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    It’s difficult putting into words just how thrilled I am with the Double Impacts, but before I get into sharing their attributes let me describe my speaker journey prior to purchasing them.

    I was an “audiophile” for over 25 years constantly searching for the ultimate system. This search started in 1980 as a college student with my first system consisting of a NAD receiver, Genesis speakers with a Dual turntable. Not bad on a limited budget. Throughout the next 20 years I owned many well respected and known brands including Vandersteen, Magnepan, Revel, Audio Research,Odyssey, Levinson and Proceed. Due to life circumstances, including moving to a new home, I went without an audio system for about 5 years until the audio bug bit again and I pulled my theater system out of the basement. I was using Magnepans across the front with two Vandersteen subs. The wife never liked the height of the Maggie’s so I went on a search for new speakers. I toured the local hi fi shops and found mostly over priced and/or underwhelming speakers. I shifted my search to the Internet and after pouring over many reviews decided to try Aperion. I returned them after one week and fortunately came across Zu Audio and Tekton Designs. After talking to Eric I decided to go with his Enzo’s and was floored by what I was hearing! How could $1,700 speakers sound so good? They filled my room with such beautiful music I soon converted to mostly two channel listening. After a few differant amp purchases I settled on the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE integrated amp and was ready for to improve upon the Enzo’s. A friend convinced me that the Magneplanar 1.7i’s were a must have. They were nice but I couldn’t live without the dynamic, real sound of the Enzo’s and after three weeks went back to them. Raven Audio voices their amps using Legacy Audio speakers and they offered me a deal on their show demo models and I thought this would be the last speakers I’d ever buy. They are amazing speakers, totally full range, seemless from top to bottom with lush midrange and airy highs…….but once again they lacked that dynamic slam I grew accustomed to with the Enzo’s. That slam that drives a drum snap right through you and jolts you upright. My next call was to Eric to order a pair of Pendragons…….until he told me about a new speaker coming up and that I could buy the very first pair made…..the Double Impacts.

    After a month with them I couldn’t be more pleased and these are my speakers for life, unless Eric comes up with something even better! They possess the best bass I’ve ever heard……deep, controlled and musical. They are seemless from top to bottom with a liquid midrange and beautiful highs that seem to float in mid air. Oh, and yes, all the dynamic slam one could ask for. Basically they are the Legacy Focus SE’s ( at $12,000/pair) with the addition of huge dynamics. To be fair, the highs on the Focus SE’s might be better, but only slightly and certainly not worth another $8,000 if you ask me. For me the Double Impacts are the perfect speaker, creating a huge wall of sound that recreates live music better than any other speaker I’ve owned. You’ll hear details you didn’t know were in your favorite music and you’ll hear them in a way that places the performers in your room. Nothing is as good as a live performance but this is as close as I’ve heard and that’s the best compliment I can give to a speaker.

    Thanks to Eric for not only making such musically real sounding speakers, but for doing so at prices that are not only affordable but at a mere fraction of what you’d have to spend to match them,


    Double ImpactDouble Impact

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    I must share with you my audio journey since becoming an Enzo owner. Having been out of the audio hobby for a few years I decided to dip my toes back into the water and was fortunate enough to have come across your company where I could obtain some promising speakers at a reasonable price. Having owned the likes of Vandersteen, Revel and Magnepan in the past I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Enzo’s being they were only $1,700/pair. The more one spends on a speaker the better, right? Well, my first impression of the Enzo’s was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe the pure musical sound I was experiencing. Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone and after going through an assortment of amps and pre amps I finally settled on an integrated tube amp from Raven Audio that I love and it took the Enzo’s to a whole new level of dynamics, realism and inner nuances I never heard before. You’d think I’d leave well enough alone but the pursuit of better audio is addictive and when I came upon a deal for a pair of Legacy Audio Focus SE’s that I couldn’t pass up I just had to see what such praised speakers sounded like. At $12k/pair new they surely must be better than my $1700/pair Enzo’s, right? Let’s just say that after a few days I knew I’d be selling the Legacys and that I’d be a Tekton owner for life. Were the Legacys bad? Not at all. In fact they are very good. They are very resolute and detailed, they cover the entire spectrum of sound seemlessly and totally disappear behind a large soundstage of beautiful sound. If I had never heard your speakers I would have been happy with the Legacys for life……..but for those of us who value the sound of live music over audiophile sound effects, there’s no comparison. The Enzo’s provide a level of dynamic slam and mid bass purity that bring music to life. While the Legacys provided more subtle details and probably slightly better imaging they seemed lifeless compared to the Enzo’s and I felt myself longing to have my Enzo’s back while listening to them. It took me a while to learn that more money doesn’t necessarily translate into better audio products and it’s a relief knowing I’ll no longer need to experiment with any other speakers anymore……unless their Tektons! My most sincere thanks for not just making truly remarkable speakers, but for offering them at prices most of us can afford.

