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Nebo Reviewed by Stereotimes

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2-Ohm Pendragon Review


“The Ulfberht speaker scales a large musical event as if it has no limit in terms of macro-dynamics, never losing its composure or resolution. Where the five-star ranking comes from is how these speakers compete with the finest engineered and built speakers from the world’s most lauded speaker companies. I will be purchasing them for all the reasons stated in my review.”
Terry London, Home Theater Review


“[The Encores are] quite simply the best sounding loudspeakers I’ve heard in a very long time. In my opinion they’ll stand up handsomely against speakers in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. Don’t blame me for being smitten. I just happen to think they’re that incredible.”
Clement Perry, Stereotimes


“Moab delivers horn-like transient velocity without the colorations or distortions of horns. It has a level of startling transparency which makes the smallest details pop out yet, if driven by the right electronics, never becomes etchy or analytical. Moab is seamless top to bottom and creates a wall-to-wall soundstage with realistically sized images. The downfall of many large planars and boxes is that they enlarge/bloat the size of individual images. Everything sounds large whereas Moab scales down for intimate music and up for large ensembles.”
Terry London, 6 moons