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  1. walt

    huge fan!!!! love my Electron SE speakers, purchased a set in white with BE tweeter upgrade.fast, smooth and great soundstage. versatile speakers as well,I use as my front mains for my surround sound. handle anything I hit them with. like most I have had many speakers over the past years.The Electron SE’s are my favorite to date. exceptional value for the amount of performance and sound quality you receive. A SPECIAL thanks and shout out to Eric and Tammy.

    Electron SEElectron SE

  2. William Thomas

    I own dual 4-10s and love em so much I’ve decided to create a wall of madness consisting of 8 4-10s. Throughout this year and next year I’ll be adding to an already absurdity. These babies rattle everything that isn’t bolted down and coupled w/ the lightening fast transients of the Ulfs – it’s madness I tell ya madness!

    4-10 Sub4-10 Sub

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  3. William Thomas

    Have lived w/ the Ulfberhts now for over a year where I tread media tracks before them like some Hobbit before the two towers. The Ulfberhts are massive casting a shadow before them. Yet, they perform an incredible act of disappearing before the eyes creating a soundstage that never ends in width x height x depth.


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  4. Mike Collins

    These speakers are absolutely exceptional for the price. Driven by higher-end amplification, they have a sound-stage, presence and a control over the music that is by far the best I have ever heard at anything near the asking price. A genuine joy to have in my audio room. From Rammstein to Ravel, my Enzo XL’s have a certain “suave/debonair” approach to the music that always makes me smile. Good stuff for sure!

    Enzo XLEnzo XL

  5. John Nelson

    I have owned many great speakers in my life. Decided to research and eventually buying the Lores. Whoa! These speakers are amazing! Incredibly live sounding, full of punch but isnt harsh or fatiguing. The audax gold tweeter is near perfect and i say that coming from the famous Great Heil. They play well with all kinds of amps and have amazing depth and soundstage. Tekton made something special with this speaker. I only wish there was a nameplate on the back to establish the model and serial numbers. You cant go wrong with these!


  6. Sam

    Soon to be year three for our OB Sigma’s. I look at other speakers and then remember I’d have to part with Sigmas and I rule the deal out. Bad recordings show glaringly but good ones make you realize there is no substitute for the Sigmas. Imaging, bass, mid range, are perfectly balanced. They are driven by Red Dragon monoblocks and an Onkyo P3000R preamp. My wife grew up in Japan and at first she thought the Sigmas were too small. She says they are perfect.

    OB SigmaOB Sigma

  7. Hallgeir

    I bought the Perfect SET with beryllium tweeter and full internal upgrades. After 3weeks the woofers loosened up, and WOW! Full range 30-30k hz I like it! Truly amazing full range speakers! I run them with 8w 300b monoblocks in a large 45m2 livingroom and could not be happyer!

    All good online comments on these speakers are true, and then some!!

    The Perfect SETThe Perfect SET

  8. Ben

    Excellent speakers. I had high expectations for the midrange given the tweeter array, and I must say it delivered. What surprised me was how nice the highs are. The bass is great too, but in my former living room it was a bit tricky to place the speakers because of the bass output (there was a concrete wall behind the speakers; this isn’t a knock on the Tektons). I was actually thinking of selling the speakers because I couldn’t get them to sound right. I’m so glad I didn’t, though! Once I got into a better listening room, the speakers changed dramatically — I guess the importance of room acoustics can’t be understated. And to be fair, no speakers sounded good in that living room.

    For equipment, I’ve tried Schiit Aegir monoblocks, an Adcom GFA-555 II, and a Parasound A23+. Overall, I liked the Parasound the most. The Schiit Aegirs sounded way too lean – not enough bass or midbass, and midrange felt a like it lost steam at high volumes. Interestingly enough, a single Aegir sounded much better than two Aegirs, which I suspect is due to the monoblocks not liking a 4 ohm load. If you’re one of the other Electron owners (like Jeff in the other review), I’d encourage you to experiment with one Aegir in stereo instead of two as monoblocks. Your mileage may vary, but for me it was quite a difference.

    As much as I like Schiit gear, I found the Parasound A23+ to be a better match – clearer mids and better bass while retaining some of the warmness of the Aegir. I do want to give the Schiit another listen in my new listening room, which may change my opinion of this combination. The Adcom was hooked up to see how much power these things can take, and they certainly can make the house shake.

    My father is a lifelong audiophile and when he heard these speakers, he said “these are the clearest speakers I’ve ever heard.” They’re fantastic, especially when you consider the low price you pay for the customer service, build quality, and customization options offered.

    Electron SEElectron SE

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    Image #1 from Ben
  9. Mark

    I have been living with the 2-10 Pef set for a couple of months now. If your impatient… bottom line awesome. Story is, wife hit the roof when she found out I spent $2100 on speakers. I made the excuse that because of COVID19 we’re not going to vacation, eat out, movie etc why not enjoy being at home. She knew I was blowing smoke but it had a ring of truth to it. Mind you, my system is a Akai AM52 I bought at Costco 30+ years ago and a Dac I paid $90 on Amazon. Just to give an idea how good it sounds, my neighbor has a system $50,000+ McIntosh, Focal yad yad top shelf stuff. We were listening to it and I was grinning and shaking my head. He asks “what do you think?” I didn’t offer up an opinion, but simply ask him to come over and listen to mine. I turned on dire straits, money for nothing spiritual levels and he was slack jawed. The wife likes them too 😉

    2-10 Perfect Set2-10 Perfect Set

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  10. SB

    I am a new owner of the OB Sigma. I have prior experience with open baffle speakers (through companies that specialize in them), and my early impression is that the Sigma OB offers exceptional performance at over half the price of those other brands. They seem to strike the perfect balance between the openness and clarity of an open baffle design and the dynamic punch of conventional box speakers. It pairs very well with my Doge 10 tube amplifier. It also has an unobtrusive, simple, and elegant design and the build quality is excellent. A hidden gem in the Tekton line up and a true bargain at this price point.

    OB SigmaOB Sigma

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