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  1. RS

    I love my Lore (full size) speakers! Eric convinced me to move from an upgraded Reference to a non-upgraded full size Lore, and he wasn’t wrong. These speakers make music sound like music and just disappear, never calling attention to themselves. I’m streaming Tidal through an Eversolo DMP-A6 that outputs straight into my 2.3 watt/channel Decware SE84UFO. This combo is straight up magic. I never feel that I’m missing a sub, although that might be something I add down the road. In my 15×30’ listening room, which is open on end, I can’t even turn the volume up all the way. On the other end of the spectrum, these speakers also perform very well at low volume, so I can continue listening after others have gone to bed. In short, these speakers are amazing, and I can enjoy them for hours at a time without any fatigue. BTW, the company is also great, and although they run a bit shorthanded, they were always responsive and patient with me. I found the payoff to be well worth the wait.
    Thanks Eric & Crew!!!

  2. RS

    The website is easy to use. Customer service was always responsive, informative, and patient with my questions. I did have to wait longer than I had expected for my order, but that weight was well worth it. These guys tend to run shorthanded, but your patience will be rewarded with excellent speakers.

  3. RS

    I made up a little MONO system, because only one ear works. I ordered a Perfect Set 2-12 with tweeter upgrade and a custom color. It’s not as easy as you think getting a stereo amp to play mono. I had to buy the proper networks to split the stereo signals and add a 100 watt resistor to load the unused channel. I’m using a Rogue Sphinx V3 with Gold Lion tubes, Kimber PBJs, and AQ Type 4 wires. The Tekton do not disappoint. There is no substitute for a large loudspeaker to help create a large sound stage and they do that without effort, but they also can play small when the music calls for it. Totally worth the wait. I’m very satisfied.

  4. CM

    I was blown away by these monitors. I decided to go for them because they were in my price range and I’d always wanted to try Tekton Design’s products, but the moment I set them up I knew these were my permanent endgame monitors for studio use and desktop listening.

    Image #1 from Carson M.
  5. CM

    Received great and timely customer service and delivery. They reached out to provide options on my order to help get the product sooner, which actually resulted in getting a version better suited to what I wanted.