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    The Perfect SET is an exciting new product for Tekon Design. For starters… this is a loudspeaker that simply had to be created. Flea sized SET (single-ended triode) amplification is unique to audio and requires an idealized loudspeaker to obtain quality results. The Tekton Design ‘Perfect SET’ possess the sensitivity required, the exact bass weighting, and the necessary damping for the single-ended triode. The Tekton Design Perfect SET delivers the sharp clean bass, rich fidelity, and accuracy that escapes the decades-old, obsolete classic full-range/high-efficiency horn loudspeaker.

    • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339
    • The Perfect SET – designed and optimized for ‘single-ended triode’
    • Proprietary controlled directivity – acoustically superior proprietary polygon-oriented, triple-ring radiator high frequency array. This array disperses a precisely focused acoustical power pattern of that of a horn or waveguide without the audible ringing influence of horn flare walls constraining the soundwave for acoustically superior mid-range high frequency performance ​
    • 12″ Ulfberht Transducer
    • 96dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
    • 8 Ohm impedance – for optimum ‘single-ended triode’ performance
    • Linear 30Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • Minimum input requirement: 1 Watt RMS
    • 300 Watts maximum power handling
    • Dimensions: 41.5″ H x 14.0″ W x 13.0″ D
    • Weight 70 lbs.
    • Manufactured in the USA

    10 reviews for The Perfect SET

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    1. Dan Willey (verified owner)

      have had the Perfect Sets for five months now and I am VERY happy with them! They are truly outstanding speakers, especially for the price! I also own a pair of Lores, which I also think are fine speakers, but I wanted to try out a speaker with the seven element midrange/tweeter setup and the Sets seemed like the right fit for my budget and space. Compared to the Lores the Sets sound bigger, with more depth, fuller sounding across the whole audio range. They definitely outshine the Lores in the lower bass. The Sets offer great detail, without being clinical or harsh. The soundstage is excellent, broad and deep.They are very dynamic, transparent, and well-balanced from low to mid to high. I listen to several genres of music, rock, orchestral both classical and modern, R&B, and jazz, and the Sets do well with all of these, but I think they really excel with orchestral material, providing excellent timbrel resolution, definition, and superb separation, making it easy to pick out individual instruments from the mix. I will say that they do need some time to break-in and I think they are still improving a bit even after five months of daily listening. Many thanks to Eric Alexander and Tekton for making speakers that are simply a joy to listen to!

    2. Lee

      Four years ago, I started my audiophile journey by upgrading my stereo system with a pair of mini-Lores and a new turntable. I was, and still am, really impressed by how good those sound. However, last year we moved into a bigger house with a spacious living room and I was curious to see what a next-level speaker might sound like. Like anyone, I wanted to see if new speakers could reveal new layers within the music I love. Since I was really curious about the Tekton polygon array and have a 7 Watt 300B SET tube amp, I went with the Perfect SET (in SW “Dill”).

      I’ve had them now for four months, and my initial impression are that they sound big, which is no surprise (more speakers, bigger driver). The sonic picture is much larger and with greater detail. Tekton used to have a slogan “Improve your hearing” which really applies to my experience with these speakers. I’m hearing things I didn’t pick up before and, to my surprise, I’ve noticed that certain musical parts are not actually in the recording that I thought were there (which is kind of mind blowing). Vocals are particular engaging. The subtleties of soft, breathy singers are very present and forward. Talky singers, like Lou Reed, sound like they are right there. Lots of details from backing vocals, too, that I never heard before. Playing the Beatles on my maiden Sgt. Peppers album spin, I remember pointing to the right speaker and telling my wife, “That’s John right there!” Looking forward to many more moments like this.

      Last month, I moved the speakers to a carpeted room with wood paneling. I’ve been surprised how I can play them at small volumes and still feel their power, depth and clarity while also being able to have a conversation with my wife. The mini-Lores are in the big room and are holding their own beautifully.

      Image #1 from Lee
    3. Mark Rodziewicz

      Under $2k??!! Are you kidding me?? They have no right to sound as great as they do, much less so at this “bargain” price point. I have lived with these for 2 years now (had a pair of the Impact Monitors before that), and the only audiophile itch I have now is to upgrade to a pair of Moabs! I am a long-time experienced audiophile and music lover, having owned numerous speakers, some of which cost 10 to 15 times the price these Perfect SETs. The Perfect SETs have provided me with the musical bliss I have been missing from the other speakers in one package, namely the speed (transient response), open soundstage with tight imaging, natural tonality across the board, but especially in the midrange, along with excellent dynamic contrasts. Sure the other speakers I owned had some of these valued traits, but not ALL of these traits like the Perfect SETs have. These are a tremendous value that don’t sound like they are priced like a mid-fi speaker. I want me some Moabs!

