First, I’d like to start with a message to our loyal customers – we wouldn’t be here without your support and trust in our products. I’m truly in awe of everything we’ve been able to accomplish together in the last 14 years.

For over three decades I have been passionately driven to create, hone, and refine the art and science of loudspeakers. I’ve always believed a great-sounding loudspeaker shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it’s no secret that Tekton Design’s success has been in large part due to offering affordable loudspeakers that consistently punch above their weight.

I’ve staked my reputation and livelihood on building loudspeakers that sound just as good or even better than the competition, but I readily admit that we’ve missed out on some key revenue opportunities because of the loudspeakers appearance. We recently lost a very lucrative sale because our products were not the museum piece of art they needed and some of our competitors produce.

Another example is Stereophile. Stereophile has only reviewed our lower priced models and they simply do even not know what our most popular models and patented technology even sounds like. It’s not their fault… it’s mine. We’ve never created anything they couldn’t ignore. I would really like Stereophile (and the others) to know and experience exactly what we create. To date, they’ve only had a small taste of what we do. I view even that small taste as a total success! Would you believe when Stereophile reviewed our humble $1K Impact Monitor a few months back, this little speaker pulled off the ‘best averaged horizontal polar response’ in the history of their magazine – stand/bookshelf category?!

Our patented technology is revolutionary and it’s newsworthy. No one much beyond our client base wants to talk about it – it’s the strangest thing! My way of talking about what we do is to simply continue to innovate and create. As an audio designer, I’ve realized I have an obligation to develop and introduce a cost-no-object premier lineup of loudspeakers, and now is the time. Among other things, they will incorporate innovation, style, material science, industrial design, and ultra-high-end components. These models will certainly be priced much higher than our current lineup with prices starting at $35K and going over $100K. The goal here is to create an entirely new benchmark for loudspeaker fidelity. It is truly my hope the ‘Tekton Nation’ will support us in our goal of delivering beyond exceptional fidelity. It is also reasonable to believe that a ‘moonshot’ like this will inevitably trickle down its technology into our affordable products.

I realize that this may sound like a completely new direction for us, but I want to be clear: offering affordable hi-fi products is part of our DNA, and it always will be. We will continue to develop and build hardware specifically for our loyal base of audio enthusiasts along with this new market strategy.

Between this announcement and our plans for project IRL, 2019 is poised to be a very exciting (and very busy) year for us. We’ve been adding new team members to assist with various facets of the business in order to scale our operations and usher in a new era for Tekton Design and the hi-fi industry, and I’m confident that we’re moving in the right direction.

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Eric Alexander – President

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  1. I don’t care about multi-thousand dollar speakers,
    I can buy those anywhere, All Day Long.
    I Picked Tekton because of Sound and Value.
    I also Like the way they Look.
    They’re not like Everyone Else.
    These are your Bread & Butter Speakers.

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