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  1. A

    I understand production delays, but it shouldn’t take ~5 months to get the grills.

  2. JS

    I love the Lore speakers. They sound great and I would give them 5 stars. I am disappointed in the customer service. I ordered the speakers in November 2020, and have yet to receive the grills (August 2021). I follow up with Tekton many times with minimum responses. I have received one response and was given the excuse there is a shortage of materials. I could live with that, but I would like periodic updates.

  3. S

    Had the sub for a few weeks. I had to wait about 5 – 6 months for the sub to come. When it did finally come, it didn’t have the grill. I called and was told that it would be at least another 3-weeks for it to come. Ok, the sub is fine. It’s has good sound and speed. It blends into my system nicely and over all the performance is good. Worthy of 4 or 5 stars. But the wait was really to long and I still do not have a complete order yet. If Tekton had a quick turn around time after purchasing I would suggest it. If they continue to have turn around times like this, I would look at SVS 3000.

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