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The Double Impact is our best-selling model, and the Double Impact SE only improves upon that concept. The Double Impact SE has upgraded woofers, mid-bass drivers and tweeters, as compared to the regular Double Impact.

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  1. Steve

    I happen to just stumble across some mint used DI with upgrades. Heard them on volume 1. Apt… They sounded good but I still had no idea there true sound. 1800 bucks…
    I decided to gift them to my daughter a few days latter… I then bought his Moabs rears and center for her to have 5.1… And the Cinema Sub…
    Drove it all 1500 miles… Unheard. Hooked it all up and…
    Here is my review…
    My search for great sound is over. 1000 times better then I expected… It’s soooo perfect. Hearing drops of water from a hose in the background is now a real thing. His Mids and Highs… Are… Outstanding… Ooo but His Cinema sub… World’s best. Period Only sub on earth I’ll own. Pounds my daughters house to it’s core. Filled with dynamic accurate music. But her theater sound is the greatest I have ever heard. I love it. It was all worth every penny. Did I mention his sub is sooooo good. I’ll buy Tecton forever… It’s just that good.

  2. Bryan

    Associated gear
    Streamer- Aurender N100H
    DDC- Denafrips Hermes (USB in/ I2s out and using clock sync)
    DAC- Denafrips Terminator II
    Preamp- Denafrips Athena
    Amp- Denafrips Thallo (soon to be Apollo)
    Power conditioner- Isotek Aquarius (front end only)
    Stands- Timbernation Tiger Maple
    Room Treatments- GIK Alpha corner traps x8 and Alpha 244 panels x5

    Background and personal taste:
    Having owned a HiFi shop and hearing many speakers that I have owned or got to demo at shows, the only ones that impress me can move a lot of air and deliver the realism of live music.

    After many years I also realized that I dislike bright or sibilant gear. It may sound impressive for a short audition however really try to enjoy all genres of music for longer sessions and tell me how much you like the hyper resolution. With the DI SEs this is not a concern at all with my current gear. The sound is big, full and very natural just like real music. I would call this the perfect balance of detail that renders the recording and does not ever get beamy or harsh regardless of SPL.

    Volume displacement, paper cone drivers, value and a knowledgeable designer is what led me to buy and I am very glad that I did because the speakers do not disappoint at all.

    Listening impressions:
    In an 18’x30’ treated room the bass is shocking both in terms of depth and accuracy. In no world do you need a sub with these speakers and if you think that you do, assess your speaker placement and seating position in the room, treat the room and if that doesn’t work check you’re amp because it isn’t your speakers. During break in I streamed electronic music and some tracks have sub-bass that startled me to the point that I found myself laughing out loud.

    Midrange and Treble are spot on, incredibly smooth and organic sounding. I can only think of a few speakers that I have ever heard voiced in such a balanced manner.

    Other reviewers did a nice job describing sound stage and imaging. What I will add is that as you turn up the volume the sound completely envelops you 360 degrees. Prepare for some goosebump action… you have been warned. The sweet spot is fairly large too so my entire sofa sounds great left to right. No head in a vice issue here at all.

    I would say that in my room with the gear listed these speakers perform as well as other reference level speakers that I have owned but with better dynamics and tighter bass. That said I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. If your personal tastes are similar to mine you might be as well.

    If interested the color is Sherwin Williams Dress Blues which is 1 shade lighter than true navy blue.

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  3. Wesley Grimes (verified owner)

    Alright time to share my thoughts on these beasts. I do not do any critical listening, I just listen to my favorite music and see how much I enjoy it. Music that I used is mostly metalcore and a little electronic.

    Imaging and Soundstage

    I get a great center image with vocals. Left to right imaging seems fine, not something I really look for. I mainly look for great soundstage. These speakers project a wall of sound that is huge and just so so good. They disappear really well given their size. Off axis performance is stellar. I can walk way off axis (45 degrees plus) and they sound almost the same as on axis. I can also walk down my hallway and it sounds like the speakers are following me. They somehow project sound throughout my whole house very well. Exceptional off axis performance.


    So I am a basshead, growing up with subs in my cars since high school listening to rap. I was hoping that these speakers would deliver. And boy do they. Without tone controls they are lacking so I have to bump up the bass on my Parasound P6, but I was expecting that. The best part is the perfect slide from upper bass to lower bass. No sub integration to worry about which is so nice. Even when listening to electronic music with heavy thump I found these able to perform just fine. If you are looking at these for HT then you will want subs most likely, but for music these are perfect.


    Perfect. The tonality of instruments and vocals are perfect. Everything sounds exactly as it should. Absolutley amazing.


    Soooo smooooooth. Not much sparkle, but not something I look for. The tweeter array works so well dispersing sound evenly throughout my large room. I got all silk dome tweeters.

    Final Thoughts

    I am constantly finding myself shaking my head in disbelief at how great these speakers sound. Truly endgame worthy, no doubt. I don’t feel the want to improve anything. Even when I blast them at loud listening levels they don’t fall apart. They keep great separation. I got the SE version, but the regular version should sound just as good. So if you are in the market for a full range sound in the $3-5k range then you have to put these on your list for consideration.

    At the end of the day I look for a system that can blast metal at loud volumes without falling apart, bass authority, and project a wall of sound. These are perfect in that regard.

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