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“Tekton Design’s M-Lore loudspeaker at $649 a pair is stupid good and is flat out capable of embarrassing the competition near, at and even above its modest asking price.” – Andrew Robinson (



The Mini Lore is our entry level version of the Lore loudspeaker. It has wonderful punch and a dynamic, energetic sound. The Mini Lore is extremely linear and gives a good portion of the original Lore sound in a smaller form factor and at a lower price point.

  • Perfect impulse time-alignment
  • 8″ woofer
  • 1″ silk soft dome tweeter
  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • Frequency Response 38Hz-20kHz
  • 95dB 1W@1m
  • 200 Watts power handling
  • Height 34″ (86.36 cm) x Width 9.125″ (23.17 cm) x Depth 10″ (25.4 cm)
  • Weight 35 lbs.
  • Manufactured in the USA

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 9.125 × 34.0 in

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  1. Gary McFall

    If you are looking for an inexpensive entry into big sound these are a very good choice. They do not require a lot of power to drive them but produce a wonderful sound. I have mine hooked up to the Heaven 11 Billie Amp (tubes) and they really brought back my love for listening to music at home. I keep going through my collections of digital files and CDs just to see how good something can sound. I will say when I have some disposible income I will upgrade. Now that my music bug is back a Pair of Moabs maybe in my future. I will be sticking with Tekton. That is a ton of speaker for the money. Watch the Adiophiliacs review of the M – Lores on YouTube.

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  2. Bryan

    I was so pleased with my Double Impact SEs that I called and asked if there were any Mini Lores in stock and I lucked out. Since I was not picky about color I snagged what was available for my smallish Home Theater room. I was looking for an efficient speaker that was an easy load for my Denon AVR 4700h.

    The Mini Lore fit the bill and sounds really good in this 12×13 room. Center image is outstanding and with the speakers about 7ft apart there is no need for a center channel. Vocals are locked in like a champ. I also tested the speakers full range with no sub and they do not disappoint in a small room. Solid bass for music. The sub just adds much more impact due to material displacement advantages.

    Highly recommended.

    Probably going to pick up a 2nd pair for my 4.1 system.

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    Image #1 from Bryan
  3. Austin F.

    Lets start off by stating the obvious, the Mini Lore speakers punch far above their weight class. They are transparent and shine when playing a high quality recording. On the flip side they show the flaws of a bad recording. I am using them with a 10″ REL subwoofer but I have the output set to 25% and the crossover set to 40htz to blend with the speakers low range. With that said you could definitely use these without a subwoofer. They are paired to a Schiit Audio Aegir amplifier (20watts per channel). These are exactly what I was hoping for from a highly sensitive speaker. I set up home theater and hifi rooms for a living a couple of years back and I have heard systems that cost more than a nice new car. With a high quality recording and a proper amp these speakers just might be the most cost effective route into the realm of hifi audio.

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  4. Kristopher Gurley

    The longest eight weeks of my life. Yeah, the lead time was long but my word was it worth it. My sleep has suffered because I keep pulling up songs to listen too. “Oh how does this song sound? Amazing, what about this one? Amazing again. This one! Amazing…” Don’t get me wrong. These are no rose colored glasses. They show warts for warts but it’s such a revelation that it’s beautiful in its own way. I’m powering them with a cheap lil Chinese 8 watt single ended tube amp in my tiny 10’ x 12’ room and I have enough volume and headroom to blow me through the back wall if I wanted too. That’s not needed though because they work at more modest volumes(although some songs don’t come alive till you goose them a little). I’ve tried to wait a few weeks before I did this review but I’m just too excited by these speakers. One tip. Start with zero toe in and start rotating them slightly just by a degree or two. I had them at what I thought was a very modest amount of toe in but things were a little closed in and a little peaky. Tilting them back out worked wonders.

    Highly recommended especially for smaller rooms.

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"Tekton Design's M-Lore loudspeaker at $649 a pair is stupid good and is flat out capable of embarrassing the competition near, at and even above its modest asking price."
Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review

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