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  1. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, I’ve spent a good part of the week listening to these speakers and they are simply amazing – the sound is so detailed and balanced, but rich and dynamic at the same time. I have tried close to a dozen other speaker brands (Klipsch, Martin Logan, B&W, JBL, Monitor Audio, Tannoy, etc.) and the Impact Monitor tops them all. The build quality is awesome too, so sturdy and solid. I already look forward to going up the product line at some point in the future.

    ​I wish you continued success with the company. Thanks again for the excellent service.
    Kind regards, Sal

    Impact MonitorImpact Monitor

  2. User Review (store manager)

    Eric, i received my double impacts today and I am amazed. I am dumbfounded as to how you designed this speaker, was it a dream, was it a premonition, was it science. I cannot fathom how you have done it. I would think that your doors are being beaten down by audio shops that want to carry your line. This reminds me of the day I was at the unveiling of the ess heil line. That was at a shop called Paragon and of course they specialized in the paragon, when the heils were auditioned half the room rushed to the hallway to confront the owner of the shop. I had a feeling that I should have gotten the SE, based on what i have experienced with the double impacts I am confident that the SE would certainly be worth the upgrade.

    Good luck!

    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  3. User Review (store manager)

    We recently took a Family Vacation that ended up taking us through Orem UT on the way to Lagoon. I stopped at a Golden ear / Revel dealer on the way up and spent an hour listening to both brands, (very different from each other), and in my opinion were both just poorly paired with electronics for my taste. In fact I would’ve swapped configurations had I had the time but left feeling that the revel was a muddy mess and the Golden ears were dry and lean lacking organic bass. The pairing of gear was no doubt the issue. I’ve been in shops that preferred the overly creamy bass sound before so it’s a taste I’m not a fan of because it kills the treble detail that I like. Upon leaving I called Tekton with about 2 hours of advance notice, which I don’t recommend (later), and I was met with an extremely pleasant welcoming experience. I was expecting a showroom properly treated like the last I had experienced, with music of choice on a server ready to pipe into the speakers of choice. Actually what I was met with was a shop. Cabinets placed in a warehouse at different stages of completion and a few very busy, but polite individuals, including Eric Alexander. I was lead to another small warehouse location with more cabinets but in the center an opening where a drum set, a pair of DI’s and a pair of Ulfberhts sat. Probably Eric’s “break area”. There was no treatment to the room at all, the electronics were Parasound. Very modest in comparison to the shops I’ve been in. Sean does a great job of describing the speakers sound. The speakers deliver the detail top to bottom frequency wise, details of the bass were stellar, the highs with just the right amount of air, and hearty midrange. Like u were there and the audio guy knew what he was doing. I knew then that had I had more time that day it wouldn’t have mattered, nor if I had brought my own demo music. Why? Because I would’ve chosen music that the DIs would’ve sounded awesome reproducing but only because I don’t choose average material to demo. I immediately started asking for music that I was truly fond of, average rock recordings and such. They didn’t have my music collection, sorely, nor were they given more than 2 hours for a nobody to walk into their shop looking to demo speakers where building them was their sole focus. After about 10 songs from various artists that I picked from a crate full of Erics CDs I knew I found what I was looking for. The last time I had an experience like this I was listening to Focal Sopra 2s paired with McIntosh gear. Wish I had known, I’d have come perpared to be comfortable and pick all the songs I love not just the well recorded ones. I may have stayed so long they had to charge rent. Getting a pair in that deep grey, they’re gorgeous.

    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  4. User Review (store manager)

    I just attended T.H.E. SHOW (high-end electronics show June 1-3) in Irvine, CA. I wanted to see and listen to high-end speakers and electronics which I had not done in many years. I wanted to see and hear how my system stood up to these multi-thousand dollar systems. I compared these to my system at home which include the Pendragons for my speakers, which I purchased from you about 2 years ago. My biggest worry was that I would hear speakers and electronics that would make my set-up at home sound in need of a major upgrade. I feared I would be lusting for new speakers and electronics, which I could not afford. Frankly, just the opposite occurred.

    The first room we (I went with my girlfriend) entered had all the mega-buck equipment imaginable. The most beautiful electronics, speakers and fire hosed sized speaker cables I had ever seen. The sound was unmemorable. I told my girlfriend that I was feeling pretty good about my system at home and she immediately agreed. I then asked the vendor how much the system cost. He said $500,000. WOW! I’m sorry I can’t remember the brands represented, but at that price it’s irrelevant. We visited many rooms, where the brands and equipment were priced beyond belief.

    One room was demonstrating the Canton Reference 3K speakers. I said they sound pretty decent. I asked him to play a Dave Grusen piece I had on a usb stick. My girlfriend and I immediately thought they weren’t as dynamic nor did they have the punch of the Pendragons. I asked him the price of the speakers, $17,000. Now we were both feeling good about our system at home.

