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  1. These speakers sound wonderful. Sound, detail, and imaging are all brilliant. Insane value for the money!

    The paint job not so good as a crack has appeared at the top corner. I’m not sure what I can do about this.

    Image #1 from Carmelita
  2. Customer service was great, but the delivery company nearly destroyed the speakers by over tightening the straps in the trailer. It was a close call, but the good packaging saved the day. It is hard transporting bulky items, but the company took lots of precautions. This is a great company and I appreciate the service I got.

  3. Had my Sigmas for over 3 yrs now & have thoroughly enjoyed them. Coming from Apogee Duetta Signatures (15 yrs) I had grown to love open baffle sound. If you have enough room to get these 5 or 6 ft off the back wall you’re likely to love these. My only suggestion is get a sub (or better yet a pair of subs) to really flesh out the bottom end if you like the fuuuuull range sound. You just have to move a bit more air than these can accomplish (but I am spoiled). They blend beautifully with a pair of Hsu Research 10″ subs & my room is the equivalent of a 3 car garage. My-o-my, the openess, air and definition, without edginess, is wonderful! Careful placement of the subs can give you a most delicious low end and between all 3 amps I’m running nearly 900 watts so definition is remarkable as the system coasts along.

  4. I will start out by saying as a kid I liked big horn, big base, clear mids. I had felt I was looking for a speaker like this for many years. These speakers have turned me into an audiophile. I find myself trying to listen to all the music I liked plus even more different kinds on these speakers. when you close your eyes it feels like the performance is right there. One complaint hence the 4 stars is trying to get grills from Tekton, but I knew that problem from the forums. One out of 6 grill pegs are in the wrong place on both speakers. Tammy was nice enough to send me more pegs free. I wish the website had a place to show where you are in the q like some websites have. I got mine with one Berryium tweeter.