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  1. Wayne Jackson

    I’ve had the Lore Reference speakers for about a year now, and still amazed by the sound everyday. Best sounding speakers I’ve ever owned to date. Sometimes when I’m listening with my PrimaLuna Evo 100 and Lore-R’s I get the sense that this is the best this recording could sound, and that’s a feeling I’ve never had before with any stereo I’ve had before. If and when I go to get another set of speakers they will be Tekton.

    Lore ReferenceLore Reference

  2. Loic

    Amazing value!! Used with high level input, they complimented the pair of Perfect set very well! Speed, depth and detail. What else is there to say? Thank you Tekton!

    2-10 Sub2-10 Sub

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  3. Kurt Hein

    I love my Perfect Set ! I have and do own way more expensive speakers from B&W, ELAC, and Paradigm! The sound airy and 3D like my Maggie’s 1.7 but the difference is the midrange clarity and bass! No subwoofer needed in my medium size listening room. Hand built by a genius! The wait is worth it for sure! I drive them with a 35 watt tube amp Prima Luna integrated! Wonderful!

    The Perfect SETThe Perfect SET

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  4. Austin F.

    Lets start off by stating the obvious, the Mini Lore speakers punch far above their weight class. They are transparent and shine when playing a high quality recording. On the flip side they show the flaws of a bad recording. I am using them with a 10″ REL subwoofer but I have the output set to 25% and the crossover set to 40htz to blend with the speakers low range. With that said you could definitely use these without a subwoofer. They are paired to a Schiit Audio Aegir amplifier (20watts per channel). These are exactly what I was hoping for from a highly sensitive speaker. I set up home theater and hifi rooms for a living a couple of years back and I have heard systems that cost more than a nice new car. With a high quality recording and a proper amp these speakers just might be the most cost effective route into the realm of hifi audio.

    Mini LoreMini Lore

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  5. carl d friedman

    I will start out by saying as a kid I liked big horn, big base, clear mids. I had felt I was looking for a speaker like this for many years. These speakers have turned me into an audiophile. I find myself trying to listen to all the music I liked plus even more different kinds on these speakers. when you close your eyes it feels like the performance is right there. One complaint hence the 4 stars is trying to get grills from Tekton, but I knew that problem from the forums. One out of 6 grill pegs are in the wrong place on both speakers. Tammy was nice enough to send me more pegs free. I wish the website had a place to show where you are in the q like some websites have. I got mine with one Berryium tweeter.

    Double Impact SEDouble Impact SE

  6. Kristopher Gurley

    The longest eight weeks of my life. Yeah, the lead time was long but my word was it worth it. My sleep has suffered because I keep pulling up songs to listen too. “Oh how does this song sound? Amazing, what about this one? Amazing again. This one! Amazing…” Don’t get me wrong. These are no rose colored glasses. They show warts for warts but it’s such a revelation that it’s beautiful in its own way. I’m powering them with a cheap lil Chinese 8 watt single ended tube amp in my tiny 10’ x 12’ room and I have enough volume and headroom to blow me through the back wall if I wanted too. That’s not needed though because they work at more modest volumes(although some songs don’t come alive till you goose them a little). I’ve tried to wait a few weeks before I did this review but I’m just too excited by these speakers. One tip. Start with zero toe in and start rotating them slightly just by a degree or two. I had them at what I thought was a very modest amount of toe in but things were a little closed in and a little peaky. Tilting them back out worked wonders.

    Highly recommended especially for smaller rooms.

    Mini LoreMini Lore


    There are a couple things that separate the Electrons from every other speaker I have heard. 1. Soundstage: Contrary to popular belief, Tekton’s are not super picky about placement. They have a big open soundstage that makes them disappear even when not in there perfect placement. 2. Lively Sound: If you want your music to sound like live instruments, these are your speakers. The midrange is nothing short of amazing and allows each instrument to be heard. Everyone who listen’s to them comments on how they hear things they never have before.
    I was originally thinking about purchasing Double Impacts, but the Electrons don’t leave me wishing I had purchased the DI’s so that’s a testament to Eric’s designs.



  8. Doug Levey

    I have had the Lore Reference for a few months now and I could not be happier. After years with the other brands be it KEF, Magnepan and Wharfedale I just was never satisfied. I took a chance on Tekton unseen and unheard except some awesome reviews. The difference between the Tektons and my past choices was they disappeared into the room. No, not magic but the music came from an invisible soundstage that was lively, large and engaging. It was music without borders.
    These speakers are exactly what I wanted, 3 dimensions of music live in my room. So thank you Tekton for making music come alive for me!


    Lore ReferenceLore Reference

  9. walt

    huge fan!!!! love my Electron SE speakers, purchased a set in white with BE tweeter upgrade.fast, smooth and great soundstage. versatile speakers as well,I use as my front mains for my surround sound. handle anything I hit them with. like most I have had many speakers over the past years.The Electron SE’s are my favorite to date. exceptional value for the amount of performance and sound quality you receive. A SPECIAL thanks and shout out to Eric and Tammy.

    Electron SEElectron SE

  10. William Thomas

    I own dual 4-10s and love em so much I’ve decided to create a wall of madness consisting of 8 4-10s. Throughout this year and next year I’ll be adding to an already absurdity. These babies rattle everything that isn’t bolted down and coupled w/ the lightening fast transients of the Ulfs – it’s madness I tell ya madness!

    4-10 Sub4-10 Sub

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