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  • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339
  • Proprietary 3-way loudspeaker design
  • Proprietary controlled directivity – acoustically superior proprietary polygon-oriented, seven ring radiator mid/high frequency array. This array disperses a precisely focused acoustical power pattern of that of a horn or waveguide without the audible ringing influence of horn flare walls constraining the soundwave for acoustically superior mid-range high frequency performance ​​
  • Dual 6.5″ Transducers
  • 94dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity 
  • 4 Ohm design for optimum performance (8 Ohm available please inquire)
  • 40Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • 120 Watt power handling
  • Height 24.5″x Width 10.125″ x Depth 13.0″
  • ​Weight 43 lbs
  • Manufactured in the USA​

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    These impact monitors sound awesome! Probably the last speakers I will buy or will go up to bigger speakers you offer!

  2. User Review (store manager)

    I have waited two weeks after receiving my Impact Monitor speakers to write to you and express my feelings about your speaker. Before ordering, I did my homework and studied numerous reviews. Always with a cautious mind, thinking that the hype may be greater than the reality.

    ​Well, after two weeks, the smile on my face that immediately surfaces each time I listen to MUSIC as it plays on your speakers does not fade. Each day I become more enthusiastic, assured about my decision and believing that I have found a musical median that I will hold on for many years.

    I am truly impressed and satisfied. I can’t explain better other than to say, that when I listen to music and close my eyes, I can easily transcend to the source and even walk around the stage while the musicians play. Simply put, I am very happy with my choice. I never thought that I could ever experience this type of satisfaction. Thank you for the work you have done and the resulting product. Unfortunately, for me, another thought is, “what would the experience be like if I listened to one of your upgrade speakers?” For now, I will set this thought aside, appreciate what is in front of me and continue enjoying the music.

    My best regards,


  3. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, I’ve spent a good part of the week listening to these speakers and they are simply amazing – the sound is so detailed and balanced, but rich and dynamic at the same time. I have tried close to a dozen other speaker brands (Klipsch, Martin Logan, B&W, JBL, Monitor Audio, Tannoy, etc.) and the Impact Monitor tops them all. The build quality is awesome too, so sturdy and solid. I already look forward to going up the product line at some point in the future.

    ​I wish you continued success with the company. Thanks again for the excellent service.
    Kind regards, Sal

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