    Thanks again,

    Enzo XLEnzo XL

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    The Face-off: Tekton Enzo XL vs. GoldenEar Triton Two
    Finally, the loudspeaker review you’ve been waiting for-
    By Randy J. Gibbs

    Let us begin with a rare fact few can assert. I may be the only guy on the planet who has owned both GoldenEar Triton and Tekton loudspeakers at the same time. For a month they stood side by side in my listening room. Same Yamaha integrated amp, same speaker wire, same music source, streaming audio or CD. I had the perfect opportunity to do something very few people can do any more – a side by side comparison. What you read below is based on this “hands on” review. As Hot Rod Hundley used to say, “You gotta love it, baby!”

    First, a clarification. This is not a technical review. You’ll read nothing here about crossover frequencies, drivers, or patented design features that both companies claim makes their speakers superior. I’m talking strictly about the quality of the sound – the primary reason any of us buy speakers in the first place, right? Do we really care about a crossover frequency if we hate the sound quality of the speaker? I think not. A safe assumption is that we are all looking for a pair of speakers that most accurately reproduce sound as the artist intended. In your AV system nothing is more important than your speakers. For this reason alone, this review is a “must read” for anyone committed to high-quality sound.

    Before my review, a little background. I purchased my GoldenEar Triton 2 speakers in June of 2015. Why GoldenEar? It came after a fair amount of research. Each month I receive Sound and Vision magazine (S&V) and usually read it cover to cover. A couple of years ago I began reading about Sandy Gross’s new company, GoldenEar Electronics. You may know Sandy as the guy who founded Polk Audio, sold it and started Def Tech, sold it, and then launched GoldenEar. Pretty good audio pedigree, eh? In recent years, as I perused S&V I was impressed by the accolades given GoldenEar speakers by the S&V reviewers. It didn’t matter which GoldenEar model they reviewed, if it was GoldenEar it was absolutely the best speaker for the price on the planet. Every Triton was voted “Speaker of the Year” by the S&V boys and no speaker company has been gushed over and praised more than GoldenEar. If you were in the market for speakers under $5,000, according to S&V, GoldenEar was the only loud speaker option to seriously consider.

    I located the GoldenEar dealer near Salt Lake City and went to his house to hear the Triton 2’s. After a couple hours of careful listening, I just wasn’t hearing what I expected. The Tritons were good, but certainly not stellar as I had anticipated from S&V. I decided I needed to schedule a second demo. Two weeks later I returned with a handful of my own CDs. This would be a much truer test. I wanted to hear the music I had heard hundreds of times to determine if in fact there was any noticeable difference between the Triton 2 speakers and my old Polk speakers. The Triton 2’s sounded better, but not $3,000 better. As the GoldenEar dealer sensed that he was losing a sale, he pulled out his salesman’s hat. He assured me that once the Tritons were set up in my own room and adjusted perfectly for my room acoustics, they would sound amazing. Then he added, “If you really don’t like them, you can return them.” On that guarantee, I decided to make the leap. After all, we were talking about the S&V speaker of the year! They had to be amazing, right?

    So in June of 2015, the GoldenEar dealer delivered the Triton 2 speakers and took nearly three hours to set them up. An inch this way or that would enhance the sound, he assured me, and so I sat patiently waiting for the debut. Once he was confident that every conceivable adjustment had been made, we began. As before, the Triton speakers sounded pretty good, but not much (if any) better than my old Polk speakers. This time he had another suggestion that would definitely elevate the sound to a new level. “You need to buy a new receiver, better speaker wire, and an expensive power strip.” He said that these changes would improve the sound 10-15 percent. In fact, it made no difference whatsoever. The GoldenEar dealer was working very hard to “make” the Triton speakers live up to the hype. In the end, he just couldn’t do it.

