Pendragon Theater $5900 delivered within continental US

"Tekton Design... rocked the audiophile and home theater world this year with the introduction of their new, flagship loudspeaker - the Pendragon" - HTR

Discover the magic of the Pendragon for yourself. Having now garnered a literal cult following the mighty Tekton Pendragon rules and imitates no one. Discover the pure acoustical genius and forward thinking proprietary innovation contained within the Pendragon. Now with a recent voicing and X-over update to further its exacting resolution and detail the mighty Pendragon is sounding better than ever.

Always available in complete home theater packages and individual components

New Pendragon options available (please call or email us directly to add any of these options):

  • Newly designed 4 Ohm high-output Pendragon – $50 pair additional
  • Front firing vents for 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm versions – specify at no additional cost
  • ClarityCap PX upgrade for 8 Ohm Pendragon – $50 pair
  • ClarityCap PX upgrade for 4 Ohm Pendragon – $65 pair
  • Mundorf Silver-Oil Capacitor upgrade for 8 Ohm Pendragon – $365 pair
  • Mundorf Silver-Oil Capacitor Upgrade for 4 Ohm Pendragon – $440 pair
  • High-gloss piano or automotive finish pair in any color – $500 pair
  • Cardas silver rhodium binding posts – $75 pair
  • Silver coated copper teflon internal wiring – $100 pair