Speaker Grilles

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Add grilles to your loudspeakers for a layer of protection for your drivers or to give the face a more uniform appearance.

Note that the grille quantities included with purchase are based on how the loudspeakers are sold. For example, theater packages will include a full set of grilles, loudspeakers sold in pairs will include two grilles, and loudspeakers sold individually will include one grille. Please verify the product details on the corresponding product page to verify, or contact us before placing your order.


Our standard grille construction includes pegs, which require that the speaker be prepped with holes and plastic inserts. We generally recommend the standard grilles, but hook-and-loop tape (included with purchase) can also be used to keep the grilles mounted to the speaker face.

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    1812 Model V12, 2-10 Perfect Set, 2-10 Sub, 21" Subwoofer, 4-10 Sub, Atmos Height, Brisance, Cinema Sub, Cinema Sub (passive), Compact Sub, Double Impact, Double Impact Center, Double Impact In-Wall, Double Impact In-Wall Full Tower, Double Impact SE, Double Impact Surround, Double Impact Theater Package, Double Impact Wide Center, Dynamite, Electron, Electron SE, Encore, Enzo 2.7, Enzo Sub, Enzo Theater Package, Enzo XL, Impact Monitor, Impact Monitor Theater, Lore, Lore Reference, Lore Theater, Low Profile Center, Mini Lore, Mini Lore Monitor, Mini Lore Theater, Moab, Moab Center, Moab Wide Center, OB Sigma, Pendragon, Pendragon (2 ohm), Pendragon Center, Pendragon Monitor, Pendragon Surround, Pendragon Theater Package, Polycell 15, Studio Monitor, The Perfect Set, The Perfect Set 15, Troubadour, Ulfberht, Uruz


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