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    • Dimensions: Height 21″ (53.34 cm) x Width 13.5″ (34.29 cm) x Depth 9″ (22.86 cm)
    • Weight 32 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA

    4 reviews for Troubadour

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    1. ARD

      I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Tektons and ended up picking these up as a easy entry point in the Tekton lineup. Boy, am I glad I tried them. Aside from looking great, they sound amazing and listening sessions with them is just plain fun. There is so much more texture and speed to the sound than with other speakers I’ve heard. I enjoy listening to these as much, if not more, than my other speakers, which cost 5x more. Now I have the itch to add a Tekton 4-10 sub and maybe, down the road, upgrade from these to a pair of Moabs.

      Image #1 from ARD
    2. David Dubros

      I bought my pair in Canada where Jay Lee did the first open critique on YouTube with the first pair off the line . Serial no. 0001.
      I did not even need a demo after see the review and I bought that number 1 pair.
      Got them home and hooked up and have no desire for any other speaker. Endgame.

    3. JC

      Pound for pound the best speaker Eric has designed. Plain and Simple. These are very intentional in design and approach. These are not meant for passive listening.
      They require the listener to participate in their experience and if the listener does they’ll witness pure magic. Bravo Tekton, home run.

      Image #1 from JC
    4. Kemper Holt

      I just came from 3 days at the Capital Audiofest and by any measure, the Troubadors at $1000/pr are a real bargain and maybe overlooked by many prospective Tekton clients. The minus 3dB frequency is 38 Hz, Eric knows how to massage the best from drivers. They are soundstage champs, the stage starts 4 feet behind the speakers and goes wide and deep from there, this is a major benefit to believing the musicians are in your room as the speakers do not appear to be making any sound, they disappear totally. Vocals have a tightly focused image, the head of the singer appears to be the correct size and height, and the voices are spot on. They delineate the bass and mid bass expertly showing you the bass lines with ease and differentiating an electric bass from an upright bass. Piano is percussive and rich with tone, strings are also presented accurately without edge or a glassy sheen, brass hits hard as it should with appropriate bite. They aren’t as convincing as a Double Impact in terms of bass weight and impact, but the notes and drum whacks are there, just diminished compared to bigger Tektons. I think the Troubadours are one of Eric’s best kept secrets, I’m unaware of a better $1K/pr speaker, give them a try.

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    Professional Reviews

    Steve Guttenberg, Audiophiliac
    "It does sound bigger than it looks. The more I listened, the more I loved it. It was... very easy to listen to. It's a pretty versatile speaker."
    Jay Lee (Soulsik), NextBestThingStudios
    "Once you find the sweet spot... these sound like no other speakers. These speakers are great for small rooms. "