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Bearing the name of a Utah region that is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural rock formations, the Moab borrows many of its qualities from our higher-tier loudspeakers but is offered at a more introductory price point. Its capabilities of reproducing the experience of live music rival those of any loudspeaker on the market, toe to toe. The Moab is lively, very energetic and will reproduce the sound of a live concert very accurately.

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    High-end loudspeaker manufacturers have become very good at making visually striking products that are undoubtedly works of visual art… but unfortunately, those looks don’t necessarily translate to better sound. At Tekton Design, our emphasis has always been to create the highest-performing, yet cost-effective loudspeakers conceivable – all of which are solidly grounded in electro-acoustical physics. We reject the notion that high-end hi-fi needs to be high-priced, and boldly ask: Do you want a pretty pair of museum pieces that put out “good enough” sound? Or are you ready for loudspeakers that produce a level of fidelity positively guaranteed to rival or often exceed the biggest and most expensive brands out there at a fraction of the cost?

    Bearing the name of a Utah region that is home to some of the world’s most beautiful natural rock formations, the Moab borrows many of its qualities from our higher-tier loudspeakers but is offered at a more introductory price point. Its capabilities of reproducing the experience of live music rival those of any loudspeaker on the market, toe to toe.

    • Made under U.S. Patent 9247339 with multiple new patents pending
    • Ultra-linear frequency response
    • Proprietary patent pending 15 dome radiating hybrid MTM high-frequency array
    • Dual 12″ low-frequency transducers
    • 98dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
    • 4 or 8 Ohm design – we suggest 4 Ohm for optimum performance
    • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response
    • Height 69.0″ (175.26 cm) x Width 13.5″ (34.29 cm) x Depth 17.0″ (43.18 cm)
    • 900 Watt power handling
    • Weight 135 lbs
    • Manufactured in the USA

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    1. Max N

      To say these speakers changed my life would be an understatement, not least because mine were painted by my partner and incredible artist Atlanta Wood (see pics!!).

      They are, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, the most resolving, lifelike and exciting speakers I have heard anywhere near this price point (or 5-10x this price point).

      I connected these to a Kinki Studio EX-M1+, which is around 290W per channel Class A/B and these were HAUNTINGLY live. I would often give audio demonstrations of reference tracks and, especially when starting with something like “Green Grass” by Tom Waits, the listener would suddenly look around in all direction as the singing begins as they genuinely thought someone else was in the room with them.

      I upgraded the central tweeter to Beryllium: They’re also so resolving that switching anything behind them makes a big difference. I moved from ‘The Chord Company’ to Tellurium Q (Black) cables and it was like removing yet another veil.

      Bass reproduction (these have the upgraded woofers) is thunderous and SO tight. The fact they can handle 900w is quite terrifying as at about 60% volume on my amp these would be police-visit loud if my downstairs neighbour hadn’t soundproofed my floor (can’t thank him enough for that one!).

      I live in the UK, so getting them was a bit more of a pain than for US customers, but Eric and the team were so helpful in helping me sort the shipping (at a remarkably good price).

      If you’re on the fence about these at all, stand up and dive in head first! I really cannot see how anyone (short of those with systems cost much more than a house) could listen to these and feel any lacking or need for improvement.

      I’ve compared these to ATC, Kef, Klipsch, Focal, Mission, loads more, they are just in a different league.

      Image #1 from Max N
      Image #2 from Max N
      Image #3 from Max N
    2. Joe McCorry

      Got my Moabs right before Covid.
      The play fantastic with my Ayre AX-5 integrated, Primaluna Evo 400, Decware Zen Triode and my McIntosh MC2505.
      I had a woofer issue and Eric and the team FedEx a replacement ASAP
      End Game speakers for sure. Haven’t found a amp they don’t love. If you haven’t tried tubes you shorting yourself some fantastic fidelity.
      Music I like, blues, Dead, Live Dead 1977.
      Simply great speakers at reasonable cost.
      Keep Tuckin On Tektonions

    3. Joe

      Got my Moabs right before Covid.
      The play fantastic with my Ayre AX-5 integrated, Primaluna Evo 400, Decware Zen Triode and my McIntosh MC2505.
      I had a woofer issue and Eric and the team FedEx a replacement ASAP
      End Game speakers for sure. Haven’t found a amp they don’t love. If you haven’t tried tubes you shorting yourself some fantastic fidelity.
      Music I like, blues, Dead, Live Dead 1977.
      Simply great speakers at reasonable cost.
      Keep Tuckin On Tektonions


