• Sale! Tekton Design Electron SE Hi-Fi Loudspeaker

    Electron SE

    Original price was: $3700.Current price is: $3140.

    Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 Proprietary 4-way loudspeaker design Proprietary controlled directivity – acoustically superior proprietary polygon-oriented, triple-ring radiator high frequency array. This array disperses a precisely focused acoustical power pattern of that of a horn or waveguide without the audible ringing influence of horn flare walls constraining the soundwave for acoustically superior mid-range high frequency performance Dual 8″ high-output Electron SE transducers Dual 5″…

  • Sale! Charcoal Tekton Design Electron Pair HiFi Loudspeakers


    Original price was: $2880.Current price is: $2200.

    The Electron is a smaller-sized version of our best-selling model, the Double Impact. The Electron is the go-to solution when seeking Double Impact performance in a smaller package and a true expression of extreme performance within the niche of affordable hi-fi and home theater. Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 Dual 8″ high-output Electron transducers Unique…

  • Tekton Design Enzo 27 Hi-Fi Loudspeaker

    Enzo 2.7


    The Tekton Design Enzo 2.7 is a patented loudspeaker design and concept that truly raises the bar in audio performance and value. Enzo models accomplish stunning levels of performance and truly qualify as audiophile grade products. The Enzo is priced well under competing brand-name models, delivers a superior overall linear frequency response, and has twice…

  • Sale! Tekton Design Lore Reference Hi-Fi Loudspeaker - Pair Front

    Lore Reference

    Original price was: $950.Current price is: $880.

    “For me, I could sit and enjoy music endlessly with the Tekton Lore Reference and that’s why I recommend it so highly.” – Rick Becker (enjoythemusic.com)