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  1. JT

    The Double Impact is a very big speaker. I’m very impressed with the quality of sound these speakers. The sound stage initially shocked me. It was very deep and wide. I felt as though I was in the New York Philharmonic. I listened to an old Willie Colon album and could hear every instrument and visualize their location. They play very clear and effortlessly at low volume, yet can maintain clarity at the higher volumes. For my personal taste I could use a little bit more sparkle on the top end. With these speakers I have no problems listening for hours without getting any fatigue.

    Image #1 from James T.
    Image #2 from James T.
  2. PB

    Communication from the main office could have been better during the production phase of the speakers.

  3. BM

    All hail Eric Alexander the Great! He has brought affordable speakers of high end quality to the public. Mine have four Cardas copper banana jacks as biwiring ($75) was added at my option (not listed on the site for this model), the upgraded crossover ($210), and I ordered grilles ($80) with a second option of grille fabric from Guilford of Maine ($30) that Tekton told me about. Tekton is unique in allowing all this. It is unheard of in high end audio really. Total cost was $1525. Online reviews at “Cheap Audio Man” and “Jay’s Iyagi” helped support the purchase sound unheard. It took about 4 months for them to arrive and 4 months later I still have no grilles. Grilles serve both as dust covers for the drivers and protection from the hands of children or in my case the hands of a demented older relative who occasionally comes here with my wife. Bare baffles typically have a lower “wife acceptance factor” too. The 10 inch woofer is mounted to the front of the baffle board at the top and juts out. It would be nice if it was countersunk into the board but then the board would have to be thicker. There is a question of time alignment as the front pressure waves likely come from the woofer and tweeter not at the same time meaning they are likely partially out of phase. That will be found in all 2 way and 3 way loudspeakers not named Vandersteen or not being single driver type like some costly omnidirectionals so that is not a serious detriment. They replace a 20 year old pair of Klipsch KSF 8.5 speakers in perfect condition. I even added cone edge sealer from “Simply Speakers” to the surrounds though they had not deteriorated. The Tektons are as efficient as the Klipsch towers according to my ears as I initially installed only one and listened to both on FM radio in mono. They do lack some bass punch as “Cheap Audio Man” noted but my 30 year old Soundcraftsmen stereo separates actually have tone controls so you can boost bass that way as he recommended. I also own two Audio Control graphic equalizers which would give more precise adjustments. However both tone controls and graphic equalizers are the bane of hard core audiophiles. They are pretty good driven flat and I can’t say the bass output is deficient. At least they do not have “bloated bass” like home subwoofers and most other bass reflex (ported or vented speakers) so you could say they are well behaved that way, quite natural. They appear to be a little clearer or brighter than the Klipsch Tractrix horn loaded compression driver type tweeter but not harsh. (That is the gold plated titanium dome tweeter from the French company Audax that I am discussing.) The quality of bass and treble depends on the sound source of course. Most experts say to do AB testing of two speakers at a time and to some extent I was able to do that, in the actual room where they were to be located. The speakers are white like my Orbit Custom turntable and IKEA (made in Poland) 8 cell audio furniture, four open bins at the bottom, two doors on the top sides and four drawers in the top middle. You will have to use your imagination as this site failed to accept a photograph I took, some kind of “nonce” computer problem. All of the equipment down to the Grado phono cartridge are US made or assembled here with some US parts so that was a plus. The 10 inch woofer complete with whizzer cone to increase dispersion comes from Eminence in Kentucky.

  4. CM

    great speaker

  5. P

    Love the sub, still waiting on the grill 5 months later