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2-12 Perfect Set$2950White, Minor paint repairsNoA-Stock
2-10 Perfect Set W/BE Center$3110BlackNoA-Stock
Half Ulfberht (new model)$4500Grigio Lynx High GlossNoA-Stock
SEAS Pendragon$1500Black -Slight paint imperfectionsA-Stock
Pendragon 4 Ohm 3 tweeter Bi-wire upgraded input$2505BlackYesA-Stock
Pendragon 4 Ohm 3 tweeter Bi-amp$2505Off White/CreamYesA-Stock
Impact Monitor horizontal studio version$2100Rosso FolgoreNoA-Stock
Double Impact Center$1130OrangeYesA-Stock
Enzo XL 7 Tweeter Wide Baffle$2950Lamborghini Grigio Lynx match with clear coatYesA-Stock
Electron SE$3220WhiteYesA-Stock
Lore Monitor$1030BlackNoB-Stock
Lore Reference W/ BE Tweeter$1440BlackNoA-Stock
Lore Reference W/ BE Tweeter (we have 2 pairs)$1440BlackNoA-Stock
Mini Lore Monitor$700WhiteNoA-Stock
Enzo 2.7 (old version)$1800CharcoalNoB-Stock
Double Impact In-Walls (2)$2200WhiteNoB-Stock
Pendragon Monitor Upgrade$2375BlackYesB-Stock
Atmos Shoebox Speakers (6)$350 eachRedNoA-Stock
Moab Surrounds (2)$1100 eachBlackNoA-Stock
Pendragon Surrounds Upgraded$1900Silver Half DollarNoB-Stock
OB Sigma$1700CharcoalNoB-Stock
OB Sigma $1700WhiteNoB-Stock
OB Sigma$1700Black (minor wood defects)NoA-Stock
Pendragon Surrounds (2)$1700CharcoalNoA-Stock
* Speaker(s) are prepped for grills, which are available for purchase separately.
** A-stock are new, B-stock may have minor scratches or paint blemishes. All loudspeakers have been inspected and tested, and come with a full warranty.