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“For me, I could sit and enjoy music endlessly with the Tekton Lore Reference and that’s why I recommend it so highly.” – Rick Becker (


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    This loudspeaker is the medium-sized version of our popular Lore loudspeaker, with a similar dynamic, punchy sound. Perfect for tube and analog lovers, it has high resolution and brings out the subtle details and nuances in audio.

    The Lore Reference has won Product of the Year not once, but twice. It’s that good.

    • Perfect impulse time-alignment
    • 8″ transducer
    • Hybrid HF transducer
    • 96dB 1W@1m
    • 8 Ohm impedance
    • 37Hz-40kHz frequency response
    • 400 watts power handling
    • Height 36″ x Width 10.25″ x Depth 11.75″
    • Weight 44 lbs each
    • Manufactured in the USA

    20 reviews for Lore Reference

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    1. Tony (verified owner)

      I was pleased with my KEF LS50 Metas, but I always wondered if there was something better out there. I’m not an experienced audiophile, but I do have an acoustically treated music room. I listen mainly to vinyl and streaming.

      I love the detail, instrument separation, and soundstage of the KEFs. However, I decided to take the plunge and order the Tekton Lore References, hoping they would surprise me. I used a subwoofer with the KEFs, but my Lore References have all the upgrades, including the beryllium tweeters.

      The day before the Lores arrived, I remember telling my wife that I was beginning to doubt if they could really improve our listening experience. When they arrived, I was struck by how heavy they were.

      Without any break-in period, I started listening. The Lores immediately impressed me with their clarity, definition, incredibly textured bass, and dynamic range. They surpassed the KEFs in every possible way. Vocals were enunciated clearly, and the soundstage was wider. The bass had a physical impact, making my subwoofer redundant (it’s now relegated to living room duty).

      Even at low volumes, the Lores performed better than the KEFs, making them a remarkable upgrade for my listening experience. I paid $750 USD to have it shipped to Mexico, along with customs fees. Despite these additional costs, I don’t regret a single penny spent. This speaker is still a bargain. This is a serious speaker for the budget audiophile, regardless of price.

    2. Christopher Murray (verified owner)

      great speaker

    3. Eric R. (verified owner)

      This speaker exceeded my expectations. I can listen for hrs no fatigue. 1 thing I did was put no res on inside front baffle to help control resonates. Very happy with purchase.

      Image #1 from Eric R.
    4. Robert LeMay (verified owner)

      I set up my Lore Reference in a 12′ x 15′ room, wired them up and put on an LP. I was disappointed with the sound but then remembered there is a burn in period. After listening at low to med volume for about 40 hrs the speakers came alive. I started hearing parts that were otherwise buried in the past. The highs are silky smooth and the bass is solid and articulate not flabby or boomy. I’m using an old Pioneer SX535 and seldom turn it past 9 o’clock. These speakers will reveal flaws in poor recordings but with quality material they really shine. I’m still waiting on the grills though.

    5. Michael

      I was told 2-4 weeks and waited 9. I am glad they are here. I got the light grey with the charcoal grills and my wife actually smiles when looking at the stereo; the first time in years. I ordered the upgrade wiring and like the solid terminals. I’m not sure how much better the sound is with the cap upgrades; but knowing they’re there makes me nod and think it sounds great. I struggle with metal dome tweeters and the tin like sound; so I’m enjoying the silk dome tweeters. There must be a dozen words to describe the sounds that emit from speakers; staging, imaging, depth, presence, and detail to name a few. I love clear real tones. I smile when I hear the string on a bass fiddle buzz on a fret or the coils on a metal string as a finger rubs along it. It’s cool when you hear a tongue slap against the reed of a sax as the pads are thumping on its metal body. Look, if I hear all that and more; I know I’m hearing her voice hit that high C in the song. Beware, all this comes with a huge drawback. You learn quickly that some of you favorite recordings were engineered badly and find yourself looking else where for super examples of music to enjoy. These Lore Reference are articulate and easy to drive. My 8 watt single ended tube rectified choke regulated amplifier is quiet and runs these guys with little effort; and it didn’t break the bank! Yeah there is better out there; but you’ve got to spend a whole lot more IMHO.

    6. Larry Clifton (verified owner)

      love them sound awesome.