    Enter – Tekton Design

    Three months after buying my Triton 2 speakers, a friend texted me. “Have you ever heard of Tekton Design?” I texted back, “Never heard of them.” He had gone into a local audio dealer and was absolutely blown away by the life-like sound and clarity of Tekton speakers – better sound than Monitor, Def Tech, Paradigm and B&W. He purchased a pair of Tekton speakers on the spot. That night he invited me over to hear them.

    I’ve been an audio buff nearly all my life. I’m now 62. I’ve owned or heard dozens of the best speakers made, so I know what I like and what I don’t. At the heart of it, I’m looking for a speaker that reproduces lifelike sound that never gets in the way of the music. Many speakers are too “hot” or harsh to the ear. Klipsch is an example of a very “hot” speaker. Others sound too “warm” and muffle the sound. Voices and instruments don’t sound lifelike, but are somewhat artificial and not natural. All my life I’ve been looking for a speaker I could afford that makes music sound as if the artist is “in the room.” I could not get that kind of clarity with the Golden Ears despite the hype and lofty S&V praise. I had no idea that this was about to change.

    When I sat in my friend’s theatre room to hear the Tekton speakers for the first time I had no expectations whatsoever. I had never even heard of the company. When I learned that they were designed and made locally, within five miles of my house, I was initially skeptical. I wondered, “If these speakers are so terrific, why haven’t I heard of them before? How come no one carries them? Why hasn’t S&V done a review on them?” I knew I had to hear them to believe what my friend was raving about. He’s a lot like me and loves high-quality sound. If he was loving these unknown speakers there had to be something to it.

    Keep in mind, three months earlier I had laid down a chunk of change for the most promising loudspeaker on the planet and I wasn’t happy. Now, I was preparing to hear a speaker made by a company I had never heard of. All I know is what I heard. My friend first played the haunting cover “I Put a Spell on You” by Annie Lennox. Never before had I heard such incredible audio clarity as the Tekton speakers produced. Talk about lifelike, crystal clear and true, authentic sound. With that speaker in that room on that night, I would have sworn Annie was performing live in the room. Absolutely incredible. I have no idea how Eric Alexander, the Tekton designer, has done it. But he has done something that the GoldenEar sound engineers simply cannot produce.

    The next day I borrowed a pair of Tekton speakers and set them side by side with my Triton 2 speakers. As I predicted, the Tekton speakers simply blew the others away. Highs are crystal clear, but not hot. Mids blend perfectly and, even without a sub, the Tekton speakers pump out just enough bass for me. I put on my favorite tunes and switched back and forth between the Triton and the Tekton speakers. It didn’t take more than ten minutes to hear not just a subtle difference but a significant clarity difference. The GoldenEar Triton 2 speaker of the year was no match for the Tekton speaker. And, as crazy as it sounds, the Triton speakers will cost you more money. Somebody has to pay for all those GoldenEar ads and biased reviews you’re reading.

    Do yourself a favor. Check out Tekton Design and listen to any of their remarkable speakers. You will not be disappointed. In fact, all you read about the GoldenEar applies far more to the Tekton speakers. These are the best speakers I’ve ever heard, priced far better than any comparable loudspeaker made.

    Randy Gibbs is President and CEO of Velocity Performance Coaching, an Executive Coaching firm based in Utah. Randy has worked with some of the world’s top companies including Cisco, Microsoft, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and many more. He is the author of three books and a sought after speaker, trainer and coach.

