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    The Lore is one of Tekton Design’s best-selling loudspeaker models for a reason. With recently updated and redesigned X-over, it’s even better than before. Amazingly powerful with huge solid-state and digital amplification, the Lore is one of the best loudspeakers ever designed for tubes. This speaker is perfect for analog lovers as well, but the dynamic, energetic and punchy Lore is great for anyone who enjoys loud, high power listening.

    The Lore is a Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award Winner.

    “I still maintain that the Tekton Design Lore is the best $1000 of speakers I’ve ever heard.” – Steve Lefkowicz (

    The Lore is an exercise in high sensitivity, high output, direct radiating transducers (no horns allowed), with roots firmly grounded in pro audio and cross-platformed to dovetail perfectly into the world of hi-fi.

    • Perfect impulse time-alignment
    • 10″ Lore transducer
    • Audax Gold dome tweeter
    • 98dB 1W@1m
    • 8 Ohm impedance
    • 30Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 39″(99.60cm) x Width 12″(30.48cm) x Depth 13″(33.02cm)
    • Weight 60 lbs
    • Manufactured in the USA

    19 reviews for Lore

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    1. john schwarzmann

      I love the Lore speakers. They sound great and I would give them 5 stars. I am disappointed in the customer service. I ordered the speakers in November 2020, and have yet to receive the grills (August 2021). I follow up with Tekton many times with minimum responses. I have received one response and was given the excuse there is a shortage of materials. I could live with that, but I would like periodic updates.

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    Professional Reviews

    Steve Lefkowicz, Positive Feedback
    "Whatever style, genre, and level of complexity or musically challenging selection I played, I was constantly rewarded with a remarkable playback that drew me in and kept me there for as long as I had time to listen."
    Tim Smith, Wall of Sound
    "The Tekton Lore is a versatile speaker. There’s nothing it cannot do very well. It digs deep and it soars to the heavens with its fabulous tweeter."
    Jay Lee (Soulsik), The Next Best Thing Studio
    "The bottom end is very full sounding, warm, luscious, yet perfectly paced, in my opinion. Then you have the lower mid range frequency which is a tad bit warm and when someone plucks a guitar, you feel that type of vibrato in the body. You feel certain instruments with your body, not just hear them. The high frequencies are so damn refined for the price range it is almost insane."
    Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review
    "The top-to-bottom coherence to the Lore Be's sound across its entire frequency range is something that has to be experienced to be understood. The naturalness and ease the Lore Be's sound possesses is its defining characteristic--something many customers will find throughout Tekton's line."
    Randy Messman, Cheap Audio Man
    "Special speaker. Little bit different than anything else I've heard. [...] Do I think they're worth it? At $1000, yes, because they have characteristics of other speakers I like and they're significantly lower priced. They also have some magic to them."

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