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    Updated design! The Enzo XL has now been updated and improved, incorporating key technology from our recent industry-changing U.S. patent 9247339! Hear for yourself how an amazing system is now even better!

    • Dual 10″ transducers
    • Patented design (link)
    • Triple ring radiator HF array
    • 96.5dB sensitivity 2.83V@1m
    • 4 or 8 Ohm impedance available
    • 30Hz – 30kHz frequency response – linear
    • 400 Watts power handling
    • H 43″ x W 11.125″ x D 15.125″
    • Manufactured in the USA

    9 reviews for Enzo XL

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    1. Steven T. (verified owner)

      The best imaging I’ve ever heard. Minimal toe-in required. No need for a subwoofer. Every instrument and voice is distinctly presented. Very nice conversation with the company owner when deciding on which model to choose.

    2. Roger Little (verified owner)

      After having the Enzo now for a few months, the break in is complete. I purchased the upgraded crossover parts and binding post when ordering . I am completely satisfied with the extra cost of the upgrades. Struggled at first with the additional cost ,until I researched the parts, the cost and quality were very acceptable. Post are solid, personally use bare wire on them. The post lock down tight, no worries of wires finding its way loose. As far as sound, bass is great. Better control then expected, no over hang at any volume. Mid-range is strong, yet detailed, very convincing. Highs are on point and the sizzle of a cymbal comes right through, not peircing at all. Have found no fatigue with listening sessions. 3d Imaging is impressive. I find myself checking to see if center channel is on, ghost channel is locked in. Recommended for all who have dual purpose rooms , 2 channel and home theater in one.

      Image #1 from Roger Little
    3. Duane Lindell

      I purchased these speakers, with wiring and internal upgrades, in the 4 ohm configuration a few years ago. Eric Alexander ( owner, designer, engineer ) was incredibly helpful in guiding me to speakers that fit my needs and budget. In this price range you can’t do better for movies or music. They are awesome! Just Buy Them! You will not be disappointed.

    4. Patrick Murphy

      After listening to these enzo xl speakers for several years now…im still amazed at how incredible they sound. Thanks again…Patrick.

    5. Mike Collins

      These speakers are absolutely exceptional for the price. Driven by higher-end amplification, they have a sound-stage, presence and a control over the music that is by far the best I have ever heard at anything near the asking price. A genuine joy to have in my audio room. From Rammstein to Ravel, my Enzo XL’s have a certain “suave/debonair” approach to the music that always makes me smile. Good stuff for sure!

    6. User Review

      These speakers are amazing (ENXO XL). I purchased them based on Herb Reichert’s review in Stereophile.
      I am driving them with a Marantz HD AMP1 which exceeds any expectation I may have had.
      I could extol the virtues of these speakers ad nauseum but you already know how good they are.
      Thank you for designing and building such an incredible product.


      Paul Kiefner

    7. User Review

      I must share with you my audio journey since becoming an Enzo owner. Having been out of the audio hobby for a few years I decided to dip my toes back into the water and was fortunate enough to have come across your company where I could obtain some promising speakers at a reasonable price. Having owned the likes of Vandersteen, Revel and Magnepan in the past I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Enzo’s being they were only $1,700/pair. The more one spends on a speaker the better, right? Well, my first impression of the Enzo’s was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe the pure musical sound I was experiencing. Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and after going through an assortment of amps and pre amps I finally settled on an integrated tube amp from Raven Audio that I love and it took the Enzo’s to a whole new level of dynamics, realism and inner nuances I never heard before. You’d think I’d leave well enough alone but the pursuit of better audio is addictive and when I came upon a deal for a pair of Legacy Audio Focus SE’s that I couldn’t pass up I just had to see what such praised speakers sounded like. At $12k/pair new they surely must be better than my $1700/pair Enzo’s, right? Let’s just say that after a few days I knew I’d be selling the Legacys and that I’d be a Tekton owner for life. Were the Legacys bad? Not at all. In fact they are very good. They are very resolute and detailed, they cover the entire spectrum of sound seemlessly and totally disappear behind a large soundstage of beautiful sound. If I had never heard your speakers I would have been happy with the Legacys for life……..but for those of us who value the sound of live music over audiophile sound effects, there’s no comparison. The Enzo’s provide a level of dynamic slam and mid bass purity that bring music to life. While the Legacys provided more subtle details and probably slightly better imaging they seemed lifeless compared to the Enzo’s and I felt myself longing to have my Enzo’s back while listening to them. It took me a while to learn that more money doesn’t necessarily translate into better audio products and it’s a relief knowing I’ll no longer need to experiment with any other speakers anymore……unless their Tektons! My most sincere thanks for not just making truly remarkable speakers, but for offering them at prices most of us can afford.

