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    The Lore is one of Tekton Design’s best-selling loudspeaker models for a reason. With recently updated and redesigned X-over, it’s even better than before. Amazingly powerful with huge solid-state and digital amplification, the Lore is one of the best loudspeakers ever designed for tubes. This speaker is perfect for analog lovers as well, but the dynamic, energetic and punchy Lore is great for anyone who enjoys loud, high power listening.

    The Lore is a Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award Winner.

    “I still maintain that the Tekton Design Lore is the best $1000 of speakers I’ve ever heard.” – Steve Lefkowicz (

    The Lore is an exercise in high sensitivity, high output, direct radiating transducers (no horns allowed), with roots firmly grounded in pro audio and cross-platformed to dovetail perfectly into the world of hi-fi.

    • Perfect impulse time-alignment
    • 10″ Lore transducer
    • Audax Gold dome tweeter
    • 98dB 1W@1m
    • 8 Ohm impedance
    • 30Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 39″(99.60cm) x Width 12″(30.48cm) x Depth 13″(33.02cm)
    • Weight 60 lbs
    • Manufactured in the USA

    12 reviews for Lore

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    1. John S. (verified owner)

      Sounds great, expansive midrange and soundstage. Mine are the BE with upgrades.

    2. GROVER BOYD (verified owner)

      good speaker for the price

    3. Paul A. (verified owner)

      These sound phenomenal. Fit my needs perfectly. Was guided to this purchase through much research and assistance from Tekton. Highly recommend.

    4. James Ferrell (verified owner)

      Delivered in remarkable condition due to careful packaging. Appearance wise the Lore are cosmetically beautiful speakers. Sound out of the box was fantastic. Approaching 100 hours the Lore continue to develop a revealing soundstage in height, width and depth – all of this with a less than adequate room and with only a 2 watt tube amp. Very musical speakers and a bargain at the cost.

    5. Willis E Bush (verified owner)

      I’ve had a pair of Lores for several months. They are splendid speakers. They project a quality of live sound. But they are also across-the-board good. Nothing offensive. Everything sweet, balanced and musical. They are also a remarkable value. If there’s an “everyman” speaker in the Tekton line-up, it’s the Lore. I don’t think you can go wrong with it.

    6. Nathan Loggins

      Just received the last addition to my new Tekton family the Pendragon center. I’m upgrading to the Lores from the Polk 707 speakers. The polk 707’s are great speakers especially for the discounted price but in my listening room I often found the bass response a bit overwhelming at times and unfocused ( boomy)I figured less would be more in this case so I wanted to simplify my driver complement, I wanted it to be smaller but more efficient. Being a guitarist for a number of years and a jazz/Jazz fusion enthusiast tight accurate bass notes ( Jeff Berlin anyone) that are represented properly is very important to me.

      Also as a personal note I really don’t believe you need to spends obscene amounts of money on speakers to get great reliable sound from your system you need to be aware of acoustics, sound proofing and a modest knowledge of electronic components take your time and read, experiment and have fun in the process. anyway..after researching some viable options I saw a YouTube video from what it seems to be a rather nice asian gentleman’s review for the Tekton Lores. I was rather intrigued with the review and was surprised that Tekton uses real bass drivers that are actually designed for bass guitarist in the Lore’s. The tweeter also caught me by surprise I personally have never seen a gold Audax dome tweeter most of the speakers I have owned in the past have used Ring Radiator, Ribbon and Magnepan designs for upper frequency response. It’s actually very attractive and from the reviews silky smooth. Okay.. I said to myself the price is right I have read great things about Tekton and this review seemed legitimate it’s purchase time!

