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  1. Jeff Fayle

    Love my Electron SE’s! Fast, firm bass from the dual 8″ woofers that with the 5″ mid bass drivers, integrates beautifully with some of the most detailed and lifelike midrange reproduction I’ve heard from any speaker at this price point and beyond. Then there are the nice smooth, extended and detailed highs to put the icing on the cake. Then there are the dynamic punch and speed with a spacious wide and deep soundstage and excellent tonal color reproduction. I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and every time I sit down to listen I am mesmerized by the sound. In my room, which is 19’x13’x8′, they sound HUGE and absolutely lifelike. I simply could not be any happier with my choice. Wonderful speakers and a bargain at their price. I bought my first component system at the age of 14 in 1969, so I have owned more speakers and audio equipment over the years than I can remember. The Electron SE’s have been my most satisfying speaker purchase ever. I power them with both tubes(PrimaLuna EVO 100), as well as my AVA Vision SET 400 SS amp at times. I also pair them with Schiit Aegir power amps from time to time. All of these combinations sound wonderful. The Electron SE’s will give you what you feed them. I am a very happy owner!

    Electron SEElectron SE

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  2. Jim Johnson

    After having owned Vandersteen, Martin Logan and several other very nice sounding systems, I conceded to take a leap of faith with Eric’s products, finally electing the Moab with Be HF drivers. After more than a year of listening now, I’m convinced that, for me, I’ve found aural “shangri-la”. These and every other unit in Eric’s offering are the best value to be found. As for my Moab’s, I have auditioned competitor units costing ad much as 10-12 times their price and find them equal to if not superior to them in every way. A very smooth frequency response without any “hot spots” in any of the audio or video passages of the content I’ve listened to. I’m just as picky about balance and sound field integrity in both of those areas. I’d thought that I would need to add a sub for some of my video contents demands, however, my concerns were quickly put to rest as the Moab’s aptly handled them convincingly and with ease. Are there better sounding speakers out there? Yes, but at a cost that would rival buying a starter home in many places. Even with modest equipment they outperform a great number of contenders. That being said, music and sound are very personal. Everyone hears differently. But in the eyes of this beholder, he’s certainly found the hidden gem, a “pearl of great price” one might say. So, take the leap, you will not be disappointed. And, thank you Eric, for your vision, for your genious and for your love of music which I’m sure was a great part of what brought you to this point. Stay the course and… See the sound.
    Jim Johnson


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  3. User Review (store manager)

    Hi Eric,

    The Tekton MOABs are a majestic masterpiece both sonically and visually.

    They perfectly bracket my 85” Sony 85X950G 4K TV sitting on top of the Sonax B-003-RBT TV stand.

    The TV stand is 75” wide which exactly matches the width of the TV. The stand is 22” high while the height of the TV adds another 46” making the top of the TV 68” from the floor.

    The MOABs stand 71” tall on spikes. These slender columns act as perfect bookends for the giant TV.

    The proportions are just right. Aesthetically, the speakers, TV and Stand act like a monolithic facade 102” wide by 71” tall.

    They blend so well that it looks like a custom design.

    I am including two pictures of my entertainment system, one showing the MOABs with the grilles and one without.

    Now let’s talk about performance.

    Sonically, the MOABs are a knockout. The price/performance on these speakers flirt with the impossible. There are no other speakers on earth that can touch the performance of the MOABs at this price point. They put speakers costing 5 to 10 times more to shame.

    It was a magical experience the first time I heard the MOABs at RMAF 2019. It was the micro-dynamics of the mid-range that made them sound so special. Voices were rendered with incredible delicacy and detail. This was all the result of your patented speaker array.

    I was surprised to find that they sounded better than the Wilson Sashas with Watch Dog subwoofers playing in the opposite room. How is it possible for a pair of $4,500 speakers to outperform a Wilson Audio system costing $58K?

    Everyone who auditioned the two systems at the show came to the same conclusion.
    I listened to every other setup at RMAF and came to the conclusion that the MOABs are the best bargains in hi-end audio. This is as close to a perfect speaker one can find at this price point.

    I consider your patented design and passion for building high-performance speakers a gift to the audiophile community.

    Now I am one of the happy owners of a set of MOABs. They have exceeded all my expectations.

    The MOABs can be imposing while standing freely in the room. However, that can be easily remedied by placing them next to a giant TV as I have done. If the heights match, it makes them look like an extension of the TV.

    The MOABs do a good disappearing act since they image so well. You feel like being immersed in a wall of sound. If you dim the lights while watching a movie, you become oblivious of the MOABs. I am including a third picture showing how elegant the system looks with the lights turned off.

    Finally, let’s get into some technical details.

    I looked at the tweeters by shining a flashlight through the rear ports. I could see that the MOABs are using Wavecor TW030WA06 4ohm tweeters.

    These are high quality drivers used in expensive speakers. Each costs $87.


    There are 30 Wavecor drivers in the MOAB pair!

