Did you know you can create a home theater experience that rivals, or even surpasses IMAX? It’s true!  As the owner/designer there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ve produced home theaters that outperform and surpass the IMAX experience. We’ve been invited to provide speakers for some of the most impressive custom home theater projects ever conceived. 

While audiophiles already know of the transformative power of high-fidelity sound, we understand that many haven’t experienced the difference. Understand that properly designed and installed loudspeakers can play the starring role in theater because they’re the one component capable of convincing the brain you are experiencing reality. One project we are especially proud of is the Raiders Theater Project. This one-off custom project features our Moab speaker lineup to deliver incredible sound, from the clarity of the main channels to the immersive experience of Dolby Atmos and the impactful bass of the subwoofers.

Imagine the impact of this immersive sound on your favorite movies, concerts, and sporting events. With a custom-designed speaker system from Tekton Design you can bring that cinematic feeling right into your home theater. Call us directly for advice and direction to the home theater of your dreams!

– Eric Alexander