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    Enjoy three-dimensional, spatially rich, holographic imaging (height, width, and depth). The OB Sigma incorporates a superior point source design for lock-tight pinpoint imaging and symmetrical polar responses to generate a truly expansive, transparent, life-like soundstage. All subtle nuances, harmonic overtones, and details clearly and accurately revealed. Musical performances that appear to emanate from thin air and space. True full-range, linear performance. A truly convincing and believable presentation with accurate and defined sense of timing and pace.

    • Proprietary Open Baffle-Hybrid Design
    • Dual 8″ transducers
    • Hybrid high frequency transducer
    • 93dB sensitivity 2.83V@1m
    • 6 Ohm average impedance
    • 35Hz-30Khz frequency response
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 43″ (109.22 cm) x Width 17.125 (43.49cm) x Depth 14.25″ (36.95cm)
    • Call for custom colors.
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Weight 62 lbs

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    Weight 62 lbs
    Dimensions 14.25 × 17.125 × 43.0 in

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    1. Trace

      Had my Sigmas for over 3 yrs now & have thoroughly enjoyed them. Coming from Apogee Duetta Signatures (15 yrs) I had grown to love open baffle sound. If you have enough room to get these 5 or 6 ft off the back wall you’re likely to love these. My only suggestion is get a sub (or better yet a pair of subs) to really flesh out the bottom end if you like the fuuuuull range sound. You just have to move a bit more air than these can accomplish (but I am spoiled). They blend beautifully with a pair of Hsu Research 10″ subs & my room is the equivalent of a 3 car garage. My-o-my, the openess, air and definition, without edginess, is wonderful! Careful placement of the subs can give you a most delicious low end and between all 3 amps I’m running nearly 900 watts so definition is remarkable as the system coasts along.

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