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  1. These speakers were ordered the middle August 2023. They were delivered the first part of November. I ordered them with the basic black with red wave guides (the things that look to me like flowers). Tektons web site doesn’t mention it but there are a number of other colors that can be chosen for the wave guides: red, blue, green yellow/gold, black, white or purple. The wave guides can also be painted any color you want. My choice was to have a contrast so that the speakers “made a statement”.
    Down side – these are big box speakers. You need the room to put them in including room on the sides.
    How they sound. When I received them the base (2 15” woofers) were harsh. I put some foam stuffed socks it the 2 front port holes to soften the base during the break in. I have an Anthem AVM 70 processor and an over kill with a Parasound A31 amp. I also raised how low the base goes. After a week or 2 the socks were removed and the base was readjusted. The horn speakers sounded great from the start. It was only the woofers that needed the break in. The only room correction that I used was to measure the distance from the listening position to the speakers.
    I use the speakers in my TV room for both watching TV and listening to music. They are great. I don’t know how to explain it but sound that comes out is effortless. The speakers just disappear. The sound doesn’t come from the speakers. I don’t know how to explain it but the sound it is just there in front of you. They do not make what some call a “horny sound”. I listen to a wide variety of music in addition to the TV. These speakers handle everything with no effort. I don’t even use the center channel speaker anymore.
    I have several pieces of music that I use to see if the speakers can handle them. These are the intro to 2001 Space Odyssey, Riders in the Sky, Billy Jean (Michael Jackson) and Easy Money by Sant Andreu Jazz Band (2011) and Cantate Domino – Oh Holy Night. These speakers are, as I said before, effortless. The organ in Oh Holy Night sounds like an organ not just a load harsh rumble. You can see the drummer 2001 Space Odyssey pounding the drum.
    I would buy these speakers gain.

  2. I have the DI SE’s driven with an old Onkyo M508/P308 that I bought new in Japan around 1989. They sound wonderful,loud and clear with bass on any type of music. I added a pair of the 4-10 subwoofers and added some depth. I have a Pro-next turntable with a Sumiko moonstone cartridge that sounds excellent with this set up.

  3. I have a set with the be tweeter in the middle.run by michi rotel m8 1.8kw into 4 ohms.have equipment to analyze frequency of speakers.grant it the equipment is not recording level quality but close.dad was a physicist an we have played with speakers for decades.have several years of physics math electronics in college. The equivalent of three ph.d with decades of higher education. I have the 1812 as well.have many high end speakers.revel salon genesis infinity irs duntec dali pbn b&w matrix 800 and right next to these tekton are focal utopia be top of the line. We analyzed both and they are close within 5%. These tekton might not look as pretty as the focal but for the money they sound fantastic. Read the reviews on these.they say they are giant killers.mine sit between the high end wilson and utopia grand.you put a good amp on these you will be happy

  4. I ordered the lores with the upgraded internals package. These speakers look great in white with the drivers exposed.i did not order grills so i cannot comment on how they look with that. I’ve actually received compliments from non-audio minded people. But the sound is where it’s at. They simply sound amazing. I read reviews so I can probably throw audiophile descriptors at them, but I have not heard enough equipment in my lifetime to really know what they all mean. All I know is they have a very realistic sound true to what instruments sound like. Nice tightly controlled bass when it’s present in the song and the audax tweeter is excellent imo. Even at loud volumes it does not smear or sizzle in the upper end. I would not hesitate to recommend them and I can only imagine what the bigger more upper end speakers must sound like from Tekton. Hopefully I’ll find out one day.

  5. Aside from the wait, which is unavoidable when ordering custom models that aren’t In stock the experience from ordering to communication and receiving was painless. Once the speakers were ready they were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition.