there may not be a better value in all of hi-fi right now than the Pendragon. "
    Glenn Young, Home Theater HiFi
    "THE TEKTON DESIGN PENDRAGONS’ Superior Dynamics Make Them Stand Out in the $2500/pair Tower Speaker Category. They Offer the Best Value I’ve Heard for the Price."
    John Zurek, Positive Feedback
    "I think the Pendragons fill an important niche. They are both bona-fide performers and affordable ... I could live with the Pendragons easily and sleep well ... Natural sounding and so seriously dynamic, the Pendragons make my music enjoyable to listen to."
    Andrew Robinson, Andrew Robinson Online
    "What is there to say about the Pendragon's performance, other than it's amazing? It's dynamic, it's true to life in its scale."
    "The Pendragon from Tekton Design is a monster. With a sensitivity of 98dB, they are big, full range, and the sound is impressive as all hell."
    Michael Zisserson, Future Audiophile
    "If the Tekton Design Pendragons are any clue as to the direction the company is going in, every loudspeaker manufacturer should be taking notes and be a little worried, as these speakers are game changers in a game that rarely ever changes."