    7. Michael J. (verified owner)

      Emotional beauty and some bad ass bass. I expect this turned into just my first experience with Tekton

    8. ALEX (verified owner)

      Fidelity incarnate when paired with the Doge 10 MKIII amp. Neutral, balanced, full spectrum dopamine triggers from EDM to Choral to Rock. Big sound but nothing goes unheard. Wonderful and exceptional in my experience. Keepers. Have already bought another pair for upstairs.


      Amazing little speaker had them a few months running a nad c399 streaming mostly very good bass I couldn’t be happier amazed every time I listened to my system

    10. Tom (verified owner)

      I purchased the Tekton Lore Reference speakers earlier this year and have waited to pass judgement on them until I gave them a fair review; they are FABULOUS speakers. I received them in April and matched them with an Emotiva BASX TA1 Integrated Amplifier, the match is quite good. The Emotiva delivers crisp lossless music to the Lore Reference, which in turn handles it with perfection. From the high tones to the deep bass, the speakers articulate the voices and instruments flawlessly. There is no hum, muddiness, or loss of vibrancy. The bass in particulate is fabulous, and in a large room (18 x20) they do not require the aid of a sub-woofer. I waited four months to place the review to allow time for equipment ‘burn-in’ and tests. I had several audiophile friends visit and test them with various pieces, including classical, jazz, folk, acapella, pop, and rock. All were amazed at the ability of these speakers and amplifier, which could rival equipment costing many times more. I am very satisfied with the Lore Refence speakers.
      My only complaint is that it has now been six months since placing the order and I have still NOT received the grills. Speaker cones seem to draw the attention of children’s fingers and projectiles. I’d like to keep them in one piece.

    11. Michael (verified owner)

      Well worth the wait. I’m very happy!

    12. Hayden (verified owner)

      Over the years, I read/viewed many positive reviews about Tekton and the Lore Reference. I was still a bit hesitant to pull the trigger because I didn’t want to have to return the large and heavy speakers. But I’ve been pursuing for years for that certain elusive clear/transparent midrange and wide imaged sound.

      I went ahead and took my chances on a Willsenton R8 Tube Amplifier and the Lore Reference. The last piece of my minimalist setup is a hidden gem and probably totally underrated Sony CDP-X229ES CD Player. I must emphasize that both the amp and the Lore Ref. need at least 40 hours of break-in time. It made ALL the difference. I’m so thrilled to say that I finally achieved that elusive sound that I’ve been pursuing for years! All of the magic happened in this simple setup. The synergy between the (relatively affordable) mentioned equipment brought my favorite music to incredible realism. I just can’t stop smiling and listening to this setup in my master bedroom for hours at a time. I can’t thank Eric Alexander enough for his brilliant Lore Reference speakers!

      Add’l notes: I used the Lore Refence with my $5K Anthem solid state amp. Even though the sound was great and dynamic as expected, the midrange and imaging magic really only happened with the tube amplifier. I highly recommend using the current setup that I have for an absolutely amazing sound. Lastly, I also have a Bluesound Node 2i streamer in my system for convenience, but it does not produce the same synergy. Happy listening!

    13. Jon McCargar (verified owner)

      First, since you can’t go listen to these I want to give the following review. 1. Customer service. Outstanding. I was kept in the loop at every possible turn. I had questions and all were answered by staff and they were right on the money. If you are hesitant to dive in, I can now say-go for it. 2. As virtually all will tell you they sound fantastic. I am not a classical, jazz or instrumental listener. I like classic rock-turntable, CD and streaming. From Yes, Seal, Lindsay Buckingham, to Rolling Stones and Metallica. Sound stage, imaging, depth and tone are all magnificent. Emotiva amps drive them and it works well. I can’t emphasize enough, if you are going to spend your hard earned dollar, Tekton doubles your investment and the payback is joy.

    14. Richard Pena

      I will not belabor the point and rehash what others have said. Suffice it to say that the Lore Reference punches well above its price point in the speaker realm. They present a very balanced sound, excellent detail, and a most expensive yet precise soundstage. I am driving them with a Schiit Ragnarok v1 at mid gain and I’m willing to bet I never leave Class A mode thanks to their efficiency.

      I am a lover of all music but gravitate to jazz. The amount of detail and clarity delivered is wonderful. Drums, acoustic instruments, etc., are all presented in their full splendor. I’ve truly enjoyed rediscovering music I thought I knew inside and out.

      Oh, and the purchasing experience was stellar with communication throughout the process. Kudos!

