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    • 10″ Transducer
    • 98dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
    • 8 Ohm design for optimum performance
    • Frequency Response 30Hz-40kHz
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 39″ (99.60 cm) x Width 12″ (30.48 cm) x Depth 13″ (33.02 cm)
    • Call for custom colors.
    • Weight 56 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA

    7 reviews for Uruz

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    1. Andy Moore (verified owner)

      I’ve had my Uruz for a couple of weeks now. While I was waiting for them, I started to have buyer’s remorse. I didn’t need them per say. I had a pair of Definitive Technology STS and was pleased with them. I sensed maybe a bit of “smallness” to their sound, but with the right music they produced some magic. They were detailed and close to full range. The STS were in some ways better than my previous Magnepan MMG’s, so why did I need to blow more money on another set of speakers? that I never heard? What was I thinking?? After the Uruz arrived, I crossed my fingers and pressed play. I started with Jazz. I thought the genre would make it easier to gauge the naturalness of their sound. It didn’t take long to know they were an improvement. Especially in the way they rendered scale without stress. I would say they have a great deal more refinement in general. When I began getting serious about hi-fi stuff I’ve always gravitated to Jazz. Rock/ hip hop, etc. were only enjoyable over headphones. It was dependably harsh and congested in my living room. I thought maybe Jazz was just better recorded. I assumed headphones were more forgiving. Now I know those other speakers, while capable of rendering detail, could not handle music of higher complexity and dynamics without distortion. These Uruz are undeniably beautiful with everything. Now I have to figure out if my taste in music was in some ways formed by the limitations of those other speakers. Thank you Tekton, for designing these wonderfully clear, uncongested, unflappable speakers! At a great price BTW!

    2. Gary Salsberry (verified owner)

      Attention Eric, I wrote an update to my review. In that update I left out a word. The third sentence should have been, I think that the Rogue amp is a better amp then the Vincent amp but I think that the doubling of watts benefited the ribbon tweeter used In The Uruz that led to that noticeable improvement.

      How do I fix this? If you like, you may delete the update, let me know and I will rewrite the update.

      Gary Salsberry

    3. Gary Salsberry (verified owner)

      Review update: 01/01/2024
      In November, I upgraded my integrated amp to a Rogue Sphinx V3. This was a noticeable improvement in the mid to upper range. I think that the Rogue is a amp then the Vincent but I think that the doubling of watts benefited the ribbon tweeter used in the Uruz that led to that noticeable improvement. I know that this is subjective.

      Off to listen to David Gilmour, Rattle That Lock, another winner from Gilmour that the Uruz speaker handles quite well.

    4. Gary Salsberry (verified owner)

      I bought a pair of Uruz about a year ago and have been listening to them paired with a Vincent SV-500 integrated amplifier. The source was FLAC files ripped from CDs to SSD hard drive feed into a Bluesound Node then through a Denafrips Ares II DAC. I enjoyed this pairing but then upgraded the Node to a Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition. I found that the Eversolo was cleaner on the top end and that i could also drop the Denafrips out of the sound chain as well.

      A little background, I had bought some stereo equipment in the early 70’s while in college but after getting married had not invested any money towards any new equipment. I learned to listened to music with ear buds but did continued to collect CDs. After retiring, I started looking at going back to the world of amps and speakers. I found that the world of sound had left me behind.

      During my catching up period, the Tekton Pendragons caught my eye. After going to the Tekton website, looking at and reading about their many speaker models, I settled on the Uruz speaker as the room I was putting them in was small. I no long think that this is as important as I had thought. The Uruz was also half the price of the Pendragons, even with the upgraded crossover components and admittedly this was also a consideration. But then, Tekton speakers a so well priced for what you receive, both in looks and sound, you will not be disappointed. And the sound… Bliss would be an understatement.

      From ELO, Alan Parsons to Buddy Guy, Ten Years After, or Big Ed Sullivan, Trampled Under Foot, I can turn it up and listen for hours. Voices? Put on some Van Morrson, Boz Scaggs, Eva Cassidy, Diana Krall or Danielle Nicole, I enjoyed them all.

    5. MattyP (verified owner)

      Have had a pair of these (with the upgraded crossover package) for ~18 months. They are hooked up to a Primaluna Evo 100 Integrated Tube Amp with NOS tubes and a Chord Qutest DAC. Sources feeding the DAC are an Audiolab 6000 CDT CD transport and a Bluesound NODE. I have also tried the speakers with a SS amp.
      The pairing of these with a tube amp is amazing. The tubes tamed the bit of brightness I noticed with the SS amp, making them sound much more natural. The soundstage is huge with tubes as well. I have these in a ~300sqft room, and they can definitely fill it with the 40wpc tube amp. Took 150-200 to really shine and have the bass tighten up. My listening tastes include orchestral to Zeppelin, Floyd, UFO, & Supertramp to The Mars Volta & Dream Theater. These speakers handle them all amazingly. I especially find female vocals and piano sound incredibly lifelike. These are definitely keepers.

    6. DAVID NELSEN (verified owner)

      The Uruz speaker is a very high resolution speaker. They do require time to break in for the best bass performance. The quality of your gear will be easy to hear. I can easily hear the sound quality of different DAC’s , preamps and power amplifiers. Bright sounding equipment should be avoided. This is due to the absolute quality of the ribbon tweeter. The version I chose has the upgraded crossover components. There can be some gains in the low end by pairing the Uruz with high quality subwoofers. In my case I have a pair of DIY Open Baffle subs. Adding some energy in the 22-30 Hz range. Imaging is quite good if toed in a bit to aim the ribbon tweeters at each ear. I did do a direct comparison with the MoFi Source point 10’s. I found the Uruz to be absolutely more open sounding with better imaging. At about half the price of the MoFi’s. They are a bargain in high end audio. I could see these as part of a home theater system. During the time I have had them I upgraded my power amplifier. The change in sound quality was immediately noticed. Highly recommended.

    7. mrao

      This is one of the least reviewed speakers in Tekton lineup, not really sure why and I am little surprised. I bought them anyway thanks to (2 channel listening YouTube channel). He is absolutely on point in his review. I had them now for over a year, and in my opinion these are one of the best I heard in the price range below 2k, tonality is very rich and smooth and never fatiguing and the highlight is the realistic palpable midrange that is so real and engaging. The highs are super sweet and pronounced and puts a smile on my face every time when I hear acoustic instruments.

      Bass is overpowering in small rooms, eq is necessary to tame it down a little. Which really brings best out of this speaker.

      Though it is a high sensitivity speaker on paper, it needs a minimum 100watt amp to bring best out of these.

      Recently I compared this to KLH Model 5, apart from the controlled and rhythmic bass. They are no match to these in all other aspects .

      Someone said, which I agree that this is an unsung hero in Tekton lineup of speakers.

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