Pendragon Theater Package


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    • Right and left main loudspeakers
    • Center channel loudspeaker
    • Right and left rear surround loudspeakers
    • Sub(s) are an additional cost

    “Tekton Design… rocked the audiophile and home theater world this year with the introduction of their new, flagship loudspeaker – the Pendragon” – HTR

    Redesign update! The Pendragon has now been updated and improved, incorporating key technology from our recent industry-changing US patent 9247339! Hear for yourself how an amazing system is now even better!​

    Discover the magic of the Pendragon for yourself. Having now garnered a literal cult following the mighty Tekton Pendragon rules and imitates no one. Discover the pure acoustical genius and forward thinking proprietary innovation contained within the Pendragon. Now with a recent voicing and X-over update to further its exacting resolution and detail the mighty Pendragon is sounding better than ever.


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