      Hi Eric,
      Got these moab speakers a couple of week ago and wow they are fantastic sounding! This friend of mine has a set of legacy speakers and both my friend and I thought the moabs actually sounded better considering the price they cost (my friend is rich)! Even with the lowly adcom gfa-565 power amps the moabs had a fantastic sound. The separation of the instruments were unbelievable! The sound was silky smooth with absolutely no coloration. The bass was a little smoother and tighter than the legacy! They far out perform my other speakers that I already have. I have compared these moabs with several different speakers and they out perform them all! Eric, you are a genius and I bet all of your other speakers probably sound great too! A couple of other friends were a little freaked out over the multitude of tweeters, but when I explained to them the theory of all of this they understood. They were thinking that the tweeters would have a very poor sound dispersion, but once they heard them all of their beliefs melted away. Even they said they were the best speakers they ever heard! And they had speakers ranging from 3000 to 80000 (the Legacys) dollars! The moabs gave me a whole different perspective of how music is supposed to sound. The dimension and imaging was out of this world! They sounded great with rock and roll and soft classical type of songs! These moabs were worth every penny I paid and even more! Thank you Eric for bringing the speakers into this world, otherwise I would not been able to afford any other high end speakers! I’m in audio heaven! And Eric, keep up the excellent work on your speaker business because you have alot to contribute to the world of hi fi and I think you turned this world upside down with your your cutting edge Speaker technology! Thanks Eric!


      The Moabs replaced a pair of Focal Aria 926 with a Gallo TR2 subwoofer. I owned the Focals for close to 10 years. Upstream equipment consists of Audirvana on Windows 10 USB feed to Gungnir multibit DAC with USB upgrade, Meridian CD transport coax connected to DAC, DAC XLR connected to Freya+ preamp, Mofi Ultradeck and Vessel B3SS cartridge connected to Schiit Mani phono stage connected to preamp, with preamp RCA connected to single Schiit Vidar.

      Speakers are definitely not broken in, and my impressions need to be judged in that context.

      The first thing I listened to was Keith Jarret’s Koln Concert, on Audirvana. In the first seconds I found a major difference between the Moabs and Focals. In these first seconds, before Keith starts, some people in the audience are chatting. With the Focals, you hear an indistinct muttering. With the Moabs, you hear their words. Later in Part I, Keith starts thumping the stage with his foot as he plays. You hear the thump of his foot with the Focals, but with the Moabs you hear the reverberation of the stage or platform he’s on. The resonance is unmistakable. Also, in his slow passages, a deeper chord that is held has a much longer decay and you hear a sympathetic vibration that is missing with the Focals.

      Moving on to “I Robot” from the Alan Parsons Project (LP and Audirvana), the Kantele, a Finnish plucked instrument like a psaltery, gives the ‘zing’ used a few times in the track. The Focals excelled at this pure treble passage, but the Moabs had different imaging that had the sound cross over the soundstage. Placement within the soundstage was far superior.

      Next up with Sting’s “Thousand Years” (CD). The opening was what I focused on, concentrating on the bass. The Focals didn’t do this at all, and needed the subwoofer. With the subwoofer you could sense something, but with the Moabs you definitely felt it to the point that it was unsettling.

      I next played tracks from Herbie Hancock’s “Man Child” and “Dis Is Da Drum” (Audirvana). Overall the Moabs made for more pleasant listening, but they exposed one thing the Focals could not. With the Moabs I could hear Herbie’s band talking with each other during the performance in the quiet passages. I could not clearly make out words, but very faint human voices at different points of the soundstage could be heard.

      Next was Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”, Antal Dorati and Detroit Symphony (LP). Drums were the focal point, as you got low bass for the subwoofer and upper bass the Focals themselves could handle. The notes were what I would call simple, “boom”. The Moabs actually let you hear the drum surface resonate and throw off sympathetic harmonics. You could visualize the big drum head jiggling around after being hit.

