Open Baffle Sigma Sale - $3000 $1750 pair delivered

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  • Proprietary Open Baffle-Hybrid Design
  • Dual 8" transducers
  • Hybrid high frequency transducer
  • 93dB sensitivity 2.83V@1m
  • 6 Ohm average impedance
  • 35Hz-30Khz frequency response
  • 200 Watts power handling
  • Height 43"(109.22cm) x Width 17.125(43.49cm) x Depth 14.25"(36.95cm)
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Weight 62 lbs
Announcing the “Royally Ticked Off” OB Sigma Sale!

Why am I royally ticked off? Because these ear-stunning, 5-star rated, incredibly-priced Open Baffle Sigma speakers aren’t flying off the shelves!!!

These speakers are amazing! So amazing, in fact, that Home Theater Review.com gave them a 2015 Best Of Award, with 5 stars! In Terry London’s review, he said things like this…

“The speakers reproduced the pop and power of this music at any sound level I wanted without any drawbacks like a lack of low-end dynamics or bottom-end clarity…”

“The Sigma OB speakers completely disappeared in a massive soundstage in both height and width.”

“…the Sigma OB produced accurately sized players spread across the soundstage in the recording studio.”

“The Sigma OB speakers created the illusion that you were sitting in on the recording that day. I could easily tell where each player was sitting or standing when he performed individually or in a group.”

“For overall tonality, the Sigma OBs are silky smooth with a touch of warmth, having a clean, pure high-frequency treble range.”

His entire review can be read at: http://hometheaterreview.com/tekton-design-sigma-ob-floorstanding-speakers-reviewed/

As most of you know, Home Theater Review almost never gives a 5-star rating!

The only downside noted? That “some listeners will possibly find the physical appearance… to be too industrial or Spartan…” However, if that’s a real concern for you, let us know! If you want a high-end sports car paint job, we can customize them for you! To me, that’s kind of like saying, “Babe Ruth just hit a grand-slam home run, but his jersey was kind of dirty…” Again, to quote Terry London, “…when you close your eyes and listen, you will hear the magic.”

As I always say, “It’s not just about the sound. It’s all about the sound!”

The sound from these speakers will make any hi-fi nut drool and slobber! Once you hear these in your home, I know you’ll tell all your friends about them, so I just need to get them in your home!

During this special “Royally Ticked Off” sale, I’ve slashed the price almost in half! These were already an amazing deal at $3000 a pair, but you can now be the envy of all your audio-loving friends for only $1750 a pair, including delivery! Now is definitely the time to buy!

Here’s what you get:
  • Three dimensional spatially rich holographic imaging (height, width, and depth)
  • A superior point source design for lock-tight pinpoint imaging and symmetrical polar responses
  • Truly expansive transparent lifelike soundstage
  • All subtle nuances, harmonic overtones, and details clearly and accurately revealed
  • Musical performances that appear to emanate from thin air and space
  • True full-range linear performance
  • A truly convincing and believable presentation with accurate and defined sense of timing and pace
  • I’m as excited as you are to get these in your hands at this amazing price! You’ll love them, I know!

Eric Alexander
Tekton Design LLC


(801) 836-0764 - tektondesign@gmail.com