Tekton 1812 Model V - the best sounding V12 engine on earth - $10K pr

The new Tekton Design Model 1812 Model V is the literal fusion of pro audio and audiophile grade fidelity. Our patented and multiple patent pending innovative hybrid approach to fidelity is more like live music than any other loudspeaker we know of. 

Experience the sound and full impact of live touring bands, large format theater, dance and club sound on a personal level. Relive and experience the greatest musical moments from your past in the comfort of your own home or personal theater; and more importantly discern subtle nuances, details, and realism you didn't know existed.

1812 Model V specifications
  • 4-way design
  • Single 18" subwoofer capsule 
  • 12 6.5" mid frequency transducers
  • 12 1" high frequency transducers
  • 1 compression bullet super tweeter
  • H 71" x W 23" x D 26" 300lbs 
  • Sensitivity 104dB 1W @ 1m
  • 140dB maximum output each
  • 4 Ohm Impedance
  • Frequency response 20Hz - 30kHz
  • Power handling - 2500 Watts
  • Custom paints available
  • Always available in complete home theater packages and individual components
  • Proudly hand-crafted and manufactured in the USA

I’m pleased to announce production of the newly redesigned and updated Tekton Design 1812 model V. The 1812 Model V signifies the implementation of a single 18″ subwoofer capsule combined with arrays of 12 6.5" mid frequency transducers and 12 1" high frequency transducers; we've also now added a centrally located super tweeter.

The 1812 is packed with forward thinking innovation and technology… from it’s innovative time/phase alignment, precisely calculated and engineered impulse response, impressive horizontal and vertical power response to the recently allowed patented technology that rewrites the book on how a loudspeaker should be designed and implemented; a new patent that proves our competitors loudspeakers (everything produced today) is obsolete. In layman terms a new patented technology has Tekton Design producing loudspeakers that allow for the subtle nuances, upper order harmonics, and subtle details contained within the source to be reproduced and discerned. Multiple professional reviews are scheduled and in the queue now. Whether your listening taste is 2 channel hi-fi or full home theater the new Tekton 1812 is ideally suited for your needs. The new Tekton 1812 is a truly special loudspeaker!

Note: the Tekton Design 1812 contains patented technology with multiple patents pending including design patents pending.


Eric Alexander