      Lastly, I played “Chocolate Chip Trip” by Tool (Audirvana). The guy who bought my Focals asked for the track by name and I had to hunt for it. He played it so loud I feared for my speakers, but bought the speakers after that one track, subwoofer and all. There are two parts worth noting; the first part consists of various temple bells, etc. which exercise imaging, and the last third which amounts to an ungodly drum orgy. The Moabs far outpaced the Focals in discrete placement of bells in the soundstage and the decays of their notes. The last third was interesting not for the prodigious bass capabilities of the Moabs, but for their lack of congestion. The Focals and subwoofer threw a muddied morass of notes against an imaginary glass wall in front of the listener and you were assaulted by an avalanche of sound. The Moabs, if you could keep your concentration, presented discrete instruments and you could place them across the soundstage. This to me was simply not musical, but it offered a clear example that differentiated the speakers.

      Otherwise, one clear trait the Moabs exhibited that was far less apparent with the Focals was the ability to present sounds that traversed the soundstage. Whether it be Malcolm strutting across the stage on an AC/DC guitar solo, Chesky sampler CD test track, or a Steve Reich orchestral performance, the Moabs made you open your eyes and ‘watch’ the sound move. The Focals could not do that with near the clarity.

    6. Barry Cox

      After over a year of ownership of the Moab( I call them MIGHTY MOAB),I feel remiss that I have not added my review of the MIGHTY MOAB. No question about it! THE MIGHTY MOAB ARE EXTRAORDINARILY! I had enjoyed my Double Impacts for 2 years before having the opportunity to hear the MIGHTY MOAB in an excellent home system. I was curious to hear if the rave reviews I had been reading were true, Well, let me say that as great as the DIs are, and they are superb speakers, the MIGHTY MOAB are just light years ahead in ever category! Soon after my audition I called Eric and Tammy and ordered my MIGHTY MOAB with an upgraded crossover and single beryllium tweeter. The price/performance ratio is just insane! I highly recommend these EXTRAORDINARY speakers!

    7. Chuck Miller

      Coming up on one full year now and realized I reviewed these on Audiogon but neglected to post one here. Sorry, Eric, you and your masterpiece deserve better! Probably they are not the masterpiece in terms of being his very best. As good as he’s done I am sure he has a lot more in him. Probably also Encore and Ulf are even better, in certain areas if not across the board. But in terms of value? Where can you find better?!

      I have heard a lot of much more expensive speakers, none of which come even close. My system has gone through a lot of changes and every single time the Moabs let me hear it so easy it is hard to understand they are under $5k. I could write a book, and my Moab review is long, but it is not unusual for owners to be happy and gush at what a great purchase they made. So let me instead quote from some folks who came and listened and tell you what they say:

      “That was the best the Who album has ever sounded and I’ve heard it on a lot of different systems… I mean a lot!

      That spot, the listening chair is a very special place that went beyond just listening to music. Great job creating a near religious experience.”

      “the ALMIGHTY Moab. Wow, it was an experience that will be hard to put into words. Suffice it to say, it was the biggest, most powerful musical experience I’ve ever experienced in a home setting. We listened to a very wide variety of tracks (all vinyl), and Chuck’s system, anchored by the MOAB, never broke a sweat and sounded just as comfortable playing anything from a Keith Jarret solo to THE Black Sabbath. The size and scale of the music fits the old adage “wall of sound”, although this wall isn’t flat. The soundstage starts a few feet behind the speakers, and extends well out into the room, seemingly surrounding you. I’ve never (in a true two speaker setup) felt so enveloped by the music as I was last night.”

      “The imaging was so good that I felt like the vocalist was performing right in front of me and that I could reach out and touch them.”
      “My listening impression was all the detail and nuances were presented to my ears in a most unique way. Unique to me because it was so far above any system I had heard including the last set of Monitor Audio Gold with a Prima Luna Integrated. I enjoyed hearing everything but was most shocked at Fleetwood Macs “Landslide”. Hearing it so many times in the past and then not recognizing the intro because of the detailed soundstage. Then Chuck let Stevie Nicks sneak into the room and begin the vocals dead center right in front of me and the recognition set in.”

      They say it better than I ever could. Only thing I can add, Tekton and in particular have been pegged with the tag “hype”. The main thing I would like to get across it would be they are the furthest thing from hype. They are if anything underrated.