      Weeks later (that seemed like an eternity) the Lore’s arrived! Out of the box they were very clean sounding and a bit bright in the top end the bass notes were there but not where I expected them to be especially after the Youtube review I watched but gradually after tinkering with proper placement.. and yes folks the Lore’s are VERY placement sensitive. To accurately achieve proper imaging I used Sarah Vaughan’s SACD vocals. It should sound as if the vocalist is in the center of the room! You’re listing to a ghost so to speak because there’s someone singing to you or playing a classical guitar piece directly in front but no one is there. I found toe in to be key in achieving this now..on the other hand what’s interesting is if you place them straight out in front of you, You will get a 3D type of sound field that some may actually enjoy but being a musician and having my own recording studio and having been in other studios toe in is essential for proper stereo listening an imaging.

      After about a week on and off I found the proper placement for my listening environment I also played lot’s of different musical genres including bass heavy techno tracks for about 200 hours (break-in) and that’s the key folk’s the drivers and tweeters got sweeter and sweeter became more focused, cohesive, articulate and warmer and I really have to say.. what a bad ass little set of speakers these are!
      For what these cost and what they can do the Lore’s are by far the best most surprising speaker I have owned from classical to pop and every thing in between The lore’s presentation is detailed and has authority and yes! Those bass arpeggio’s are there! Clean broken fast notes that shine melodically within a song.

      Jaco would be impressed.

      Image #1 from Nathan Loggins
    7. Hap Hall

      I pulled the trigger on the upgraded Lores with the Beryllium tweeter, upgraded electronics, and Cardas binding posts. Fulfillment was great as I recieved my custom order including grill covers in about 8 weeks and was updated along the way.

      I have been listening to my beloved Linn Nexus speakers with the upgraded tweeter OW1’s from Oskar Wrondeng . They Linns have sounded amazing and have brought me plenty of joy and listening satisfaction for the 30 plus years I have owned them. I recently purchased an Emotiva BAsX 2 channel amp to use my Yamaha A-840 as a preamp for 2 channel. I still use the surround programs for video and have not yet moved to a dedicated 2 channel system. I was using a Hsu subwoofer to help with the bass. I have demoed some other modern speakers and found I was missing some bass response and overall kick from the Linns.

      Like the Nexus, the Lore Be’s are a 2 way front ported design which I find to be very placement friendly and good with off axis response. Both the Linns and the Lore Be’s have excellent treble response and both sound very airy and detailed without being harsh. That is where the comparison stops. The Lore Be’s really excel in mid and lower base response. I play mostly Jazz with some older rock and pop. One record I like is Joe Jackson’s Look Sharp from the early eighties. The recording comes alive with the Lore Be’s. The bass sounds like it does in a live show with beefiness and kick that you can feel. There is a kind of live element that you detect from the Lore Be’s, kind of like the vintage JBL sound but not as prominent. I find that I am digging the visceral response of the Lore Be’s and find myself constantly tapping my toes and wanting to move to the music. Same thing goes for other well produced records. The bass just sounds so detailed. You can actually hear the difference between a Fender bass as compared to a Rickenbacker (think Yes).

      Anyway, I am very much glad I pulled the trigger on the Tekton Lore Be’s. I have had them for about 2 months now and I am still smiling at every listening. I hope I can live long enough to say I have enjoyed the Tekton Lore Be’s for the next 30 years.

    8. DJ Dunn

      I have had these speakers for about 8 months now. IMO, they sound just like the reviews I have read and they meet all my expectations. A high efficiency speaker with bass that goes low. The sound is very forward and spacious. Incredible what a 10″ whizzer cone and titanium tweeter can do! It goes against the grain of hifi logic but its executed perfectly.
      I use a PS Audio Sprout 100 to power these. I have a Rega turntable and PC for streaming Tidal. So simplistic yet so satisfying.