    4. Jeff (verified owner)

      This is a follow up review that focuses on a direct comparison between the Perfect SET’s and Lore’s. It is not an apples to apples comparison though because the Perfect SET’s have the upgrade package which includes Cardas binding posts, upgraded internal wiring, and upgraded capacitors but with a standard tweeter. By contrast, the Lore’s have the standard internal wiring, standard binding posts, upgraded Mundorf capacitors, and they also have a beryllium tweeter. That tweeter is something special and I regret not ordering it with the Perfect SET’s. It’s not that the standard tweeter is not good; it’s very good as a matter of fact. But there’s no question the beryllium tweeter is something special. The standard tweeter is very satisfying to listen to and it’s not apparent that there could be a sonic improvement until you hear the beryllium tweeter, which is pristine, open, clear, fast, detailed, natural, tonally spot on, yet it never calls attention to itself. In fact, you hardly know it’s there; it just sounds so natural. Both speakers sound great from very low to very loud volumes, both speakers excel with every genre of music, both sound great with low powered tube amplification (I haven’t tried solid state yet so I can’t comment). As good as the Lore’s are with a beryllium tweeter, the Perfect SET’s are overall the better speaker. They are more coherent, slightly more dynamic, more nuanced, and the 7 tweeter array makes for such a natural, open, beautifully rendered midrange that blends seamlessly with the woofer and tweeter. I can only imagine how much better it would be with the beryllium tweeter. Still, you can’t go wrong with either of these speakers. If you can afford it, both the upgrade package and beryllium tweeters are worth the extra cost in my opinion. My Perfect SET’s occupy the main system, while the Lore Be’s occupy the second system, and frankly, I like them both very much!

    5. Jeff (verified owner)

      I’ve owned several fantastic speakers over the years including B&W 804’s, Thiel CS 2 2’s, ProAc D18’s, Tekton Lore’s with a beryllium tweeter, and now the Perfect SET’s (with a standard tweeter). All of these speakers are very good in various ways, but the Perfect SET’s are considerably better than all of them. They posses a major slice of sonic characteristics of different speaker technologies. For example, they have much of the speed, velocity, and liveliness of a horn design, the unforced detail and resolution of an electrostat, the dynamics of a high efficiency box speaker, and much of the imaging of a good minimonitor. Don’t let appearances fool you, the tweeter array might suggest the speaker could sound unbalanced with too much high and low energy with not much midrange energy. I assure you, these speakers are very linear and extremely coherent from top to bottom. These are the most coherent speakers I’ve ever owned. They’re also very engaging and they sound incredible at all listening levels. They sound stunning with my Primaluna Integrated amp. Interestingly, even though they were designed with low power SET amplifiers in mind, they actually sound better hooked up to the PrimaLuna’s 4 ohm taps. (They also sound excellent on the 8 ohm taps, just a little better on the 4 ohm taps). The Perfect SET’s excel with every genre of music from classical to rock, to jazz, etc. They have accurate tone and they produce the leading edge, body, and decay of a note with aplomb. Each note is clearly delineated and easily heard distinctly from other notes, yet simultaneously served up as one coherent platter of musical deliciousness. More than any other speakers I’ve heard, the Perfect SET’s allow me to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is to stop listening to the gear and just enjoy the music! The SET’s are an incredible value. They sound better than speakers costing many times the price. They do everything so well, I can’t find fault with them, I really can’t.

    6. stuart brady

      I now have two pairs of Perfect Set’s, each in a different rig. The main rig consists of a Line Magnetic 518IA (operating as a power amp) a Trafomatic evolution line one pre-amp, and dac duties via Chord Qutest. All routed via a musical paradise music server using Roon. Just a fantastic speaker all round. It has transparency, detail, nuance and no lack of slam when needed. Probably the best all round speaker I’ve owned. If you have smaller/medium power- tube amps, you will not be disappointed….simply fantastic speakers irrespective of price.

    7. Eric

      Paired with a 1.4 watt 45 SET amp. I chose these over the 15 due to space / width and I think i got it right. Previously I had Lores. The Perfect Set 12 is more detailed in the mids, plenty of bass, and simply faster and more balanced overall. The Lores are great, but these are a step up. I’m impressed.

    8. Jimmy

      Amazing speakers, very well made for my 300B 8wpc Class A SET amp. Sounded powerful, transparent, airy, big soundstage, lots of bass but the quality of bass shines with good quality flea power amp! Qualities that you associate with good solid state amp. It’s hard to imagine for such affordable price and enjoyable music, could be achieve with my low power tube amp. Thank you Tekton Speakers!

      Image #1 from Jimmy
    9. Kurt Hein

      I love my Perfect Set ! I have and do own way more expensive speakers from B&W, ELAC, and Paradigm! The sound airy and 3D like my Maggie’s 1.7 but the difference is the midrange clarity and bass! No subwoofer needed in my medium size listening room. Hand built by a genius! The wait is worth it for sure! I drive them with a 35 watt tube amp Prima Luna integrated! Wonderful!

      Image #1 from Kurt Hein
    10. Hallgeir

      I bought the Perfect SET with beryllium tweeter and full internal upgrades. After 3weeks the woofers loosened up, and WOW! Full range 30-30k hz I like it! Truly amazing full range speakers! I run them with 8w 300b monoblocks in a large 45m2 livingroom and could not be happyer!

      All good online comments on these speakers are true, and then some!!

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    Professional Reviews

    Terry London, 6 moons
    "The Tekton Design Perfect SET offers excellent build, a small footprint and performance orders of magnitude beyond its very reasonable ask. How much more would you have to spend to equal or surpass it? It could mean many multiples of its own sticker."