Why pay tens of thousands of dollars when you can get mind-blowing sound for a fraction of the price? The Tekton Design Double Impact SE does that for you. Feel like you’re in the room with your favorite musicians and don’t wince at the cost.

Tekton Design Double Impact Hi-Fi Loudspeaker - Upper Detail

Patented Array

Tekton Design’s 7-tweeter array was designed to mitigate the moving mass of the mid-range driver to make mids more accurate. The array is patented; no other company out there can give you the mid-range clarity that our speakers do.

Proprietary Drivers

The Double Impact SE uses proprietary ‘SE’ 6″ and 10″ drivers that are designed to be low mass and give greater accuracy to your favorite recordings.

High Quality Internals

The Double Impact SE contains high quality internals, made by Cardas, Mil-Spec, Mundorf or ClarityCap, and Jantzen or Erse Sledgehammer. Using finer internal components means that music will sound clearer and more accurate.





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