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    • 10″ Transducer
    • 98dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
    • 8 Ohm design for optimum performance
    • Frequency Response 30Hz-40kHz
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 39″ (99.60 cm) x Width 12″ (30.48 cm) x Depth 13″ (33.02 cm)
    • Call for custom colors.
    • Weight 56 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA

    2 reviews for Uruz

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    1. DAVID NELSEN (verified owner)

      The Uruz speaker is a very high resolution speaker. They do require time to break in for the best bass performance. The quality of your gear will be easy to hear. I can easily hear the sound quality of different DAC’s , preamps and power amplifiers. Bright sounding equipment should be avoided. This is due to the absolute quality of the ribbon tweeter. The version I chose has the upgraded crossover components. There can be some gains in the low end by pairing the Uruz with high quality subwoofers. In my case I have a pair of DIY Open Baffle subs. Adding some energy in the 22-30 Hz range. Imaging is quite good if toed in a bit to aim the ribbon tweeters at each ear. I did do a direct comparison with the MoFi Source point 10’s. I found the Uruz to be absolutely more open sounding with better imaging. At about half the price of the MoFi’s. They are a bargain in high end audio. I could see these as part of a home theater system. During the time I have had them I upgraded my power amplifier. The change in sound quality was immediately noticed. Highly recommended.

    2. mrao

      This is one of the least reviewed speakers in Tekton lineup, not really sure why and I am little surprised. I bought them anyway thanks to (2 channel listening YouTube channel). He is absolutely on point in his review. I had them now for over a year, and in my opinion these are one of the best I heard in the price range below 2k, tonality is very rich and smooth and never fatiguing and the highlight is the realistic palpable midrange that is so real and engaging. The highs are super sweet and pronounced and puts a smile on my face every time when I hear acoustic instruments.

      Bass is overpowering in small rooms, eq is necessary to tame it down a little. Which really brings best out of this speaker.

      Though it is a high sensitivity speaker on paper, it needs a minimum 100watt amp to bring best out of these.

      Recently I compared this to KLH Model 5, apart from the controlled and rhythmic bass. They are no match to these in all other aspects .

      Someone said, which I agree that this is an unsung hero in Tekton lineup of speakers.

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