    I could go on and on about the rooms we visited and the sound that was not as good as our home set-up. I just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the Pendragons and the remarkable achievement of your designs. I can’t imagine anything better, but the Double Impacts certainly have my attention. I’m retired and on a fixed income so they are a distant dream. In the meantime we will continue to enjoy the Pendragons and their remarkable ability to reproduce music.



  5. User Review (store manager)

    I want to leave you guys (Eric and Karma) with a few words of my feelings toward the Double Impact speakers. Hopefully what I have to say will motivate you to stay the coarse that you are on. Because I used to own and operate an audio store I have had the opportunity to live with a lot of different speakers.This gives me a different view than most people have.
    These Double Impacts play really big and they are very transparent, but organic and natural sounding at the same time. These are attributes normally only found in speakers costing ridiculous amounts of money and even then there are no guarantees. The best thing I can say about them is that I really like them and hope that your company does well, so that more products like the Double Impacts will be available to us all.

    Thank You
    Robert Vaughan

    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  6. User Review (store manager)

    I wanted to send you a brief email to let you know I received my DIs two days ago. After taking my time unpacking and positioning my speakers I connected them using the Mogami cables you sent to my Peachtree Nova300 integrated amp. The first track I played was Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and like everyone else I’ve read reviews from I was absolutely blown away by the sound emanating from my new speakers! Words cannot describe my excitement and elation. I am a mathematician by education and certainly not an engineer by any stretch so although I took the time to go to the US Patent Office website and read your patent I don’t understand much of what is written there but I do understand the basic concept of what you have accomplished. However, not knowing the details of the technology you have created is not a necessity in order to enjoy these Double Impact speakers. I have been a music lover for some 56 years since I was 10 years old so I have quite an extensive and eclectic library of music. Listening to my music through your newly designed speakers has made my library anew since I am hearing things that have been there all along but I never heard. I really appreciate what you have done along with the price point that allows so many people who can’t afford the price of other high end speakers. I love these Double Impacts!!

    Thank you Eric!

    Sincere Regards,


    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  7. User Review (store manager)

    These speakers are amazing (ENXO XL). I purchased them based on Herb Reichert’s review in Stereophile.
    I am driving them with a Marantz HD AMP1 which exceeds any expectation I may have had.
    I could extol the virtues of these speakers ad nauseum but you already know how good they are.
    Thank you for designing and building such an incredible product.


    Paul Kiefner

    Enzo XLEnzo XL

  8. User Review (store manager)

    I can’t tell you how awesome these speakers sound (i’m sure you’ve heard them). Every day after work I have been “jamming out” and just having a blast.

    I mentioned that I had been hunting for a pair of speakers for around 7 years because I didn’t want to get a case of upgrade-itis after I heard something better. My patience has paid off!!! These have just blown me away and I have to say that the more I listen I have to say that there is nothing I heard at The RMAF that I would swap out for my Double Impacts. Even at a cost no object all the way up to the names of Tidal, Wilson, and other exotic stuff that cost more than my house and I can’t pronounce, I still want the DI’s because they make music fun!!!!!!!

    wait…… what about the all the detail of highs, lows and everything in between. If I cant tell what mouthwash the performers use than the speaker isn’t transparent. Plus, if the snare drum sounds like it’s 14 feet away in just the right 3d image…. Blah Blah Blah.

    forget that….THESE ARE FUN!!!! I can forget about all the audiophile language and just enjoy music. These speakers are perfect at telling the story the artist wants to tell.

    If you spend your time analyzing the minuscule details of music you miss the big picture. Music is a big picture experience, and your speakers get it right. Keep in mind this is with my Denon receiver. I think the big name audio companies have been selling a lot of sizzle and not a lot of substance. Keep doing what you’re doing Eric.

    You’re always welcome in Gillette WY if you are ever passing though!!!


    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  9. User Review (store manager)

    Got my Double Impacts up and running and so far they are incredible! Only have about 20 hours on them so far, but I am completely blown away!

    Thanks for making these incredible speakers, and for selling them at such a reasonable price point! Every day while sitting at work I can’t wait to get home to throw on a record and experience it in a whole new way!


    Double ImpactDouble Impact

  10. User Review (store manager)

    Tekton Electron. They are better looking in person. They sound amazing. I’m upgrading from Enzo’s which I loved. The Double Impacts were too big for my room, so Eric made these for people who want something smaller. I have not heard the Double Impacts, but I’m in heaven with the Electrons. Bass, dynamics, and all the other words audiophiles like to use. They sound like a real band is playing in front of me, and that is the best complement anyone can give to speakers. I’ve been chasing this sound all of my adult life, and I spent a fortune the last 40 years. If you use your imagination and come up with a color, Eric will make it for you. My wife says they look stunning.



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