      Image #1 from Chuck Miller
      Image #2 from Chuck Miller
    8. Jim Johnson

      After having owned Vandersteen, Martin Logan and several other very nice sounding systems, I conceded to take a leap of faith with Eric’s products, finally electing the Moab with Be HF drivers. After more than a year of listening now, I’m convinced that, for me, I’ve found aural “shangri-la”. These and every other unit in Eric’s offering are the best value to be found. As for my Moab’s, I have auditioned competitor units costing ad much as 10-12 times their price and find them equal to if not superior to them in every way. A very smooth frequency response without any “hot spots” in any of the audio or video passages of the content I’ve listened to. I’m just as picky about balance and sound field integrity in both of those areas. I’d thought that I would need to add a sub for some of my video contents demands, however, my concerns were quickly put to rest as the Moab’s aptly handled them convincingly and with ease. Are there better sounding speakers out there? Yes, but at a cost that would rival buying a starter home in many places. Even with modest equipment they outperform a great number of contenders. That being said, music and sound are very personal. Everyone hears differently. But in the eyes of this beholder, he’s certainly found the hidden gem, a “pearl of great price” one might say. So, take the leap, you will not be disappointed. And, thank you Eric, for your vision, for your genious and for your love of music which I’m sure was a great part of what brought you to this point. Stay the course and… See the sound.
      Jim Johnson

      Image #1 from Jim Johnson
      Image #2 from Jim Johnson
    9. User Review

      Hi Eric,

      The Tekton MOABs are a majestic masterpiece both sonically and visually.

      They perfectly bracket my 85” Sony 85X950G 4K TV sitting on top of the Sonax B-003-RBT TV stand.

      The TV stand is 75” wide which exactly matches the width of the TV. The stand is 22” high while the height of the TV adds another 46” making the top of the TV 68” from the floor.

      The MOABs stand 71” tall on spikes. These slender columns act as perfect bookends for the giant TV.

      The proportions are just right. Aesthetically, the speakers, TV and Stand act like a monolithic facade 102” wide by 71” tall.

      They blend so well that it looks like a custom design.

      I am including two pictures of my entertainment system, one showing the MOABs with the grilles and one without.

      Now let’s talk about performance.

      Sonically, the MOABs are a knockout. The price/performance on these speakers flirt with the impossible. There are no other speakers on earth that can touch the performance of the MOABs at this price point. They put speakers costing 5 to 10 times more to shame.

      It was a magical experience the first time I heard the MOABs at RMAF 2019. It was the micro-dynamics of the mid-range that made them sound so special. Voices were rendered with incredible delicacy and detail. This was all the result of your patented speaker array.

      I was surprised to find that they sounded better than the Wilson Sashas with Watch Dog subwoofers playing in the opposite room. How is it possible for a pair of $4,500 speakers to outperform a Wilson Audio system costing $58K?

      Everyone who auditioned the two systems at the show came to the same conclusion.
      I listened to every other setup at RMAF and came to the conclusion that the MOABs are the best bargains in hi-end audio. This is as close to a perfect speaker one can find at this price point.

      I consider your patented design and passion for building high-performance speakers a gift to the audiophile community.

      Now I am one of the happy owners of a set of MOABs. They have exceeded all my expectations.

      The MOABs can be imposing while standing freely in the room. However, that can be easily remedied by placing them next to a giant TV as I have done. If the heights match, it makes them look like an extension of the TV.

      The MOABs do a good disappearing act since they image so well. You feel like being immersed in a wall of sound. If you dim the lights while watching a movie, you become oblivious of the MOABs. I am including a third picture showing how elegant the system looks with the lights turned off.

      Finally, let’s get into some technical details.

      I looked at the tweeters by shining a flashlight through the rear ports. I could see that the MOABs are using Wavecor TW030WA06 4ohm tweeters.

      These are high quality drivers used in expensive speakers. Each costs $87.–298-1110

      There are 30 Wavecor drivers in the MOAB pair!

      The retail price on these tweeter alone is $87 x 30 = $2,610.

      Looks like the 12” woofers are from the Eminence Pro Audio line.

      I am guessing the MOABs are using the Eminence model DELTA PRO 12-450A.–290-511

      They retail for $120 each. The MOAB pair is using 4 woofers.

      This brings the price of the 34 drivers in the system to $120 x 4 + $2,610 = $3,090.

      To get the complete bill of materials, one would need to add the cost of the crossovers, internal wiring, cabinet, binding post and finish. Then you would have to account for labor and cost of shipping.