      Thanks again,

    8. User Review

      The Face-off: Tekton Enzo XL vs. GoldenEar Triton Two
      Finally, the loudspeaker review you’ve been waiting for-
      By Randy J. Gibbs

      Let us begin with a rare fact few can assert. I may be the only guy on the planet who has owned both GoldenEar Triton and Tekton loudspeakers at the same time. For a month they stood side by side in my listening room. Same Yamaha integrated amp, same speaker wire, same music source, streaming audio or CD. I had the perfect opportunity to do something very few people can do any more – a side by side comparison. What you read below is based on this “hands on” review. As Hot Rod Hundley used to say, “You gotta love it, baby!”

      First, a clarification. This is not a technical review. You’ll read nothing here about crossover frequencies, drivers, or patented design features that both companies claim makes their speakers superior. I’m talking strictly about the quality of the sound – the primary reason any of us buy speakers in the first place, right? Do we really care about a crossover frequency if we hate the sound quality of the speaker? I think not. A safe assumption is that we are all looking for a pair of speakers that most accurately reproduce sound as the artist intended. In your AV system nothing is more important than your speakers. For this reason alone, this review is a “must read” for anyone committed to high-quality sound.

      Before my review, a little background. I purchased my GoldenEar Triton 2 speakers in June of 2015. Why GoldenEar? It came after a fair amount of research. Each month I receive Sound and Vision magazine (S&V) and usually read it cover to cover. A couple of years ago I began reading about Sandy Gross’s new company, GoldenEar Electronics. You may know Sandy as the guy who founded Polk Audio, sold it and started Def Tech, sold it, and then launched GoldenEar. Pretty good audio pedigree, eh? In recent years, as I perused S&V I was impressed by the accolades given GoldenEar speakers by the S&V reviewers. It didn’t matter which GoldenEar model they reviewed, if it was GoldenEar it was absolutely the best speaker for the price on the planet. Every Triton was voted “Speaker of the Year” by the S&V boys and no speaker company has been gushed over and praised more than GoldenEar. If you were in the market for speakers under $5,000, according to S&V, GoldenEar was the only loud speaker option to seriously consider.

      I located the GoldenEar dealer near Salt Lake City and went to his house to hear the Triton 2’s. After a couple hours of careful listening, I just wasn’t hearing what I expected. The Tritons were good, but certainly not stellar as I had anticipated from S&V. I decided I needed to schedule a second demo. Two weeks later I returned with a handful of my own CDs. This would be a much truer test. I wanted to hear the music I had heard hundreds of times to determine if in fact there was any noticeable difference between the Triton 2 speakers and my old Polk speakers. The Triton 2’s sounded better, but not $3,000 better. As the GoldenEar dealer sensed that he was losing a sale, he pulled out his salesman’s hat. He assured me that once the Tritons were set up in my own room and adjusted perfectly for my room acoustics, they would sound amazing. Then he added, “If you really don’t like them, you can return them.” On that guarantee, I decided to make the leap. After all, we were talking about the S&V speaker of the year! They had to be amazing, right?

      So in June of 2015, the GoldenEar dealer delivered the Triton 2 speakers and took nearly three hours to set them up. An inch this way or that would enhance the sound, he assured me, and so I sat patiently waiting for the debut. Once he was confident that every conceivable adjustment had been made, we began. As before, the Triton speakers sounded pretty good, but not much (if any) better than my old Polk speakers. This time he had another suggestion that would definitely elevate the sound to a new level. “You need to buy a new receiver, better speaker wire, and an expensive power strip.” He said that these changes would improve the sound 10-15 percent. In fact, it made no difference whatsoever. The GoldenEar dealer was working very hard to “make” the Triton speakers live up to the hype. In the end, he just couldn’t do it.

      Enter – Tekton Design

      Three months after buying my Triton 2 speakers, a friend texted me. “Have you ever heard of Tekton Design?” I texted back, “Never heard of them.” He had gone into a local audio dealer and was absolutely blown away by the life-like sound and clarity of Tekton speakers – better sound than Monitor, Def Tech, Paradigm and B&W. He purchased a pair of Tekton speakers on the spot. That night he invited me over to hear them.

      I’ve been an audio buff nearly all my life. I’m now 62. I’ve owned or heard dozens of the best speakers made, so I know what I like and what I don’t. At the heart of it, I’m looking for a speaker that reproduces lifelike sound that never gets in the way of the music. Many speakers are too “hot” or harsh to the ear. Klipsch is an example of a very “hot” speaker. Others sound too “warm” and muffle the sound. Voices and instruments don’t sound lifelike, but are somewhat artificial and not natural. All my life I’ve been looking for a speaker I could afford that makes music sound as if the artist is “in the room.” I could not get that kind of clarity with the Golden Ears despite the hype and lofty S&V praise. I had no idea that this was about to change.

