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    • 4 10″ subwoofer line array
    • Compact 13″ x 17″ floor footprint with a moving piston surface area larger than an 18″ woofer!
    • High-efficiency acoustic suspension sealed enclosure that will produce up to 120dB of high fidelity bass output!
    • Frequency response 20Hz – 120Hz – we recommend a final x-over setting between 60Hz-80Hz
    • Dimensions: 45.5″ tall x 13″ wide x 17″ deep
    • 100dB sensitivity 2.83V @ 1m
    • 300 WRMS amplifier
    • 360 degree variable phase for seamless dovetailing to the main speaker system
    • Weight 95 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA

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    1. mark (verified owner)

      i’ve been living with a pair of 4-10’s for a couple months now. it took 4-5 weeks for them to break in and they may still have a bit further to go in that department. however, they sound fantastic. compared to an M&K 350 THX, a Mirage BPS 400 and an Ultimax 18′ driven by a Behringer EP 2500 amp they are fast tight and clean. i also have a Cinema sub but it is ot broken in yet. so far the 4-10’s outperform the Cinema but that may change with time. or not? i currently have them paired with my Mirage M1’s but i/m tempted to try them with my Lores. highly recommended

    2. William Thomas

      I own dual 4-10s and love em so much I’ve decided to create a wall of madness consisting of 8 4-10s. Throughout this year and next year I’ll be adding to an already absurdity. These babies rattle everything that isn’t bolted down and coupled w/ the lightening fast transients of the Ulfs – it’s madness I tell ya madness!

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    Professional Reviews

    Richard Willie, Stereotimes
    "The value of the Tekton Design 4-10 subwoofer exceeds virtually every subwoofer around its price point, and are exemplars of every trait I feel are critical to subwoofers in a dedicated stereo system. More than any other subwoofer I’ve heard, the 4-10 subwoofers melt into the rest of the system; quite simply, they disappear with a sound that is indistinguishable from the loudspeaker. Beyond that, the Tekton 4-10 subwoofers add a sense of dynamic contrast, a greater sense of space, effortless lows with added kick, a fuller and richer sound, and (oddly) the added low end seems to make the highs sparkle a bit more. Such an improvement is hard to believe from speakers that cover such a narrow slice of the frequency range."