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  1. DM

    I’ve only had my Encores with beryllium tweeters for two weeks but the verdict is obvious: they are phenomenal, everything I could want in a speaker. The Encores replaced some four-way active speakers of my own design (I’ve also heard some nice commercial speakers from Revel, Wilson, Focal, Thiel, Magnepan, etc.). Based on what previous reviewers said about the benefit of better electronics with the Encores, I bought a nice pair of monoblocks to drive the speakers, so my setup now includes:

    Vinyl playback: Pro-Ject turntable, Grado Reference cartridge, MoFi preamp
    Digital playback: Bluesound Node 3 streamer, Yamaha Aventage disc player
    DAC: Schiit Yggdrasil (Analog Devices chips, Analog 2, Unison USB)
    Preamp: Schiit Freya+
    Power amps: Audio by Van Alstine DVA M225 balanced monoblocks
    Interconnects: Blue Jeans Cable
    Speakers: Tekton Encore w/central beryllium tweeters
    Sub: SVS SB16 Ultra

    In my opinion, this is all high-value, high-performing gear, but the new power amps and, most importantly, the speakers elevated my system to a much, much higher level. With this DAC-amp-speaker combination, digital sources sound and feel like real music for the first time; I now have no real need to use tubes and/or vinyl to achieve some elusive smoothness or magic (although tubes and vinyl are cool and sound lovely). It’s all there, in glorious spatial detail that’s never harsh, just so musical, so present. My wife, a former professional orchestral musician (flute and piccolo), agrees, and says things like “I’m at a concert” and “this is trippy.” We listen to jazz, folk, classical and rock, and it’s all glorious.

    Our open floor plan living room/entry/kitchen/open loft has high ceilings and lots of cubic volume that makes authoritative bass reproduction difficult, but the Encores do very well. It was easy to integrate the SVS sub (low-pass at 35hz, 24 db/octave), which is beneficial in our living room.

    These speakers are not inexpensive, but what a value! My hat is off to Eric and the hard-working Tekton team.

  2. J

    So I have had my Nebo speakers long enough now and have really had some time to work with them and the amazing sound stage and midrange is mind blowing. If you are looking for a speaker that is capable of producing what I can only describe as a wall of sound in your listening environment these are it. Im my living room with vaulted ceilings they sound great, in my sonically balanced video room they are a mad man. In my bed room they sound great. I venture to say wherever I set these they will produce a huge sound stage and mids that are stunning as well as the fact that they really don’t need a sub if you don’t want one. These speakers are not too bright and everything seems to hit just right. Expect them to be a little picky about how they are towed and it did take some fun time to find the perfect spot for them also recommend you run them a bit off the wall. I removed my feet completely and platformed them and the change was even more amazing. I prefer them that way just make sure you have stable and correct platform for them.

    I have in my lifetime of 59 years owned some of the best speakers ever made at many prices some 4x the cost of these speakers for just one. I can only say this out of every speaker I have ever owned or heard these are simply one of the most natural sounding speakers ever. Everything sounds like a concert and imaging is at any volume though typically I find they like to run with 10-20w through them they will run much higher but, this seems to be the sweet spot for my living room or whole house with that much going in trust me they are quite loud and when I am seated in living room I typically will reduce them even more to aroud 5-10 w.

    Now service. I had a tweeter go out for some reason but Eric immediately got one out to me so I could fix the one that was out. No arguments, nothing but get my customer listening again as soon as possible action. This is actually not the norm for may speaker companies and I found service after the sale to be next level.

    So in short yes I can totally recommend these speakers and in fact do not think you will find anything close to their price point that comes close. I don’t think there is anything 4x there price point that will honestly just blow them away some might (yes might compete) but, these speakers can and do hold their own. I have not heard the moabs but, the nebos very very impressive.

  3. JT

    The Double Impact is a very big speaker. I’m very impressed with the quality of sound these speakers. The sound stage initially shocked me. It was very deep and wide. I felt as though I was in the New York Philharmonic. I listened to an old Willie Colon album and could hear every instrument and visualize their location. They play very clear and effortlessly at low volume, yet can maintain clarity at the higher volumes. For my personal taste I could use a little bit more sparkle on the top end. With these speakers I have no problems listening for hours without getting any fatigue.

    Image #1 from James T.
    Image #2 from James T.
  4. MS

    I have had the Lores for about a month now and the sound is exactly what I was looking for. I listen to quite a bit of acoustic guitar and piano. These speakers have a very specific tone that to my ear is some of the best reproduction of both that I have heard to date. I have been running them w/ a Shengya 203MK. It is a an excellent class A integrated. It’s incredibly neutral in sound and is able to create a decent amount of holographic staging that compliments these very well. Vocals are incredibly full, smooth, and sweet. Imaging is good for a speaker w/ a wide baffle like the Lore. The speaker placement is very simple. You have to work harder to place these wrong than you do to place them right. Incredibly not picky about placement. Off axis listening is very good as well. Highs are very sweet and not overdone. I’m usually not a fan of metal tweeters, typically too sharp for me. Lores are very good not too sharp but still capable of that top end sparkle. Mids are neutral while running the Shengya and bass extension and fullness is very good while still being perfectly balanced w/ the Mids and highs.
    Then we ran them w/ a First Watt F7 and a Musical Design tube preamp. Now that is really something special. Sound got more holographic, Mids really fattened up, and bass was able to remain tight w/ great extension. Yesterday a friend and I visited a very nice stereo shop in Ohio. After listening to systems ranging from $30k to $500k I can honestly say I preferred the sound of the Lores w/ the F7 and Tube pre. Am I saying the Lores are better than $30k speakers? Not necessarily. Fact is no one can honestly say that. This hobby is completely subjective. I can say that I listened to a 3k pair of speakers and believe 9 out of 10 people who listened would prefer the Lores over them. The only speakers I’ve heard that I like just as much so far is a pair of Zu DW6 supremes that a good friend owns. If you ask him he will tell you the same thing about the Lores, he loves them. I’m sure when the time is right I’ll end up upgrading to the perfect SET or Pendragons. I’m sold on the Tekton sound!
    They are a very natural sounding speaker and Eric’s ear and design philosophy matches my own. Give them a try. Maybe they will match your ear as well.

  5. BT

    This was the first Tekton product I’ve tried. Ordered blind in 2022, without auditioning any tekton before, made worst, I’m from Singapore, shipping back is a big NO WAY. Thinking that it was relatively cheap to buy, looking at $620 usd. But I was so wrong, shipping door to door, the fees cost me the same price as the sub. 😅

    But this price shock does not mean a negative review. Actually after listening, I was full of joy, this sub sound so musical and at the same time hitting your chest with tight bass. I literally can feel and hear each bass note clearly which I didn’t before. Yet it didn’t call unto itself, the sub just disappear as if it’s not power on at all.

    It’s price now compare to some great sub like rythmik and svs which both I used before, but this sub 2-10 win them handsomely. Only rythmik came close but noting rythmik is more expensive.

    Pairing it with Sonus Faber Olympica 3, Aerial Acoustic 7T has no problem, this sub mate with any speaker, it’s not fussy. Now it’s pairing with another tekton bookshelf, dynamite (separate review coming) and I have a say, it’s match in heaven. Low mid that was not as pronounce before become so musical, easily hear it, tuneful, tight and punchy. Don’t underestimate what a good sub can add to your speaker, even tower.

    System I’m pairing it with is Devialet D400, cross over at 48hz to sub 2-10. Feed tekton with good upstream and you’ll be rewarded.

    Image #1 from Bennett Teo