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  1. Tom (verified owner)

    I purchased the Tekton Lore Reference speakers earlier this year and have waited to pass judgement on them until I gave them a fair review; they are FABULOUS speakers. I received them in April and matched them with an Emotiva BASX TA1 Integrated Amplifier, the match is quite good. The Emotiva delivers crisp lossless music to the Lore Reference, which in turn handles it with perfection. From the high tones to the deep bass, the speakers articulate the voices and instruments flawlessly. There is no hum, muddiness, or loss of vibrancy. The bass in particulate is fabulous, and in a large room (18 x20) they do not require the aid of a sub-woofer. I waited four months to place the review to allow time for equipment ‘burn-in’ and tests. I had several audiophile friends visit and test them with various pieces, including classical, jazz, folk, acapella, pop, and rock. All were amazed at the ability of these speakers and amplifier, which could rival equipment costing many times more. I am very satisfied with the Lore Refence speakers.
    My only complaint is that it has now been six months since placing the order and I have still NOT received the grills. Speaker cones seem to draw the attention of children’s fingers and projectiles. I’d like to keep them in one piece.

    Lore ReferenceLore Reference


    Hi Eric,
    Got these moab speakers a couple of week ago and wow they are fantastic sounding! This friend of mine has a set of legacy speakers and both my friend and I thought the moabs actually sounded better considering the price they cost (my friend is rich)! Even with the lowly adcom gfa-565 power amps the moabs had a fantastic sound. The separation of the instruments were unbelievable! The sound was silky smooth with absolutely no coloration. The bass was a little smoother and tighter than the legacy! They far out perform my other speakers that I already have. I have compared these moabs with several different speakers and they out perform them all! Eric, you are a genius and I bet all of your other speakers probably sound great too! A couple of other friends were a little freaked out over the multitude of tweeters, but when I explained to them the theory of all of this they understood. They were thinking that the tweeters would have a very poor sound dispersion, but once they heard them all of their beliefs melted away. Even they said they were the best speakers they ever heard! And they had speakers ranging from 3000 to 80000 (the Legacys) dollars! The moabs gave me a whole different perspective of how music is supposed to sound. The dimension and imaging was out of this world! They sounded great with rock and roll and soft classical type of songs! These moabs were worth every penny I paid and even more! Thank you Eric for bringing the speakers into this world, otherwise I would not been able to afford any other high end speakers! I’m in audio heaven! And Eric, keep up the excellent work on your speaker business because you have alot to contribute to the world of hi fi and I think you turned this world upside down with your your cutting edge Speaker technology! Thanks Eric!


  3. Richard Rangel

    Beautiful white finish Electron SE with single Beryllium tweeter.
    Magical stuff. After auditioning in my room some great brands like B&W 804 D3, Kii Three Audio, Klipsch, Magnepan,
    Martin Logan, including a couple of other Tekton models, the quest is over. These Electron SE speakers deliver the sound I have been dreaming of getting. Thanks, Eric.

    Electron SEElectron SE

  4. Michael Lynch

    You need to listen to these speakers not read the specs.These speakers are great they don’t need a sub at all.I have tried lots of amps and many different cord and wires and to tell you the truth once you find the right one its hard to Imagine any speaker sounding better.I have around 12 pr of speakers and these poppy’s really shine.

    Encore MonitorEncore Monitor

  5. Lawrence John Field

    I have had my Pendragons since mid 2013. The first design. They are playing now and not very loud. The detail and presence are wonderful. I have the Home Theater package with a Enzo Sub. I live in a studio apartment and I get away with this system because you do not have to “blast it” to get full robust sound. I started with a Emotiva 5 channel Amp, and 7701 Marantz Pre.Pros. because it was all I could afford. Three years ago I stepped up (no knock on Emotiva) to a Parasound A51 and Marantz AV8802a and everything went to another level. It was like I had a complete new system and had to re-watch, re-listen with a new found joy. I have insert here also I started with Def Tech Subs. The Tekton Enzo also lifted my system an a major way. Instead of music with a “boom” it just “blended together” seamlessly. I found the importance “Timber” and design. I am writing this review now because you Lucky new customers get the new internal design that I believe took years to develop and option for the tweeter array. Go for it. I myself have just ordered the new Nebos with a custom size matching double center. Where are the Pendragons going? There are staying right here and become extra surrounds. I will end this with I strongly recommend 12ga Mogomi Speaker Wire. I will go on to say to use Mogomi for ANY wiring even my guitar cables are Mogomi. No need for $1000 dollar cables. Recording studios use Mogomi. Any system is as good as its weakest link. O’yeah…..Play with the speaker placement. Sometimes where you think they “look good” is a lousy place to put them. Hard lesson that I learned. After many years “turned my setup sideways”. In other words used the width of the room instead of cramming a 65″ TV, equipment rack and the 2 Pendragons in a 11 foot space. Using the 16 foot width really also opened things up. They need 2 ft min. from rear wall and side. You can get great results in a small room just need to be flexible about placement. No need for Atmos, I am in a “Giant headphone”. Thank you Eric and Cheers to All!


    Image #1 from Lawrence John Field