    Enzo XLEnzo XL

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    Hi Eric,

    I wanted to drop a quick line about my new Pendragons. I immediately took a half day off of work to get the babies hooked up. Think back to that old Maxell Cassette Commercial,the one with the guy in the chair with his hair and face blown back by the sound. That is how I feel! I was a little worried at first and had pre-buyers remorse. This represented the biggest audio investment for me and my little ‘regular guy’ system. Well,I am NOT worried anymore. When we spoke I could tell you had a passion for making, not just speakers , but windows into the heart and soul of the music. I don’t listen to some of the hardcore Audiophile types of music. You know, the kind you hear when you listen a youtube video of high end speakers. The music I do listen to though grabs me and makes me look like Stevie Wonder moving his head from side to side in a figure eight. I don’t have charts and graphs or spl charts. I do have my measurements that do include The Stevie Wonder move, hair Standing Up (and I think growing back in my bald spot) and general, uncontrolled foot stomping. These Pendragons check all boxes. I haven’t got them positioned properly yet (waiting on a Living Room remodel down the road). I basically just ‘Plopped and Dropped’ them where I had my Klipsch RF82II’s. I adjusted some levels and cranked some tunes and watched some movies/concerts. I know my system probably does not even qualify as a budget system in the Audiophile world but holy cow I LOVE it. Through the miracle of the Interwebs, Craigslist and good old horse trading, i have made up the following system that please me greatly: Tekton Pendragons – Mains(replaced the Klipsch RF-82II) Klipsch RF62II-Center Epos-Epic 2-Heights Focal JM Labs 707s-Rears SVS 20-39PCI Cylindrical Sub SVS SB12-NSD Sealed Sub Klipsch SW-112 Ported Sub Onkyo TX-NR838 Receiver(135 watts per channel with pre-amp outs) Crown XLS-1500 2 channel Pro Amp for the Mains(325 watts per channel-not hooked back up yet as I let the Pens break in) Sony BDP S5100 Blu-Ray Player(Has 2 USB Ports with 2@128gb sticks plugged in with video concerts,Movies and Music) Western Digital WD Media Player (also Has 2 USB Ports with 2@128gb sticks plugged in with video concerts,Movies and Music) Intel Compute Stick with USB Expander Hub with Sticks and a Portable Drive plugged in as well. Vizio 55″ Flat Screen[Now on the hunt for my 65″ 4K replacement) Songs I auditioned were: Steely Dan-Royal Scam
    Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers-Minor Step Jackson Browne-Sergio Leone Leonard Cohen-A Thousand Kisses Infected Mushroom-Nevermind Rodrigo y Gabriela-Orion Steve Hunter-Solsbury Hill War-Cisco Kid & Low Rider Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless Montrose-Rock Candy Johnny A-Two Wheeled Horse Cry Of Love-Peace Pipe Weezer-Hash Pipe Grinder Switch-Pickin The Blues Joe Bonamassa-Just Got Paid Walter Trout-Mayall’s Piano Boogie Gamma-Voyager Pink Floyd-Welcome To The Machine Metallica-Seek and Destroy Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction Michael Hedges-The Funky Avacado Cake-Short Skirt Long Jacket Led Zeppelin-Rain Song Eagles-Hotel California & The Sorcerer Mike Zito & The Wheel-Hell On Me Coco Montoya-Too Much Water Gov’t Mule-Scomule

    Movies(Blu-Ray): Guardians Of The Galaxy Captain America Winter Soldier The Hobbit Battle Of The 5 Armies Oblivion The Edge Of Tomorrow Serenity/Firefly Maleficent

    Concerts: Gov’t Mule-Deep End(DVD) Judas Priest-Battle Cry(Blu-Ray) Tom Petty-Live In Concert(Blu-Ray) Claptons Crossroads 2013(Blu-Ray) The Last Waltz(Blu-Ray)

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of my movies and concerts with the Pendragons in the system. Thank You Eric and, A shout out to Andrew Robinson also. I stumbled across his reviews of the Pendragons. He also showed me how Pro Gear (Crown XLS1500 Amp) can be used in the Home Theater Environment giving me the best dollar per watt ratio. If Merlin were alive today there is no doubt in my mind that he would give these Pendragons a “Two Wands Up”. Victrolla Rock ‘n’ Rolla crankin it to ELEVEN in THE LOU. p.s. I swear I made The Arch sway while I was playing Symphony of Destruction…some say it was just the wind…I’m not so sure.


  5. User Review (store manager)

    Before ordering I spoke with you several times about upgrading my current speakers. You always answered the phone yourself and answered all my questions and offered your suggestions as well. With your valuable input, I decided on four Pendragons and the Pendragon Center.

    I am retired and on a fixed income, but I still had upgrade fever. I wanted to replace my front Legasy Focus speakers and rear Jamo Concert 11 speakers. My Legasy’s are circa 1997-98, and I paid 5k for them at the time. The Jamo’s were $3600 15 years ago. My dilemma in retirement was being able to afford an upgrade. My thought was that it was going to set me back 20k to 40k for a significant improvement over what I had. Especially considering the current version of the Focus is over 10k itself, so I was basically priced out of an upgrade.

