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    For Sale: Pendragon Speakers (Pair) in White

    This is your chance to own a pair of Pendragons in white, one of my all-time favorite speaker designs. We won a product of the year award when they were first released, and for good reason. The Pendragon delivers exceptional audiophile sound at a price point unmatched in over a decade.

    Here’s a personal anecdote: At a past Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, our Pendragons were showcased right next to the new $35,000 KEF Blade (adjacent rooms). After listening to both speakers in detail, I was confident that our Pendragons offered a superior and more engaging sound. One sounded powerful and exciting, the other not so much. That experience solidified my belief in the Pendragon’s exceptional quality.

    Need I say more?

    Eric Alexander – Audio Designer

    Upgrade and Grille Options

    • 7 tweeter upgrade (included)
    • Crossover upgrade (included)
    • Grilles (optional – add $50)


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