    9. Dan Clark

      I finally received my Lores after what seemed like an eternity. They are well worth the wait! Mine took about 150 hours of playing at many different volume ranges, and as if by magic, they bloomed into beautiful music machines! The bass got tighter and the highs smoothed out. The mids were perfect from the beginning.
      I’ve had a lot of good gear over my nearly fifty year audiophile journey. Like Eric, I was amazed by live audio at a young age. I started with some ElectroVoice Sentry IV-B’s. I used them for listening as well as live sound reinforcement. They NEVER let me down! I’d still have them, but they were destroyed in a house fire. Then I went on to Klipsch Industrial loudspeakers. I loved them almost as much as my EV’s, but they weren’t as smooth.
      Now I’ve got my Lores. My days of playing drums and doing live sound are over, by choice. The Lores are the BEST sounding speakers I’ve ever owned! Any style of music, at any volume. Just don’t fear the FLETCHER-MUNSON phenomenon at low volumes. I love my Lores, and I’ll die a happy audiophile!

      Image #1 from Dan Clark
    10. john schwarzmann

      I love the Lore speakers. They sound great and I would give them 5 stars. I am disappointed in the customer service. I ordered the speakers in November 2020, and have yet to receive the grills (August 2021). I follow up with Tekton many times with minimum responses. I have received one response and was given the excuse there is a shortage of materials. I could live with that, but I would like periodic updates.

    11. Bryan Ingenito (verified owner)

      I own 3 pairs of Tekton Design speakers- Double Impact SE, Mini Lore and now Lore with internal upgrades. All 3 speakers are outstanding. The Lore and Mini Lore are obviously more similar the Lore just sounds like a larger speaker which you would expect. Deeper bass, fuller sounding and more dynamics which works well in a larger room. While the Mini Lores are in a 12×13 room, the Lores are in a much larger open floor plan in my main living area. No need for a subwoofer.

      If you just want a speaker that will outperform most others speakers regardless of price then you can probably stop at the Lores with upgrades.

      If I had not heard the Double Impact SEs I could totally live with these speakers, they are that good. The question that you need to ask yourself is do you want to pay $10k for a 6.5″ 2 way with magic pixie dust or under $1500 for a speaker that sounds like real music but looks like a speaker not art. If you like money (in your pocket) and music more than visual art the choice is easy.

      Mac mini to Denafrips Iris DDC (I2s) to Venus II DAC, Hestia pre and Thallo amp. Isotek power conditioner.

      Image #1 from Bryan Ingenito
      Image #2 from Bryan Ingenito
    12. John Nelson

      I have owned many great speakers in my life. Decided to research and eventually buying the Lores. Whoa! These speakers are amazing! Incredibly live sounding, full of punch but isnt harsh or fatiguing. The audax gold tweeter is near perfect and i say that coming from the famous Great Heil. They play well with all kinds of amps and have amazing depth and soundstage. Tekton made something special with this speaker. I only wish there was a nameplate on the back to establish the model and serial numbers. You cant go wrong with these!

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    Professional Reviews

    Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback
    "Whatever style, genre, and level of complexity or musically challenging selection I played, I was constantly rewarded with a remarkable playback that drew me in and kept me there for as long as I had time to listen."
    Tim Smith, Wall of Sound
    "The Tekton Lore is a versatile speaker. There’s nothing it cannot do very well. It digs deep and it soars to the heavens with its fabulous tweeter."
    Jay Lee (Soulsik), The Next Best Thing Studio
    "The bottom end is very full sounding, warm, luscious, yet perfectly paced, in my opinion. Then you have the lower mid range frequency which is a tad bit warm and when someone plucks a guitar, you feel that type of vibrato in the body. You feel certain instruments with your body, not just hear them. The high frequencies are so damn refined for the price range it is almost insane."
    Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
    "The top-to-bottom coherence to the Lore Be's sound across its entire frequency range is something that has to be experienced to be understood. The naturalness and ease the Lore Be's sound possesses is its defining characteristic--something many customers will find throughout Tekton's line."
    Randy Messman, Cheap Audio Man
    "Special speaker. Little bit different than anything else I've heard. [...] Do I think they're worth it? At $1000, yes, because they have characteristics of other speakers I like and they're significantly lower priced. They also have some magic to them."

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