Hello everyone, we just had what I consider to be our best show ever.

We always have fun at these shows, but this year was special: The sound in our room was the best it’s ever been. Our room was consistently packed with people looking for a listening session. There were many comments from visitors that we had one of the best-sounding systems at the show, irregardless of price.

I personally covered the show from top to bottom this year, and I feel confident in saying the Moab is among the best-value loudspeakers in all of audio. They sounded simply fantastic, and we were literally converting the how-can-15-tweeters-even-work-and-possibly-sound-good audiophile skeptics as fast as they could file through the room.

I feel like I say this a lot, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thanks to all of you who were able to come by and say hi. Thank you to the fans and listeners who support our vision for affordable, high-end audio. And a special thanks to Parasound for teaming up with us for the event.

I’m pleased to say that RMAF 2019 was an overwhelming success.

– Eric Alexander, President at Tekton Design

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  1. I recently had the pleasure to listen to a demo of the IRL Technology at Eric’s Lab. I am not an Audiophile I was just tagging along with a friend who is. He wanted to listen to his Tekton Design speakers before a purchase. Eric & Bryan and my own ears throughly convinced me that this IRL technology will be around in the near future. It was so realistic! The train rolling down the track when it blew its horn I jumped! Jet planes flying overhead felt like I was sitting in the Bleachers at Reno Championship Air Races. I’m so happy for the invite to drive with my friend from Reno to Utah get this experience. The speakers are over the top.

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