      This simple math should suffice to make one realize why the value of the MOABs flirts with the impossible.

      Typically when one buys a $4,500 high-end speaker from a manufacturer supported by a network of distributers and dealers, the cost of the drivers seldom exceeds $900 or 20%.

      With the MOABs, the end user is getting $3,090 worth of drivers on a system that costs $4,500 delivered.

      It should come as no surprise why the MOABs sound so good using these expensive set of drivers. It is mathematically impossible for any other competitor to match this incredible value. Being an Internet Direct company, you have no overhead. You can pass the savings onto the end user.

      It is obvious that this is your passion. You sincerely desire to give your customers the best possible value.

      I hope more audiophiles get to know about your product through word of mouth. You have acquired a patent that can revolutionize speaker design.

      You are an extraordinary speaker designer and I wish you great success.

      Looking forward to experience what new surprises you may bring to RMAF 2020.

      Best regards,

      David Das

      Image #1 from User Review
    10. User Review

      What are these? They are the size of Encores at 62 inches. They have the drivers of Moabs, with upgraded Beryllium tweeters. They have the driver configuration like no other Tekton speakers. These Tektons were created because a customer (me) wanted speakers with the performance and price of the Moabs, and the size of Encores. Instead of sending me away, Eric Alexander built me custom Moabs. As you can see, they are in my choice of color, and they are beautiful. I once owned the Lore S, Enzo, Electron, Electron SE, and now my custom Moabs. I loved the sound of all of them, and they are now being enjoyed by others.

      I “broke in” my custom Moabs for the last 3 weeks, and the sound is amazing. They have much deeper bass than my Electron SE, and the transparency of Magnepans. I heard the Double Impacts, and my Moabs blow them away. The biggest difference, is they sound more live and the dynamics are at a different level than anything I ever heard. Live like sound is what everyone desires. The attack of instruments and vocals are absolutely stunning. It is what is missing in most speakers, which prevents the live like experience. I assume the standard Moabs sound the same as my custom version. I am honored that a world class speaker designer, built me custom speakers to fit my needs.

      Image #1 from User Review
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    Professional Reviews

    Terry London, 6 moons
    "Moab delivers horn-like transient velocity without the colorations or distortions of horns. It has a level of startling transparency which makes the smallest details pop out yet, if driven by the right electronics, never becomes etchy or analytical. Moab is seamless top to bottom and creates a wall-to-wall soundstage with realistically sized images. The downfall of many large planars and boxes is that they enlarge/bloat the size of individual images. Everything sounds large whereas Moab scales down for intimate music and up for large ensembles."
    Kemper Holt, AVShowrooms
    "Drum kits have realistic punch and impact and excitement. Cellos have perfect timbre, great tone and can be dynamically exciting as well. Pianos reveal themselves to be the percussive instrument they really are - exciting, dynamic, reverberant - yet, the intonation of the pianists fingering is very easily delineated and heard ... Here we have true sensational value in high-end audio. $4,500 never got you anything close to this in the past. This is just a terrific loudspeaker."
    Paul C., Hi-Fi Trends
    "The Tekton Design MOAB pretty much swallowed up the room they had it in, but they still managed to have one of the best, if not the best sounding room at [Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019], and I heard several people in the halls saying the same thing."
    Rick Becker, Enjoy the Music
    "On this first visit I heard the first system playing the Moab and for that it deserves recognition as one of the Most Important Rooms at the show for its extraordinary high value. At the end of the show I revisited the room and heard the big rig driving the Moab and for that it deserves recognition as one of the Best Rooms at the show, still, for not a lot of money. This was absolutely a "must visit" room at RMAF."
    Home Theater Review's Best of 2019 Awards, Home Theater Review
    "At $4,500, these speakers deliver the power, impact, presence and output of speakers costing as much as 10 times the price, and that is truly extreme value."
    Peter Breuninger/Terry Eringi, AVShowrooms
    "Everything was in the proper place, imaging all over the place, huge soundstage... Guys, if this is your first audiophile venture, this is the proper speaker.... Earth-shattering bass, "Boom!""
    Rogier van Bakel, Enjoy the Music
    "The Moabs had already shown more than a little promise before, but now, they just... Blew. Me. Away. These speakers sound more like live music than anything I've ever heard in my room."

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