    I first heard of Tekton Design when I read a review of the Enzo XL’s in Stereophile about a year ago. I put Tekton in my favorite’s list in my WEB browser and continued to look at your website and to follow your company. The review compared the Enzo XL’s with speakers costing several times their cost. That seemed pretty far fetched, but Tekton was always in the back of my mind after reading that review. So over the course of a year I kept returning to your web site and pondering about your speakers. I also read other extremely enthusiastic reviews of the Pendragons and other Tekton speakers, which peeked my interest in them even more. However, the one consistency in all that I read was that your speakers were always compared to speakers costing five to ten times or more. So after almost a year of reading about them and a seemingly devout cult following, I took a leap of faith that these speakers would be an upgrade to what I had, so I pulled the trigger.

    My first thought after listening (I probably have about 75 hours on them as of this writing) is I don’t miss the Legasy’s one iota. I mostly played music I was intimately familiar with. It consisted of Jazz and Classical music and some pop (hard for me to judge with pop because of its limited dynamic range). Overall, I thought the Pendragons were more dynamic and had more punch, however, not at all over exaggerated. The Legasy’s are a bit more laid back, the dragons more out front more 3d perhaps. My girlfriend kept saying the music is right there. They are musical. Some have said they are not as revealing as some speakers. I heard things that stood out more than the Legasy’s. Like a drums whack that just hits you in the chest.

    I must say, however, that if I had not heard the Pendragons, that I could live the rest of my days with the Legasy’s. Having said that, after hearing the Tektons I would not like to have to give them up now. The Legasy’s are a truly fine speaker. Even so, they were twice the price of the dragons nearly 20 years ago in 1997 dollars. Although the Legasy’s have evolved since then (I assume that they sound as good now but more likely better) they are now five times the price of the dragons (more than $10,000). I think I can confidently say they are not five times better. The Pendragons are a truly high-value speaker for their asking price. Even so, one thing is certain, the longer I listen to them the better they sound. They are just doing something right. Eric, you have given me something that I thought unaffordable and unattainable in my retirement, an upgrade to what I had. I couldn’t be happier with this decision.


  6. User Review (store manager)

    Good Morning,

    I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the Lore Reference speakers. I finally bought my first, and by far the best, home stereo system in 15 years, pairing the Tektons with a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II integrated amp, and the results were beautiful. We spent the night listening to every type of music just to see how it would sound, which lead to moments for both my wife and I of actual tears of “sound joy”. I do not know a thing about hi-end, or even low-end, audio and how the magic happens, but happen it did, and the sound from your speakers was a big part of it. We felt like artist after artist was in our little listening room performing for us.

    Thanks again,

    Lore ReferenceLore Reference

  7. User Review (store manager)

    Dear Eric,

    I set up my new Sigma OBs last Friday. I just wanted to tell you how amazingly pleased I am with them already, although I haven’t even put 15 hours on them yet. I’m usually hard to please having auditioned or owned various B&W, Magico, KEF, Martin Logan, et al speakers. Your OBs have tremendous musicality, a wonderful wide and deep soundstage, terrific delineation of individual instruments, driving bass, and a delicate high end. The overall coherence is impressive.

    I just finished listening to one of my favorite cuts- Morning Dew from the Grateful Dead’s live at Cornell show. The experience was overwhelming. Who needs sex?

    Again, thanks for your exceptional and budget worthy speakers.


    OB SigmaOB Sigma

  8. User Review (store manager)

    I am proud to say I am the owner of the first pair of 1812 Model V’s. Before I talk about my impression of them, I will first start by discussing my experience other with Tekton products to date.

    I bought a SVS PB13 Ultra sub from a guy who had a pair of Pendragon Towers and a Pendragon Center for his home theater. His room was pretty small, though, and there was no room for Pendragon Surrounds. He could only mount small surround di-pole speakers from another company. He said he absolutely loved his Pendragons but I didn’t have a chance to listen to them since I was pressed for time and had to leave. A short while later, I came across a pair of Pendragon Towers on Craigslist and bought them. I read some reviews online and one reviewer claimed they compete not necessarily with other $2K to $3K speakers, but very hi-fi speakers such as Wilson Audio’s MAXX 3 ($68K), Wisdom Audio’s LS4 ($70K) and Meyer Sound X-10 pro speakers ($30K). After listening to the pair on Craigslist, I was very impressed and took them home.

