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    A new spin on our popular Perfect SET, the 2-10 Perfect SET boasts two 10″ drivers in addition to all the benefits of the original.

      • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339
      • Proprietary 3-way loudspeaker design
      • Designed and optimized for all tube amplification rated between 12-120 Watts RMS
      • Proprietary controlled directivity – acoustically superior proprietary polygon-oriented, triple-ring radiator high frequency array. This array disperses a precisely focused acoustical power pattern of that of a horn or waveguide without the audible ringing influence of horn flare walls constraining the soundwave for acoustically superior mid-range high frequency performance
      • 2 Pendragon 10″ transducers
      • Patented 2 gram total moving mass 7 tweeter poly-cell midrange array
      • 95dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
      • ​30Hz-30kHz frequency response
      • 400 Watt power handling
      • Dimensions: 43.5″ H x 13″ W x 14″ D
      • Weight 76 lbs.
      • Manufactured in the USA​

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    1. Mark

      I have been living with the 2-10 Pef set for a couple of months now. If your impatient… bottom line awesome. Story is, wife hit the roof when she found out I spent $2100 on speakers. I made the excuse that because of COVID19 we’re not going to vacation, eat out, movie etc why not enjoy being at home. She knew I was blowing smoke but it had a ring of truth to it. Mind you, my system is a Akai AM52 I bought at Costco 30+ years ago and a Dac I paid $90 on Amazon. Just to give an idea how good it sounds, my neighbor has a system $50,000+ McIntosh, Focal yad yad top shelf stuff. We were listening to it and I was grinning and shaking my head. He asks “what do you think?” I didn’t offer up an opinion, but simply ask him to come over and listen to mine. I turned on dire straits, money for nothing spiritual levels and he was slack jawed. The wife likes them too 😉

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    Professional Reviews

    "If you like tubes, this speaker is definitely for you [...] great soundstage, great imaging, great separation, not too bright [...] absolutely incredible."
    Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac
    "They're so tonally right. Midrange is wonderful on this speaker. The tone, the harmonics of it sound so natural. There's this open cloud that appears on the plane in front of the speaker. Nothing is overly bright, nothing is shouting at you. "