• Speaker Grilles

    From $25

    Add grilles to your loudspeakers for a layer of protection for your drivers or to give the face a more uniform appearance.

    Note that the grille quantities included with purchase are based on how the loudspeakers are sold. For example, theater packages will include a full set of grilles, loudspeakers sold in pairs will include two grilles, and loudspeakers sold individually will include one grille. Please verify the product details on the corresponding product page to verify, or contact us before placing your order.

  • Tekton Design T-Shirts


    Show your love for Tekton Design by sporting this handsome t-shirt. A small Tekton Design logo is printed in the top, left-hand corner and a larger logo with “It’s all about the sound!” is printed on the back.

  • Footers


    Machined aluminum footers are a simple, effective way to isolate your loudspeaker from the floor. Use speaker spikes on carpeted floors and padded flat footers for hardwood and other flat surfaces. Set of 8 CNC machined aluminum 1/4 x 20 thread‚Äč Your choice of footers are included with most loudspeaker purchases except in-wall/in-ceiling speakers and…

  • Mogami 14-Gauge Speaker Cable

    $5 / foot

    Mogami’s cables provide the same type of experience we at Tekton Design embrace: incredible performance at an affordable price.

    The cables are terminated in-house with gold-plated banana plugs, and are soldered by hand.

    For more information on Mogami’s speaker cables including technical specifications,¬†visit the Mogami website.

    Cables are sold individually, up to 35 feet in length. Please add two to your order if a pair is needed.