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  1. I’ve only had these for a few days, but first impressions are very positive. The IMs have a big expansive sound with good instrument separation and detail and with totally credible tonality. They are also as full range as most people might need and come to the party with force without sacrificing the ability to be deft when the music is more delicate. I listen mostly to jazz, and they are in their element there, whether it’s big band or small combo, traditional jazz or modern jazz. I have them a foot or so from the front wall, and they do well. However, I high-pass the signal above 60 Hz and let a couple of 10 inch sealed box subwoofers manage everything below. They are big, not 43 lbs (which I suspect is the shipping weight), but more like 38 lbs (I weighed them on my digital scale). They are manageable, but as you can see from the photo, they take up some space. The speaker beside the IM is a Polk LSIM tower that’s close to 4 ft high and about 78 pounds. I have the IMs on Monolith 18 inch stands rated up to 75 pounds. The top plate is just barely smaller than the dimensions of the speaker, which aids in stability. Also, the stands are fairly heavy with the columns filled with sand. However, this is a top heavy arrangement. Works for me, but except for occasional visits from my granddaughters, there are no children around. In a different situation, I might have opted for the Enzo 2.7, which might be more secure, especially if outriggers were employed. But there is just something really imposing about the IMs sitting up in the air like this. Another option would be to put them on small 20 inches high steel-legged tables (about 15 inches square) that are also very affordable, but probably violate an audiophile commandment of some sort. I have some of these tables and will use them if I feel they are really needed. For now, no. The speakers are stock with no upgrades except for a custom paint color (Behr, “Letter Gray”). I have two 80 mm foam plugs for the ports, but am not using them. I still have a pair of Lores in a different room. While they don’t quite equal the IMs, they are not far behind, and I intend on keeping them.

  2. sounds excellent
    really showcases the true sound quality of my Parasound
    HCA 1500A amp.
    And they will play really loud !!!!!

  3. This speaker exceeded my expectations. I can listen for hrs no fatigue. 1 thing I did was put no res on inside front baffle to help control resonates. Very happy with purchase.

    Image #1 from Eric R.
  4. They say good things come to those who wait. It was more than worth the wait. These subs produce bass thats tight, visceral and musical. They blend perfectly together with my Spatial M3 Masters open baffle speakers. Would purchase these again without hesitation. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Image #1 from Derrick Bailey
    Image #2 from Derrick Bailey
  5. I purchased the Electron SE with central Be tweeters. These are really phenomenal speakers, especially for the price. Midrange clarity and realness is incredible. They are genuinely full range, I don’t feel the need to add a sub (not the case for Paradigm Persona 3F towers I have in another space). I couldn’t be happier, 10/10.