    My music preferences (which change regularly) are currently deep house, down tempo and chill. After dialing everything in, I was floored at how the Pendragons could simultaneously slam the mids and effortlessly produce low frequencies down to 20Hz. I liked them so much, I bought the show pair Eric brought to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest to use as the surrounds in my home theater. I have a Pendragon Center and pair of Cinema Subs on order to complete my HT ensemble. In the meantime, the 4 Pendragon Towers sound fantastic with a phantom center and the SVS PB13 Ultra sub. From what I have heard from the LF sections of the 1812’s, however, I expect the Cinema subs will far exceed the sound quality and performance of the SVS.

    On to the 1812’s…

    Since I like to listen to music very loud, I came to the conclusion several years ago that the ultimate solution would be a speaker configured with pro audio output potential and an audiophile sound. The Pendragons satisfied this solution with their pro audio woofers and ring radiator tweeters. While doing my research before securing the first pair of Pendragons, I was intrigued by the 1812’s Eric had on his website. I really didn’t need them since the Pendragons were so great but I had some extra money, had a section in my basement I could dedicate to 2-channel listening area and figured the 1812’s would be the ultimate embodiment of my pro audio/audiophile preference. Based on my experience with the Pendragons and the multitude of awards Eric’s has received on his other speaker models, I plunked down the funds for the 1812’s without listening to them. He informed me he was making a design change (Model V) and asked if I would accept the new configuration. Although the 1812 Model V had never been built or tested, I said yes, absolutely. I trusted him.

    The package came in 8 boxes…4 very large ones for the HF and LF sections and 4 smaller ones with four speaker drivers and hardware. A friend helped me assemble the speakers with the clear written instructions Eric provided. It took a while to put everything together but was well worth the effort. By the end of the night, the 1812’s were bolted, wired and terminated but I didn’t dare turn them on. If there were any issues, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

    The next day I fired them up, and, although they were impressive, I needed to make some adjustments. I’m sure most of you have found that the pre-amp, amp and source are critical to the quality of the speaker output. I started with an Oppo BDP-103 player, Sherwood Newcastle R-972 receiver (for pre-amp duty only) and a pair of Crown XLS 2502 amps. After trying numerous configurations (removing the Sherwood, bridging the Crowns for each channel, bi-amping the Crowns for separate HF and LF output), I ended up connecting the Oppo directly to a Crown I-Tech IT5000HD amp. Holy smokes, I have never heard a sound like this before! The highs are crisp and clear with tremendous imaging…the mids are punchy and concise…the lows are clean, correct and enveloping. The more you listen, the more you are drawn into the sound. I heard nuances I hadn’t heard with any other speaker.

    I consider myself an “Audio Enthusiast” which would be less technical than a true Audiophile. Over the past few years, however, I have heard a huge number of speakers at the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Nothing I have heard at this show produces the audiophile sound with the sheer output of the 1812 Model V’s. These really are the ultimate super speakers.


    1812 Model V121812 Model V12

  9. User Review (store manager)

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how knocked out I am by the Enzo XLs. I have them in too small a room at the moment (barely 7′ apart from one another and listener), so I haven’t yet gotten the full scope of their sound, and they’re still breaking in a little more each day. But all that aside, man, you got a great thing going over there.

    I listen to all kinds of music, but what have knocked me off the couch are the acoustic bass and drums on the old Blue Note and Prestige jazz recordings. The brushes! The hollow, wooden bass! Gorgeous. (I drummed and toured for years in a third rate rock band….so I at least know how to listen to Elvin Jones, et. al. Right now, I’m discovering the pleasures of Alan Dawson and Clifford Jarvis.)

    Many thanks, then, for such a fantastic product at such a great price point.

    All best,


    Enzo XLEnzo XL

  10. User Review (store manager)

    I recently took delivery on a pair of the Tekton Cinema subs to complete my Pendragon Theater system. My hope was that they would combine the accuracy and high-impact of world class movie theater subwoofers with the soothing, ultra-low subharmonic frequencies of high-end audiophile subwoofers.