      When I sat in my friend’s theatre room to hear the Tekton speakers for the first time I had no expectations whatsoever. I had never even heard of the company. When I learned that they were designed and made locally, within five miles of my house, I was initially skeptical. I wondered, “If these speakers are so terrific, why haven’t I heard of them before? How come no one carries them? Why hasn’t S&V done a review on them?” I knew I had to hear them to believe what my friend was raving about. He’s a lot like me and loves high-quality sound. If he was loving these unknown speakers there had to be something to it.

      Keep in mind, three months earlier I had laid down a chunk of change for the most promising loudspeaker on the planet and I wasn’t happy. Now, I was preparing to hear a speaker made by a company I had never heard of. All I know is what I heard. My friend first played the haunting cover “I Put a Spell on You” by Annie Lennox. Never before had I heard such incredible audio clarity as the Tekton speakers produced. Talk about lifelike, crystal clear and true, authentic sound. With that speaker in that room on that night, I would have sworn Annie was performing live in the room. Absolutely incredible. I have no idea how Eric Alexander, the Tekton designer, has done it. But he has done something that the GoldenEar sound engineers simply cannot produce.

      The next day I borrowed a pair of Tekton speakers and set them side by side with my Triton 2 speakers. As I predicted, the Tekton speakers simply blew the others away. Highs are crystal clear, but not hot. Mids blend perfectly and, even without a sub, the Tekton speakers pump out just enough bass for me. I put on my favorite tunes and switched back and forth between the Triton and the Tekton speakers. It didn’t take more than ten minutes to hear not just a subtle difference but a significant clarity difference. The GoldenEar Triton 2 speaker of the year was no match for the Tekton speaker. And, as crazy as it sounds, the Triton speakers will cost you more money. Somebody has to pay for all those GoldenEar ads and biased reviews you’re reading.

      Do yourself a favor. Check out Tekton Design and listen to any of their remarkable speakers. You will not be disappointed. In fact, all you read about the GoldenEar applies far more to the Tekton speakers. These are the best speakers I’ve ever heard, priced far better than any comparable loudspeaker made.

      Randy Gibbs is President and CEO of Velocity Performance Coaching, an Executive Coaching firm based in Utah. Randy has worked with some of the world’s top companies including Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and many more. He is the author of three books and a sought after speaker, trainer and coach.

    9. User Review

      Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how knocked out I am by the Enzo XLs. I have them in too small a room at the moment (barely 7′ apart from one another and listener), so I haven’t yet gotten the full scope of their sound, and they’re still breaking in a little more each day. But all that aside, man, you got a great thing going over there.

      I listen to all kinds of music, but what have knocked me off the couch are the acoustic bass and drums on the old Blue Note and Prestige jazz recordings. The brushes! The hollow, wooden bass! Gorgeous. (I drummed and toured for years in a third rate rock band….so I at least know how to listen to Elvin Jones, et. al. Right now, I’m discovering the pleasures of Alan Dawson and Clifford Jarvis.)

      Many thanks, then, for such a fantastic product at such a great price point.

      All best,


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    Professional Reviews

    Herb Reichert, Stereophile
    "Based on my reviewing experience, these practically free speakers will get you a satisfyingly big portion of those $50,000 models' performance. Consider this review a thoughtfully considered, heartfelt recommendation. These giant monoliths are great fun!"
    Eric Shook, AudioHead
    "Every thrust of the volume knob clockwise, gifted me with what seemed like limitless control and dynamics. In fact, things got better the louder we went. The Raven Blackhawk never faltered and the Enzo XL’s were taking the thumps with grace and poise. The character was that of live music, which is to be expected from these and other Tekton designs as they often incorporate the use of live sound drivers."
    Steve Guttenberg, CNet
    "I've listened to Rosanne Cash's "10 Song Demo" CD on countless speakers, but the Enzos were different. With my eyes closed Cash was right there, between the Enzos. The accompanying acoustic guitars on either side of her were just as vivid and alive. I was more aware of her phrasing, and the way she emphasized some words more than others. The music coming out of the Enzos felt like it was being performed by flesh and blood musicians, which it was back in 1996 when it was recorded. The Enzos brought the music back to life."
    Todd Bromgard, TNT Audio
    "Midrange was full and rich sounding and at no time I could not detect the crossover point between the three tweeter array and bass drivers. On "Sinner…and Saint" by Irish blues-rocker Rory Gallagher, the sound of Gallagher's well worn Fender guitar had that distinct Stratocaster sound. Vocals sounded realistic and immediate, Nat King Cole sounded like he was in the center of our living room singing all his hits. The music sounded dynamic and alive through the efficient Enzo, even when driven with just 20 watts."