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  1. DJ Dunn

    I have had these speakers for about 8 months now. IMO, they sound just like the reviews I have read and they meet all my expectations. A high efficiency speaker with bass that goes low. The sound is very forward and spacious. Incredible what a 10″ whizzer cone and titanium tweeter can do! It goes against the grain of hifi logic but its executed perfectly.
    I use a PS Audio Sprout 100 to power these. I have a Rega turntable and PC for streaming Tidal. So simplistic yet so satisfying.


  2. Al Kolchinsky

    I’ve had my m-lore speakers for about 9 months (it’s November 2021, now). They are capable of presenting the super fine detail available from live acoustic indie, jazz, and classical recordings to house shaking power of 1980’s house/dance re-mixes. They have never disappointed in producing a controlled, expansive soundstage.

    Mini LoreMini Lore

  3. Jon McCargar (verified owner)

    First, since you can’t go listen to these I want to give the following review. 1. Customer service. Outstanding. I was kept in the loop at every possible turn. I had questions and all were answered by staff and they were right on the money. If you are hesitant to dive in, I can now say-go for it. 2. As virtually all will tell you they sound fantastic. I am not a classical, jazz or instrumental listener. I like classic rock-turntable, CD and streaming. From Yes, Seal, Lindsay Buckingham, to Rolling Stones and Metallica. Sound stage, imaging, depth and tone are all magnificent. Emotiva amps drive them and it works well. I can’t emphasize enough, if you are going to spend your hard earned dollar, Tekton doubles your investment and the payback is joy.

    Lore ReferenceLore Reference

  4. Kemper Holt

    I just came from 3 days at the Capital Audiofest and by any measure, the Troubadors at $1000/pr are a real bargain and maybe overlooked by many prospective Tekton clients. The minus 3dB frequency is 38 Hz, Eric knows how to massage the best from drivers. They are soundstage champs, the stage starts 4 feet behind the speakers and goes wide and deep from there, this is a major benefit to believing the musicians are in your room as the speakers do not appear to be making any sound, they disappear totally. Vocals have a tightly focused image, the head of the singer appears to be the correct size and height, and the voices are spot on. They delineate the bass and mid bass expertly showing you the bass lines with ease and differentiating an electric bass from an upright bass. Piano is percussive and rich with tone, strings are also presented accurately without edge or a glassy sheen, brass hits hard as it should with appropriate bite. They aren’t as convincing as a Double Impact in terms of bass weight and impact, but the notes and drum whacks are there, just diminished compared to bigger Tektons. I think the Troubadours are one of Eric’s best kept secrets, I’m unaware of a better $1K/pr speaker, give them a try.


  5. Lee

    Four years ago, I started my audiophile journey by upgrading my stereo system with a pair of mini-Lores and a new turntable. I was, and still am, really impressed by how good those sound. However, last year we moved into a bigger house with a spacious living room and I was curious to see what a next-level speaker might sound like. Like anyone, I wanted to see if new speakers could reveal new layers within the music I love. Since I was really curious about the Tekton polygon array and have a 7 Watt 300B SET tube amp, I went with the Perfect SET (in SW “Dill”).

    I’ve had them now for four months, and my initial impression are that they sound big, which is no surprise (more speakers, bigger driver). The sonic picture is much larger and with greater detail. Tekton used to have a slogan “Improve your hearing” which really applies to my experience with these speakers. I’m hearing things I didn’t pick up before and, to my surprise, I’ve noticed that certain musical parts are not actually in the recording that I thought were there (which is kind of mind blowing). Vocals are particular engaging. The subtleties of soft, breathy singers are very present and forward. Talky singers, like Lou Reed, sound like they are right there. Lots of details from backing vocals, too, that I never heard before. Playing the Beatles on my maiden Sgt. Peppers album spin, I remember pointing to the right speaker and telling my wife, “That’s John right there!” Looking forward to many more moments like this.

    Last month, I moved the speakers to a carpeted room with wood paneling. I’ve been surprised how I can play them at small volumes and still feel their power, depth and clarity while also being able to have a conversation with my wife. The mini-Lores are in the big room and are holding their own beautifully.

    The Perfect SETThe Perfect SET

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