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Dear Tekton Design loudspeaker owners: please know how deeply appreciative and grateful we are for you. Thank you for your trust, support, and faith in our products.

I am excited to announce that our years of audio research and loudspeaker development have led us to a watershed moment – a truly amazing discovery. That discovery is the missing link between live music and hi-fi. We now know and understand exactly how and why recorded audio can sound so wonderful and amazing in so many ways, yet elements seem to be lost in the translation from live music. This new technology we have under development makes it possible for recorded sounds to not only rival that of live music (the original source), but also theoretically makes recorded audio nearly indistinguishable from the live musical event. Let me put it this way: imagine an audio experience that is so realistic that it sounds identical to a live performance. 

The overall catalyst for this discovery was our low-mass loudspeaker algorithm (U.S. Patent 9247339). This patented technology corrects and aligns the loudspeaker’s moving mass and its damping (frictional forces) to that of real musical instruments and the human voice, resulting in an easily discernible jump in accuracy and realism. This solved some major problems in acoustics, but it didn’t solve the big one: our very best recorded music still doesn’t approach the realism of live music. Even when using the most expensive and precise audio gear available today, we can instantly discern the sound is not a live performance and we’re simply enjoying a reproduction.

Sample IRL Recordings

“This new technology will not make your [Tekton Design] loudspeakers obsolete […] Our loudspeakers are and will continue to be central to the listening experience.”

I am beyond excited. I’ve dedicated over 30 years of my life to perfecting the art and science of audio, and hi-fi will soon be going to a place I could only dream of. An astonishing amount of time and effort has been spent on improving audio playback, and we will be taking this dedication a step further by reimagining and reinventing the way sound is captured.

There are so many exciting facts and facets to share about this, but for a variety of reasons we cannot disclose every detail of our newest development. However, we want to reassure our existing Tekton Design customers that this new technology will not make your loudspeakers obsolete, as the bulk of the technology is upstream from the loudspeakers. Our loudspeakers are and will continue to be central to the listening experience.

​So how do the results sound? Well… honestly, it sounds like real life. A close friend dropped in for a visit and suggested we call it “IRL,” or “in real life.” He then asked a few of the Tekton Design team members how they felt the technology sounded and after a few “it sounds like real life” comments, we’ve decided to officially call the research project IRL (patent pending).

​In the upcoming weeks and months, we plan to form a professional recording label, construct a recording studio capable of capturing our IRL sound, invite musicians to record their sound with this groundbreaking technology, and seek out interested financial and development partners.

We are incredibly excited for what 2019 will bring.

Eric Alexander – President

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