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    Enjoy three-dimensional, spatially rich, holographic imaging (height, width, and depth). The OB Sigma incorporates a superior point source design for lock-tight pinpoint imaging and symmetrical polar responses to generate a truly expansive, transparent, life-like soundstage. All subtle nuances, harmonic overtones, and details clearly and accurately revealed. Musical performances that appear to emanate from thin air and space. True full-range, linear performance. A truly convincing and believable presentation with accurate and defined sense of timing and pace.

    • Proprietary Open Baffle-Hybrid Design
    • Dual 8″ transducers
    • Hybrid high frequency transducer
    • 93dB sensitivity 2.83V@1m
    • 6 Ohm average impedance
    • 35Hz-30Khz frequency response
    • 200 Watts power handling
    • Height 43″ (109.22 cm) x Width 17.125 (43.49cm) x Depth 14.25″ (36.95cm)
    • Call for custom colors.
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Weight 62 lbs

    4 reviews for OB Sigma

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    1. Trace

      Had my Sigmas for over 3 yrs now & have thoroughly enjoyed them. Coming from Apogee Duetta Signatures (15 yrs) I had grown to love open baffle sound. If you have enough room to get these 5 or 6 ft off the back wall you’re likely to love these. My only suggestion is get a sub (or better yet a pair of subs) to really flesh out the bottom end if you like the fuuuuull range sound. You just have to move a bit more air than these can accomplish (but I am spoiled). They blend beautifully with a pair of Hsu Research 10″ subs & my room is the equivalent of a 3 car garage. My-o-my, the openess, air and definition, without edginess, is wonderful! Careful placement of the subs can give you a most delicious low end and between all 3 amps I’m running nearly 900 watts so definition is remarkable as the system coasts along.

    2. Sam

      Soon to be year three for our OB Sigma’s. I look at other speakers and then remember I’d have to part with Sigmas and I rule the deal out. Bad recordings show glaringly but good ones make you realize there is no substitute for the Sigmas. Imaging, bass, mid range, are perfectly balanced. They are driven by Red Dragon monoblocks and an Onkyo P3000R preamp. My wife grew up in Japan and at first she thought the Sigmas were too small. She says they are perfect.

    3. SB

      I am a new owner of the OB Sigma. I have prior experience with open baffle speakers (through companies that specialize in them), and my early impression is that the Sigma OB offers exceptional performance at over half the price of those other brands. They seem to strike the perfect balance between the openness and clarity of an open baffle design and the dynamic punch of conventional box speakers. It pairs very well with my Doge 10 tube amplifier. It also has an unobtrusive, simple, and elegant design and the build quality is excellent. A hidden gem in the Tekton line up and a true bargain at this price point.

    4. User Review

      Dear Eric,

      I set up my new Sigma OBs last Friday. I just wanted to tell you how amazingly pleased I am with them already, although I haven’t even put 15 hours on them yet. I’m usually hard to please having auditioned or owned various B&W, Magico, KEF, Martin Logan, et al speakers. Your OBs have tremendous musicality, a wonderful wide and deep soundstage, terrific delineation of individual instruments, driving bass, and a delicate high end. The overall coherence is impressive.

      I just finished listening to one of my favorite cuts- Morning Dew from the Grateful Dead’s live at Cornell show. The experience was overwhelming. Who needs sex?

      Again, thanks for your exceptional and budget worthy speakers.


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    Professional Reviews

    Terry London, Home Theater Review
    "the Sigma OB can be driven with as little as eight watts, yet it can create soundstaging that rivals the best large planar or electrostatic panel speakers, but with much more accuracy in the location and size of players. It also has great lower-end bass extension; bass is tight and has great slam. Finally, these speakers render tonality and details of the music in a relaxing, natural way. [T]he whole time I spent reviewing the Sigma OB speakers, I kept thinking that these speakers have all the spatial virtues of big panels but add accurate sizing of players, along with chest-thumping bass and dynamics."