    The retail price on these tweeter alone is $87 x 30 = $2,610.

    Looks like the 12” woofers are from the Eminence Pro Audio line.


    I am guessing the MOABs are using the Eminence model DELTA PRO 12-450A.


    They retail for $120 each. The MOAB pair is using 4 woofers.

    This brings the price of the 34 drivers in the system to $120 x 4 + $2,610 = $3,090.

    To get the complete bill of materials, one would need to add the cost of the crossovers, internal wiring, cabinet, binding post and finish. Then you would have to account for labor and cost of shipping.

    This simple math should suffice to make one realize why the value of the MOABs flirts with the impossible.

    Typically when one buys a $4,500 high-end speaker from a manufacturer supported by a network of distributers and dealers, the cost of the drivers seldom exceeds $900 or 20%.

    With the MOABs, the end user is getting $3,090 worth of drivers on a system that costs $4,500 delivered.

    It should come as no surprise why the MOABs sound so good using these expensive set of drivers. It is mathematically impossible for any other competitor to match this incredible value. Being an Internet Direct company, you have no overhead. You can pass the savings onto the end user.

    It is obvious that this is your passion. You sincerely desire to give your customers the best possible value.

    I hope more audiophiles get to know about your product through word of mouth. You have acquired a patent that can revolutionize speaker design.

    You are an extraordinary speaker designer and I wish you great success.

    Looking forward to experience what new surprises you may bring to RMAF 2020.

    Best regards,

    David Das


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  4. User Review (store manager)

    What are these? They are the size of Encores at 62 inches. They have the drivers of Moabs, with upgraded Beryllium tweeters. They have the driver configuration like no other Tekton speakers. These Tektons were created because a customer (me) wanted speakers with the performance and price of the Moabs, and the size of Encores. Instead of sending me away, Eric Alexander built me custom Moabs. As you can see, they are in my choice of color, and they are beautiful. I once owned the Lore S, Enzo, Electron, Electron SE, and now my custom Moabs. I loved the sound of all of them, and they are now being enjoyed by others.

    I “broke in” my custom Moabs for the last 3 weeks, and the sound is amazing. They have much deeper bass than my Electron SE, and the transparency of Magnepans. I heard the Double Impacts, and my Moabs blow them away. The biggest difference, is they sound more live and the dynamics are at a different level than anything I ever heard. Live like sound is what everyone desires. The attack of instruments and vocals are absolutely stunning. It is what is missing in most speakers, which prevents the live like experience. I assume the standard Moabs sound the same as my custom version. I am honored that a world class speaker designer, built me custom speakers to fit my needs.


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  5. User Review (store manager)

    I have waited two weeks after receiving my Impact Monitor speakers to write to you and express my feelings about your speaker. Before ordering, I did my homework and studied numerous reviews. Always with a cautious mind, thinking that the hype may be greater than the reality.

    ​Well, after two weeks, the smile on my face that immediately surfaces each time I listen to MUSIC as it plays on your speakers does not fade. Each day I become more enthusiastic, assured about my decision and believing that I have found a musical median that I will hold on for many years.

    I am truly impressed and satisfied. I can’t explain better other than to say, that when I listen to music and close my eyes, I can easily transcend to the source and even walk around the stage while the musicians play. Simply put, I am very happy with my choice. I never thought that I could ever experience this type of satisfaction. Thank you for the work you have done and the resulting product. Unfortunately, for me, another thought is, “what would the experience be like if I listened to one of your upgrade speakers?” For now, I will set this thought aside, appreciate what is in front of me and continue enjoying the music.

    My best regards,


    Impact MonitorImpact Monitor

  6. User Review (store manager)

    So, my Pendragons were delivered yesterday early afternoon, and I have slept very little thanks to them because I just can’t stop listening to them! Eric, they’re so amazing sounding and far exceeded my expectations in my listening space. They’re so easy to drive too. I’m very happy to say I think they sound better than I could have ever expected.
    I don’t know if it’s the new crossover design/patent that are a part of the speakers.
    I don’t know if it’s the synergy of my components.
    I don’t know if it’s just because they’re in my listening space.

    I just don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care, because I am so happy I bought this pair of speakers from you. I’m truly gobsmacked at how wonderful they sound, and they haven’t even broken in yet! All I’m thinking is, “What, these can get better?! How?!”

    They make my amplifier sound more true and warm. My phono pre is showing detail it never has. I even rolled the tubes in it a bit, and nothing but great sound came out. My turntable sounds more solid than ever, and I’ve never heard my favorite cartridges have so much detail and sound so good. I ended up with a large a pile of records I hadn’t listened to for quite some time, and they all sound amazing through the Pendragons. I kept putting on album after album, and they all sounded better than I’d ever remembered. The overall soundstage is magical like the musicians are right there with you.

    I’d just like to give you a very heartfelt thank you for helping bring such joy to myself and others through the magic of music and the magic that these speakers bring. They are truly wonderful and perform way beyond their price point. My friend and I who also owns a pair were talking, and we both believe the Tekton Pendragons to be the best deal available in HiFi today.