      To say I’m happy and believe these are my ‘end game speaker’ would be an understatement. My ELAC Unifis are now a hand me down to my son-in-law.

      Thank you Eric and team for delivering value far beyond my expectations.

      (It seems like I may have rehashed previous comments, but it was worth restating. 😀 )

    15. Revant

      For the price, this is easily the best speakers one can buy. I was looking for my first pair of tower speakers. Tekton seemed like a safe bet (given the price and praise) and I bit the bullet never having heard it in person. I also got the Be upgrade so that I wouldn’t regret not having it later. I’ve had it for a year now and all I can say is wow! The sound was immediately bigger and better than my B&W CM6S2, yet more controlled. Everything sounded tighter. The surprise for me was the beryllium tweeter. I didn’t think the upper range of this speaker would be as good as B&W but actually going back to B&W sounded sloppy in comparison. The Be tweeter is so crisp yet controlled. For what I expected out of these in terms of performance for the price, they have exceeded my expectations by some margin. I don’t think I’m even going to look at other speaker companies in the future. The value you get out off Tekton products is simply amazing.

    16. Rohan Thakur

      Just got the Lore Reference, which are powered by a Luxman 550axii class A amp connected to a Marantz 8006 CD player. Just magic. Then I played a Miles Davis vinyl record (Kind of Blue) on my Technics 1200MK7 record player and the Lore Reference speakers transcended to a level I had never heard before. No need for a sub. And I tested ESLs and $7000 speakers…. these Lore References are simply amazing. I have the Beryllium tweeter upgrade. Beyond happy with my purchase. I am set for life 🙂

      Image #1 from Rohan Thakur
    17. Wayne Jackson

      I’ve had the Lore Reference speakers for about a year now, and still amazed by the sound everyday. Best sounding speakers I’ve ever owned to date. Sometimes when I’m listening with my PrimaLuna Evo 100 and Lore-R’s I get the sense that this is the best this recording could sound, and that’s a feeling I’ve never had before with any stereo I’ve had before. If and when I go to get another set of speakers they will be Tekton.

    18. Doug Levey

      I have had the Lore Reference for a few months now and I could not be happier. After years with the other brands be it KEF, Magnepan and Wharfedale I just was never satisfied. I took a chance on Tekton unseen and unheard except some awesome reviews. The difference between the Tektons and my past choices was they disappeared into the room. No, not magic but the music came from an invisible soundstage that was lively, large and engaging. It was music without borders.
      These speakers are exactly what I wanted, 3 dimensions of music live in my room. So thank you Tekton for making music come alive for me!


    19. Darnell Walton

      Hi everyone,just wanted to send a thank you to all great people at tekton for making me the best pair of speakers I’ve ever owned. I absolutely love my Lore References and now I’m a tekton person for life!!! My search is over for the best speakers for my budding audiophile journey. Anyone looking for a top quality speaker at an incredible price just call them and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks so much to everyone for making me a believer. Darnell W.

      Image #1 from Darnell Walton
    20. User Review

      Good Morning,

      I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the Lore Reference speakers. I finally bought my first, and by far the best, home stereo system in 15 years, pairing the Tektons with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II integrated amp, and the results were beautiful. We spent the night listening to every type of music just to see how it would sound, which lead to moments for both my wife and I of actual tears of “sound joy”. I do not know a thing about hi-end, or even low-end, audio and how the magic happens, but happen it did, and the sound from your speakers was a big part of it. We felt like artist after artist was in our little listening room performing for us.

      Thanks again,

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    Professional Reviews

    Rick Becker, Enjoy the Music
    "For me, I could sit and enjoy music endlessly with the Tekton Lore Reference and that's why I recommend it so highly."
    David Abramson, Stereotimes
    "... they are the very best speakers I’ve ever heard in my actual home at any price in 20 years. For speakers costing less than most audiophile speaker wires, that’s saying something. That I had zero desire to upgrade after getting them says something else. In other words - and here’s the bottom line (almost literally): the Tekton Lore Reference sounds to me like the way to go if you can’t afford the Devore O/96 or an $8,000 a pair Audio Note high efficiency speakers, and like what speakers of that ilk do; namely, create broad shouldered, tonally saturated canvases of sound in an effortless and flowing manner with low to medium powered amplifiers of all types. And I do. Like what they do, I mean."