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    Redesign update! The Pendragon has now been updated and improved, incorporating key technology from our industry-changing US patent 9247339! Hear for yourself how an amazing system is now even better!​

    Discover the magic of the Pendragon for yourself. Having now garnered a literal cult following, the mighty Tekton Pendragon rules and imitates no one. Discover the pure acoustical genius and forward-thinking, proprietary innovation contained within the Pendragon. Now with a recent voicing and X-over update to further its exacting resolution and detail, the mighty Pendragon is sounding better than ever!

    • Dual 10″ transducers
    • Triple ring radiator HF array
    • 95dB 1W@1m
    • 8 Ohm average impedance (4 ohm also available)
    • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • 400 watts power handling
    • Height 54″ (137.16 cm) x Width 12″ (30.48 cm) x Depth 16″ (40.64 cm)
    • Weight 88 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Custom paints and capacitor upgrades available

    18 reviews for Pendragon

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    1. Carmelita (verified owner)

      These speakers sound wonderful. Sound, detail, and imaging are all brilliant. Insane value for the money!

      The paint job not so good as a crack has appeared at the top corner. I’m not sure what I can do about this.

      Image #1 from Carmelita
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    Professional Reviews

    Jay Lee (Soulsik), The Next Best Thing Studios
    "I have literally nothing negative to say about these speakers... It is a very very easy to listen to speaker... the bass response on these are incredible. "
    Best of 2012, Home Theater Review
    "What makes the Pendragons even better is their sound, which our Managing Editor compared against venerable heavyweights such as Wilson Audio's MAXX 3 and Wisdom Audio's LS4 on-walls. For true, full-range, high end sound there may not be a better value in all of hi-fi right now than the Pendragon. "
    Glenn Young, Home Theater HiFi
    "THE TEKTON DESIGN PENDRAGONS’ Superior Dynamics Make Them Stand Out in the $2500/pair Tower Speaker Category. They Offer the Best Value I’ve Heard for the Price."
    John Zurek, Positive Feedback
    "I think the Pendragons fill an important niche. They are both bona-fide performers and affordable ... I could live with the Pendragons easily and sleep well ... Natural sounding and so seriously dynamic, the Pendragons make my music enjoyable to listen to."
    Andrew Robinson, Andrew Robinson Online
    "What is there to say about the Pendragon's performance, other than it's amazing? It's dynamic, it's true to life in its scale."
    "The Pendragon from Tekton Design is a monster. With a sensitivity of 98dB, they are big, full range, and the sound is impressive as all hell."
    Michael Zisserson, Future Audiophile
    "If the Tekton Design Pendragons are any clue as to the direction the company is going in, every loudspeaker manufacturer should be taking notes and be a little worried, as these speakers are game changers in a game that rarely ever changes."