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  1. I really enjoy my ENZO 2.7 speakers!

    The tweeter and midrange design is genius! The midrange and highs are airy and extremely clear.

    I use them with a 6 watt tube SE amp, A 85 Watt per channel Class AB Mosfet amp and my 15W/15W chip amp with a tube front end mates also really well.

    I am so glad I bought these.

  2. So far so good. Big soundstage. Working well with quality recordings and bi-amping with monoblocks. In early stages of break-in and refinement of room position and acoustics. Have not used with any EQ.

    Image #1 from Jayla
  3. Delivery arrangement were customized to accommodate an out of state move.

  4. I’ve had the Mini Lores with upgrade package (not beryllium) for 2 years now and never cease to amaze me. Paired with a modest Dayton Audio HTA20BT amp, the sound is wonderful, I no longer yearn for new speakers.

    Plenty of vids of them on my YouTube channel 😃


  5. My End-Game Speaker, finally!
    This is basically a smaller and more affordable version of the Impact Monitor.
    The overall sound is neutral with great soundstage.
    The treble is detailed and NOT bright.
    The midrange is natural and NOT veiled.
    I cannot not judge on the bass, since I use a subwoofer. But when matched with a subwoofer all sounds like I imagine heaven would sound.
    Great work Eric.

    Image #1 from Pierre Martinez
    Image #2 from Pierre Martinez