    ​Once again, thank you so very much, Eric!


  7. User Review (store manager)

    I took possession of the Ulfberhts about a week ago. I have never heard speakers like this before, and I have owned and listened to a lot of speakers. The Ulfberhts replace my Vandersteen 3a Signatures, which are really excellent, and the Ulfberhts completely blow them out of the water.

    I haven’t heard the Double Impacts,so I can’t compare them, but the direct comparisons I have read are clear that the Ulfberhts represent a significant improvement.

    So, what exactly do they sound like? I suppose the one quality that struck me immediately, and why they sound like no speakers I have ever heard, is their ability to convincingly reproduce the immediacy, grandeur, and excitement of live music. When the horn section started blasting in Simon and Garfunkel’s “Keep the Customer Satisfied” on the “Bridge over Troubled Waters” album my eyes literally welled up with tears. When I played the Eagles’ “Hotel California” it was like I was hearing it for the first time. The clarity, impact, and excitement was unlike any version of that song I had ever heard, though I had listened to it probably a couple of hundred times throughout the years.

    What is it about the Ulfberht sound that accomplishes this? I think it is a combination of several things. First, the sheer size of the soundstage it throws is massive. Each tower stands over six feet tall and includes 21 drivers! Live music is big, and so having a really big speaker is useful in reproducing it. Second, the speaker manages to extract an amazing amount of detail from the recording. I was hearing multiple musical elements from familiar tracks I had never noticed before. Third, despite the awkward-looking pair of seven-driver midrange arrays, the center image floated in a precise space in between the speakers about five feet off the ground. Furthermore, the midrange was utterly natural and lifelike. And, finally, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the sound in general is incredibly exciting and seductive. These have to be the best speakers ever for rock music. At the same time they excel with intimate quiet music also, probably because of the beautiful midrange presentation. For example, played through the Ulfberhts, Sara McLaughlin’s “Angel” created the illusion of being in the studio as she recorded the song in a way that I wouldn’t have thought possible.

    Any downsides? I can think of a couple. First, this speaker is truly massive. It completely takes over the room. It probably has one of the lowest WAF of any speaker recently manufactured. I bought the speakers at an estate sale, so I got a really good price, but if I were paying full retail I think I would go for the Encore, which I am sure sounds very similar (the Encore uses the same 15-driver MTM array), but which is also smaller and less expensive.

    Second, again because of their size and dual 12″ bass drivers, the Ulfberhts are capable of putting out an enormous amount of bass, so you have to be very careful with room placement. In particular, I found the bass to be unnaturally boomy until I had pulled the speakers out 3 feet from the back wall. Needless to say, you are going to need a decent sized room for these speakers. I installed them in an 18 x 26 foot room with an 8-foot ceiling and this seems fine.

    I live in SW Missouri. If anyone is interested in auditioning these truly great, and I think game-changing, speakers you are welcome to drop by for an audition.


  8. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, My cousin and his wife, along with yours truly and my wife, have for the last 15 years regularly gotten together for nights where we do nothing but listen to music (well, there might be a bit of beer and wine involved!) in a room devoted to my stereo. We take turns; anyone can PLAY anything they want and anyone can SAY anything they want about what was played. Together, although this is admittedly a stupid statistic, we have over 220 years of experience listening to popular music and pursuing the audiophile experience. Last night was the debut of the Pendragons, and to say the least they were a huge hit. For all the prior years we had been listening to Polk SRS-SDAs, and they can image and sound-stage, but these have a level of detail and precision we’d been missing for so many years!

    In any case, the Pendragons ARE INCREDIBLE!

    Thanks, and with warm regards, Tom


  9. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, I’ve spent a good part of the week listening to these speakers and they are simply amazing – the sound is so detailed and balanced, but rich and dynamic at the same time. I have tried close to a dozen other speaker brands (Klipsch, Martin Logan, B&W, JBL, Monitor Audio, Tannoy, etc.) and the Impact Monitor tops them all. The build quality is awesome too, so sturdy and solid. I already look forward to going up the product line at some point in the future.

    ​I wish you continued success with the company. Thanks again for the excellent service.
    Kind regards, Sal

    Impact MonitorImpact Monitor

  10. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, i received my double impacts today and I am amazed. I am dumbfounded as to how you designed this speaker, was it a dream, was it a premonition, was it science. I cannot fathom how you have done it. I would think that your doors are being beaten down by audio shops that want to carry your line. This reminds me of the day I was at the unveiling of the ess heil line. That was at a shop called Paragon and of course they specialized in the paragon, when the heils were auditioned half the room rushed to the hallway to confront the owner of the shop. I had a feeling that I should have gotten the SE, based on what i have experienced with the double impacts I am confident that the SE would certainly be worth the upgrade.

    Good luck!

    Double ImpactDouble Impact

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