    Prior to the Cinema Subs, I tried a large number of subwoofers in standalone applications and in combination. I have owned SVS, Velodyne, JBL, HSU, Outlaw Audio, Dayton Audio, AV123 MFW-15 and others. At one point, my setup included four (4) JBL 4645C movie theater subs which house JBL’s top-of-the-line 2242H 18” subwoofer drivers. With their 18” cone diameter, high sensitivity and low cone travel (xmax), the JBL’s produced immediate and accurate response to high-impact signals. I had never heard another sub put out the extreme impact these could. I enjoyed them very much but, with a low end rating of 25Hz, they didn’t quite dig deep enough for my tastes. Their timbre was also not a good match with the Pendragons.
    Looking for something that dug deeper than the JBL’s, I decided to go with one of the most highly-acclaimed, “affordable-class” home audio subs, the SVS PB13 Ultra. This is regarded as an audiophile sub rated down to 16Hz. Along with the SVS, I had two Dayton 12” Reference sub drivers mounted into large 4.4cf ported boxes tuned to 23Hz. Because the output of the SVS was significant, the function of the Dayton’s was to simply balance out the LF in the rear section of my home theater. In essence, the Dayton’s were turned down very low.

    For music, the SVS provided very enjoyable ultra-low frequencies. For movies, however, it didn’t produce the high-impact LF response of the JBL’s. From my experience, explosions weren’t as immediate and accurate, and the SVS didn’t seem to consistently reflect what the input signal was delivering. With the much longer cone travel of the SVS, it was as though the driver couldn’t keep up. Explosions at lower volumes were fine but, after turning the volume up to the high levels I prefer, they became less defined. It seemed like the low frequencies were compounding and made explosion peaks louder than they should have been. This apparent cascading phenomenon also made it harder for me to dial-in the proper gain since I couldn’t predict the snowball effect of the compounding low frequencies.

    I know there are a lot of loyalists out there who swear by SVS, and I certainly respect that. I have owned several myself including the PB13 Ultra, SB13 Ultra, 16-46PC Plus and 25-31PC Plus. They are really great subs but, based on my personal experience with them and JBL movie theater subs, I think they are best suited for music.

    When I first looked at the specs for the Tekton Cinema Sub, I thought…“This might be the one. This should combine the high impact and accuracy of a real movie theater sub with the ultra-low subharmonic frequencies of an upper-end musical sub. Could this be the Holy Grail of subs I have been seeking?”

    I went through my personal checklist…1.) Big box for musicality, CHECK…2. High-displacement 18” driver, CHECK…3.) Lower XMAX for accuracy, immediacy and high impact, CHECK…4.) Frequency range down to 19Hz, SOLD!
    Often when you buy something with a certain expectation, you find yourself excited and nervous at the same time. You plunk down a significant amount of cash which may end up buying you a gem or a major disappointment. I can tell you, the Cinema subs ended up being Diamonds. They exceeded my expectations, which were REALLY high. When I ran my initial sample clips from the original Matrix movie (gunfight in the lobby, shootout with the agent on the rooftop and saving Trinity as the helicopter was crashing), I was floored at what I was hearing. Like the JBL’s, I was walloped (in a good way) by with the high-impact response but swaddled by the soothing full range of the low frequency spectrum. The Cinema Subs reached noticeably lower than the JBL’s and were much more precise than the SVS. Gain control for the Cinema Subs was highly predictable as, unlike the SVS, there was no cascading low-frequency compounding effect when I turned them up. They are just plain clear whether the volume is high or low.

    Playing music through them is similar to movies….the output is full, accurate and consistent throughout the frequency range. I enjoy their musicality far more than the JBL’s and SVS. You are bathed in the entire range of the low frequency spectrum.

    The timbre of the Cinema subs blend perfectly with the Pendragon Theater package. It is difficult to tell when one speaker drops off and another picks up. It is a remarkable setup with seamless matching. After 6 years of trying numerous subs and HT setups, I have no more reasons to tinker.

    Not sure if you saw the movie “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe, but, immediately after the Romans prevail at the end of the opening battle scene against the Germanic tribes, Marcus Aurelius bows his head and heaves a profound sigh of utter relief.
    That was me with the Cinema Subs…my battle was over, my quest complete.

    In the end, my hope became reality. Tekton Cinema Subs combine the accuracy and high-impact of world class movie theater subwoofers with the soothing, ultra-low subharmonic frequencies of high-end audiophile subwoofers. Excelling in both music and home theater, the Tekton Cinema Sub truly is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of subs.


    Cinema SubCinema Sub

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